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[Tips] How to Fix Netflix 1006/108/1011/12001 etc. Errors | Solve Netflix Problems

Get the full solutions to all common Netflix errors/problems regarding Netflix logging, connection, buffering and streaming.

What's going on about my Netflix error 1011? Is netflix down? Everytime I try to watch something on my phone, it says Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists please visit (1011). But it works perfect over WiFi idk what's going on...
I can no longer watch Netflix in any browser after upgrading to Windows 8. I get a DRM error N8156-6013. I get this error in all browsers.Plz help me out, quite thanks!

Summary: There are dozens of Netflix errors/problems concerning Netflix connection, and streaming. This post only picked out some typical ones with specific Netflix error messages/codes, reasons and [how to fix] solutions.

Latest News: Many European users from US, UK, Switzerland and Germany were complaining that Netflix was down on March 14, 2018. They failed to enjoy movie and TV streaming service. And even after Netflix officially announced that it went back normal, the error is still not resolved for many users. If you happen to be one of them, you can refer to the troubleshoting tips in how to fix Netflix down.

After announcing the shutdown of Asgard that managed the cloud resources of Amazon web services, Netflix on Dec. 16 launched its new open-sourced and multi-cloud software code/platform - Spinnaker, which makes it easy to extend and enhance cloud deployment models on Amazon cloud, Google's cloud (See detailed Netflix blog). And a recent study shows that Netflix caused 50% of U.S. TV watching drop in the past 2015. In July, 2016, Netflix Windows 10 app error bring much inconvenience to Netflix Windows 10 users. Fortunately, it soon went back normal.

Part 1: Netflix Connection Problems
Part 2: Netflix Buffering/Streaming Errors

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Netflix Connection Problems

Error message with UI/AIP/NW Code beginning:
Sorry, we are unable to reach the Netflix service. Please try again later or visit
Cannot Connect to Netflix | Cannot reach
Netflix is Not Available | Netflix is Unavailable
Unable to Connect to Netflix
Android Error: Connection Failed

Netflix Connection Errors

How to Fix:
It's mostly caused by the Internet connectivity problem, like you're using the public Wi-Fi which may block the Netflix using and have limited bandwidth, or using cellular data/satellite Internet with slower speed. You can fix Netflix connection errors by:

Testing your Internet to see if the reason lies in the Wi-Fi or router network;
Reinstalling Netflix app, deleting its saved account data, and signing in again;
Deactivating the Netflix streaming device, like iPhone, iPad, TV, Wii, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, PSP, Android, restart it again, sometimes you can even do Factory Reset like Roku. >> Detailed steps according to devices.

1. Netflix Error 1006 (mainly occurs on Apple Device and Nook tablet)
Message: There is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later(1006).
Possible reasons: Netflix itself; User account information problem on Netflix; Internet connection problem

How to Fix (for Apple Devices):
Reset the Network (select those options in order):
"Settings" on the main menu -> "General" -> "Reset" -> "Reset Network Settings" -> "Reset" -> Reinstall Netflix -> "Settings" on the main menu again -> Wi-Fi -> choose and connect to your Wi-Fi account -> Run Netflix, sign in and stream...

Reinstall Netflix:
Turn the Apple device off and restart it after about 10 seconds waiting -> Delete/Remove Netflix app from your device -> Search and install Netflix app again -> Run Netflix, sign in and stream...

How to Fix (for Nook Tablet):
Possible reasons: The stored information is not refreshed

How to Refresh Information:
White arrow at the screen base (then tap the following icons/options in order) -> "Settings" bottom -> "Device Info" -> "Erase & Deregister Device" -> "Erase & Deregister Device" again -> "Reset NOOK" -> Reboot Nook tablet -> download and connect to Barnes & Noble -> run Netflix again, sign in and stream...

