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[Fixed] Netflix Stuttering/Freezing/Skipping Frames/Choppy Issues

Stay here for 3 minutes to read the below troubleshooting solutions if you're annoyed with Netflix errors like stuttering/freezing issues on Windows 10 PC, Chrome, Safari, smart TV, PS4, Apple TV, Roku, etc.

Some solutions below are shared from Netflix users on reddit and nvidia forum. If you have suffered Netflix stuttering trouble and used your own method to get it fixed, you're also welcomed to share with us here or on forums. In most cases, your unofficial solutions would be more helpful than official ones.

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Top Solutions from Netflix Official Site to Resolve Netflix Stuttering/Freezing/Choppy Error

Regardless of Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube TV, almost any influential streaming service has its own official help site to offer solutions to most common issues. Netflix is no exception, either. The official workarounds are:

1. Restart your device, irrespective of Apple TV, smart TV, Roku, Blu-ray player or other devices.

2. Check whether your audio settings are correct or not. If not, change audio settings to fix sound stuttering on Netflix issue.

3. For Blu-ray player and smart TV users, troubleshoot your device connections via HDMI.

That's all the solutions from official Click here if you wanna know the step-by-step guides. Read on providing the official tips you've already tried didn't get problem solved.

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Effective Solutions from Forum Users to Fix Netflix Stuttering/Skipping Frames Error

1. Make sure that your drivers and Netflix app are up to date.

Update Netflix
Update Netflix

Please note that this doesn't suit all the cases. A user named sahil.shaikh89 on nvidia forum pointed out that his screen freezes every 2-3 seconds no matter Netflix is open in any of browser after he updated his Intel HD Graphics 630 Driver. When he downgraded the version of driver to, Netflix comes back normally.

2. Close the extra monitors and just let one open.

Still on the nvidia forum, another user shared that he encountered Netflix stuttering issue every 3 seconds or so when he open three 4K monitors at the same time. When he turned off two of them, exit Netflix and re-log in Netflix app, it turns right on the rest monitor.

3. Disable Windows 10 fast startup (so that the fast closing is disable, as well) and reboot the system.

4. Disable subtitle shadow in your Netflix account settings and disable subtitles on full screen on Windows 10 PC.

5. Fix old widevine DRM code issue in drivers. If your widevine turns to be a buggy mess and ruins your entire operating system, reboot the PC system, ditch away Chrome browser and try running Netflix on other browsers after getting widevine normal component updates.


6. In case Netflix keeps stuttering only but not Edge or Firefox, do as follows:

  • Terminate the task on your Chrome.
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\.
  • Head to the folder in there with a version number. Delete the WidevineCdm folder.
  • Launch Chrome (run as administrator) > access to Chrome://components > tap "Check for Updates" on the Widevine Content Decryption Module > install version 4.10.1146.0. Afterwards, close Chrome.
  • Find the folder Euron909 mentioned %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\WidevineCdm
  • Rename the folder in there from 4.10.1146.0 to 4.10.1346.0.
  • Fire up Chrome and test if Netflix works normally on Chrome.

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If you have any other better solutions, welcome to share with us via Email (we'll instantly update to this article) or post on or reddit to help more Netflix users out of trouble.


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