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Amazon Prime Video Subtitles Not Working - Amazon Help

Typical Amazon Prime Video subtitles not working properly problems include:

  • Amazon subtitles are out of sync with the audio, subtitles long delay or way ahead of audio
  • Prime Video subtitles/closed captions not showing up or missing/not available
  • Amazon Prime subtitles too small.

These Amazon subtitles not working issues can occur on various devices, including Roku devices, Samsung/Apple smart TVs, setup boxes, PS4, Xbox, game consoles, Chrome, laptop, etc.

Possible Reasons Why Amazon Prime Subitle Doesn't Work

There are many reasons why Amazon Prime subtitles not working issue occurs on Samsung/LG/Roku smart TV, Chrome, Firestick, Xbox One and other streaming devices. Main reasons include:

  1. The Amazon Prime app or Chrome browser cache and data are not cleared.
  2. The mismatch between audio settings in the TV boxes vs the TV.
  3. Low internet connection speed.
  4. Old dated Amazon Prime app.
  5. Closed Captioning is not turned on. Subtitle configuration error.
  6. The TV show or movie doesn't have the subtitle for the language you choose.
  7. Unscripted and live content captioned in real-time is incorrect.

Error 1. Amazon subtitles are out of sync

1. Check audio settings. The mismatch between audio settings in the TV boxes vs the TV, make sure the match is done.

2. Restart your streaming device. Try restarting the device you're streaming Amazon Prime Video on, such as computers, smartphones, game consoles, Xbox, Samsung/LG/Roku smart TV, Chrome, Firestick, and other devices. A simple restart can clear the cache that could lead to Amazon Prime subtitles not working properly.

Apple TV, Fire Stick, Smart TVs: Perform a power-cycle. Turn off the streaming device > unplug all cables such as the power cord and HDMI cable > Wait a few minutes, then plug the cables back in > turn on the device again.

Game consoles (PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox One/360, etc.): Restart and reboot. Manually shut down the Prime Video app before you perform a reboot if your device supports app suspension.

3. Fix bandwidth issue. Low internet connection speed can make the subtitle go out of sync with the audio or video. Lower down the video resolution or increase your internet connection speed.

4. Turn off the subtitles or closed captions and then turn it on again.

5. Go back to the Prime Video app, select the title you were watching, resume the title or start over the title with subtitles enabled, allow a few seconds for the subtitles to sync up.

6. Delete your streaming history. Try to delete your watching history in Amazon Prime Video. This will remove your user preferences for a TV show or movie, including subtitle settings.

If the video and audio are out of sync when you are streaming Amazon Prime Video, check here.

Error 2. Prime Video subtitles/closed captions are not showing up or missing

1. Make sure the title you are playing has subtitles or closed captions.

2. Make sure you've enabled subtitles on Amazon Prime Video when streaming. Here's one of the ways to turn on subtitles/close captions for movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video.

During playback, select the CC icon from the playback menu. If the title has no close captions, they will be denoted by the CC icon. Press the enter button on your remote or other similar buttons on other devices. In the subtitles menu, you can customize the size and color scheme for the text. The subtitles customization will apply to all the content you play. There are three ways to turn on subtitles for Amazon video, including from accessibility settings, from the Amazon Video app, and from the Silk Browser, check to learn more ways to turn on Amazon Prime subtitles.

Note: For earlier Roku models, subtitles/closed captions are enabled or disabled using the remote * key. However, for the new Roku Ultra devices, it must be done during the video playback. Roku devices don't support subtitles presets.

Error 3. Amazon Prime subtitles are too small

Change the subtitle font size to larger. During the video playback, hit the PAUSE button on the remote, scroll down to the lower right on the bottom of the screen, select CC and press OK, on the lower left of the screen, press Turn Subtitles On, in the lower right of the screen, you should see a few subtitle customization options including font size and color. Set the font size to larger.

Error 4. Prime Video subtitles are incorrect

1. Closed captions before 2014 were often paraphrased, so older movies and TV shows might not have word-for-word captions.

2. Unscripted and live content such as sports events, news, the interview is captioned in real-time and is more likely to be incorrect.

Error 5. Amazon captions/subtitles are in the wrong language

English captions are often available for all of the shows and movies, and English subtitles are available for most of Amazon's foreign-language content. When the language of the captions/subtitles in the video you're watching is incorrect, try the following suggestions.

  1. Make sure that you set the subtitle language preferences correctly.
  2. Disable closed captions, then enable them again in the language you wish to set.
  3. Change the language to the one you want and try again.
  4. Check your device's accessibility settings.
  5. Test other Prime Video movies or TV shows for testing. If other videos have the same issue or if the issue is not solved by our troubleshooting tips, contact Amazon support.

FAQs about Amazon Prime Subtitles Not Working?

Why are subtitles on Amazon Prime not working?

There are many reasons why Amazon Prime subtitles not working issue occurs on Samsung/LG/Roku smart TV, Chrome, Firestick, Xbox One and more. For example, the Prime Video app needs to be updated, cache and data are not cleared, low internet connection speed, subtitle configuration error, unscripted and live content captioned in real-time is incorrect.

How do I turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime?

On the movie or TV show title's Overview screen, press up then right to choose Subtitle.There's a Close Caption or Subtitles CC icon when the captions are available. Choose the icon to turn Subtitles or captions on and choose the language of the Subtitles. Roku devices don't offer Subtitle presets. You can go to Settings on Roku devices to get Subtitle presets.

How do I get subtitles on Amazon Prime on Smart TV?

On your smart TV, open and play the title. Press the Menu button on your TV, choose Subtitles and Audio, select the Off button under Subtitles and Captions, press the Menu button again to turn the subtitles on again. The step to get subtitles on on Amazon Prime on Smart TV could vary depending on the Smart TV model you have.


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