2. Netflix Error 12001 (mainly occurs on Android Device and Nook tablet)
Main reason: The stored information is not refreshed

How to Resolve (for Android Device):
Power off Android device and restart it to stream again.
Clear the Netflix data in Application (Manager)
How to Resolve (for Nook Tablet): Just reboot your Nook >> DVD to Nook Tablet

3/4. Netflix Error 1011/1012 (mainly occurs on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)
Message: There is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later(1011/1012).
Possible reasons: Netflix itself; User account information problem on Netflix; Internet connection problem

How to Fix:
Test Internet Connection on Device
Browsing any webpage from your device to test the Internet Connection. If it can not open the page, you may get the Internet connectivity issue. If not, continue troubleshooting below.
Reset Netflix to Refresh Netflix Information
Select "Setting" on Home screen -> "Netflix" -> Put "Reset" toggle at "On" state -> Go back to Home interface -> Run Netflix, sign in and stream...
Reboot Device
Power off the device completely for about 10 seconds and then restart it, launch Netflix for streaming movie/TV show.
Reinstall Netflix
Unistall/Delete Netflix from your device and install it again from App Store, then press Netflix icon to sign in and stream.
Powercycle Home Network (including both modem and router)
Power off computer -> Power off all of your home network equipment (unplug the modem/Wi-Fi router from power) for a while, better more than 30 seconds -> reconnect your modem/Wi-fi router -> run Netflix again to stream.

Other 1011 Related Playback Errors:
Error code: M7111-1101, M7031-1101 (on computer)
Main reason: Network connectivity, Internet Explorer Setting

How to resolve:
Powercycle Home Network (including both modem and router)
Disable Internet Explorer add-on in Tools options: SiteR64.dll (for SiteRanker), SavvyConnect (for SavvyConnect) -> restart IE -> run Netflix again, sign in...

Netflix Errors Fixed Tips/Notes

* Connecting another Wi-Fi to stream on Netflix is a better way to eliminate your currently using network is the root cause. If it still does not work after you tried all things about Internet connectivity, you are highly suggested to contact your Internet Service Provider.

* If you're using Wi-Fi network and the solution does not help, you can connect your computer to modem directly with a cable to see if the Wi-Fi connectivity is the source of the problem. If it is, just contact the person who set up your home network or the equipment provider for checking.

5. Netflix Error 108 (maily on iPhone iPad iPod touch | Apple TV)
Error message: Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists please visit the Netflix website. (108)
Main reason: Internet Connection problem
How to Fix for iPhone iPad iPod touch: the same as Error 1011/1012 solution

How to Fix for Apple TV:
Test Internet connection on Apple TV by choose "Settings" -> "General" -> "Network" > "Test Network" > "OK" -> "Yes" -> Choose a download speed option. (If it fails, go to seek help from Apple official support site. If it works, go to next one.)
"Cut" the cable connection of Apple TV and reconnect it again after a few seconds
If there's still an error when run Netflix again, tap "Play" -> "Deactivate/Sign out" on the TV remote. If the error message appears when playing Movie/TV, press "Menu" to turn to "Who's Watching Netflix" -> "Sighout", and then sign in again to stream.
Update Apple TV'S firmware by choosing "Setting" -> "General" -> "Software Updates" -> "Update Software/Update automatically" -> "Download and Install"

6. Netflix DRM Error (maily on Windows/Sony Devices)
Error code: DRM Error/DRM-14/N8156/8152/8151
Error message: We're sorry, but there is a problem playing protected (DRM) content.
Possible reasons: Silverlight itself; Computer setting that prevents Silverlight from loading Netflix video files; Content itself issue

How to Fix:
Unistall Silverlight plugin and download, reinstall the latest version of it to stream again
Verify Silverlight is compatible with your Windows (10) (check its compatible OS), Anti-virus software, browse. You can run browser as Administrator

DRM, full name Digital Rights Management, is a copy protection program with technique to prevent users from copying or sharing copyrighted materials like physical CDs/DVDs, online songs/videos. ( Try No.1 DVD Ripper Free)

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Since there are piles of Netflix errors/problems and usually vary from device to device, here we just list some top searched Netflix errors on common devices like Apple series and computer. If your error is out of the range, we advice you go to Netflix Help Center for searching, or create live chat with its online customer service representative, or directly make a call to him: 1-8666-579-7172.


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