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How to Fix Netflix Sound Delay/Lagging out of Sync with Picture

It's painful to watch a Netflix title that has video and audio out of sync issues. The bad news is that the problem appears on a wide range of devices including PC, smart TV, Roku, Firesticks, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad. There are a lot of things that can cause Netflix audio/sound delay, lagging, out of sync with the picture. Use the following troubleshooting tips to remedy the issue on your device.

Why Does Netflix Sound Go out of Sync with Video

The most possible causes of Netflix audio out of sync with video issues are listed below. Getting to know the reasons help you better understand how to resolve the sound and picture desync problem.

  • Improper audio settings on your device.
  • The source Netflix title you are playing has a video audio desync issue.
  • Your Netflix streaming device needs to be refreshed.
  • Improper connections, unstable or slow internet connection speed.

How to Fix the Audio out of Sync Issue on Netflix

1. Restart your Netflix streaming devices

Power off your device that has a sound desync problem when streaming Netflix. Turn the device on and try Netflix again to check if Netflix audio lagging or ahead of the image problem is resolved. This way works for most devices, including PC, Samsung/Sony/LG smart TV, setup box, iPhone iPad, Android mobiles, and PlayStation 4/5.

2. Select another Netflix title to play

Try another TV show or movie title to see if the problem comes with the source title you select. If other titles play fine, Netflix support suggests going to the Viewing Activity page and click the Report a Problem link to report the issue to Netflix. If the problem has been reported, you won't see the link.

3. Change device audio settings

Disable Dolby audio or Dolby Digital 5.1 that possibly cause Netflix audio going out of sync with video on Apple TV. This way works on Apple TV 2, Apple TV 3, Apple TV 4, and Apple TV 4K.

On Apple TV 2/Apple TV 3: Select Settings > Audio and Video > Dolby > Auto to enable surround sound, or select off to disable Dolby audio, and try Netflix again to see the sound and image desync issue is gone when streaming Netflix on Apple TV 2/Apple TV 3.

On Apple TV 4/Apple TV 4K: select Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Format > Change Format > Use Best Available to enable surround sound or change the New Format option from Dolby Digital 5.1 to Stereo, and stream Netflix again.

Reset audio settings on Samsung TV: go to Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Reset Sound on newer models, go to MENU > Sound > Reset Sound > ENTER on older models. Try Netflix again to see if the sound image not matching issue is fixed on Samsung TV.

4. Check your Netflix streaming device connections

  • Make sure the HDMI or optical connectors are plugged in properly.
  • Try other ends of the cable or use another new cable.
  • Make sure speakers are connected to the receiver correctly if you are using speakers.

5. Use the A/V Sync feature on your device

Many smart TVs have an A/V sync feature that can be used to resolve the Netflix sound delay/not sync with the image problem. Follow their official guide to turning the A/V sync feature on to adjust the delay between the picture and sound when streaming Netflix on Sony/Samsung/LG etc. TVs.

How to adjust the A/V Sync setting on Sony TVs
How to do LG TV A/V sync adjustment

6. Try Other Common Used Troubleshooting Tips

  • Adjust the sound forward or backward until the sound and audio get sync.
  • Check for internet connection. Slow or unstable speed can cause Netflix sound delay/lagging.
  • Try a different browser and clear the browser cache if you stream Netflix via browsers.
  • Turn off the hardware acceleration feature on your browser.
  • Update your device system software and firmware.
  • Contact Netflix support if the audio and video are still not synchronized or out of sync.


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