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How to Fix Netflix Down/Not Working on TV, Computer or Devices

5 Troubleshooting Tips for Fixing Netflix Down/Not Working Issue During COVID-19 Lockdown

Last Update: According to the Downdetector, Netflix has been complained for not working for 36 times throughout March, 2020 during COVID-19 quarantine. Although Netflix announced that they were back up several hours later, Netflix down issue still happens now and then. If you're the one who involves in this trouble, try troubleshooting tips below.

Netflix shows its concentration on online on-demand video streaming and DVD renting by mail. Constant update of its video library empowers subscribers to get access to the latest movies, TV show episodes besides classic works. Excellent Netflix originals (some of which received nominations, awards of Emmy Awards, Golden Goble and Academy Awards, e.g. House of Cards) also boost its popularity. Till 2017, it owns over 100 million subscribers around the world.

Every subscriber takes it for granted that Netflix works perfectly every time. However, Netflix down may happen occasionally. If you are the unlucky one who is experiencing Netflix site outage issue, troubleshooting tips below can get you out of trouble.

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Fixes of Netflix Down/Not Working Issue

- Keep getting "unable to connect, please try again" message on my smart TV. App on phone isn't working either and Netflix site is down when I tried on my laptop…What's the deal? Internet is working fine.
- I get a Netflix Site Error. Says go back to home page and just loops that page. If I go direct to the login URL it will let me log in, but takes me to the Site Error page. Clearing cache doesn't help either.

From above feedbacks on downdetector.com, Netflix down problem occurs sometimes with error message or black screen stopping users from watching or streaming movies on TVs, computers or mobiles. To solve Netflix not working/connecting, try following fixes.

How to Fix Netflix Down
How to Fix Netflix Down

Fix 1: Connect Stable Network

Make sure that your network connection works well without an interruption. If you use Netflix app on phones or tablets, please switch mobile data networks to a stable Wi-Fi.

Fix 2: Reset Netflix

If your internet is perfect but still get not working message on Netflix, try to reset Netflix apps on devices, clear your browsers' caches and cookies and then re-sign in your account to play or stream movies/TV shows again.

Fix 3: Update or Reinstall Netflix App

If your Netflix app is down on one device (for example TV) but still available on computer, mobile or other devices, update Netflix app to latest version. Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall Netflix app.
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Fix 4: Contact Netflix

Probably, Netflix down is caused by server issue. Every action becomes useless. What you can do is to wait for Netflix up again. When will Netflix recover? Netflix Help Center can lead you to learn server status by searching with the string "Netflix down". You can call 1-866-579-7172 as well to get more details.

Fix 5: Use Netflix Alternatives

Besides Netflix, there are some other great video on demand services offering abundant movies and TV shows. When you encounter Netflix down issue, 3 sites below enable you to watch or stream desired movies/TV shows immediately.

Best Netflix Alternatives - Hulu

Hulu is another popular streaming service offering thousand of shows and movies for subscribers. It uploads new movies every week from the latest hits to all-time classics. Users can watch some excellent series only on Hulu including originals (like The Handmaid's Tale, the biggest winner in Emmy Awards) and exclusives. All seasons of Game of Thrones can be caught with the HBO add-on. Shows for kids and live TV which can stream live sports, breaking news etc, from virtually all channels in your area are also available.

Best Netflix Alternatives - Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
Like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime Video publishes originals and exclusives as well as hundreds of movies/TV shows in any genre for its members. From collected chancels, not only are featured series on HBO,STARZ, SHOWTIME shown to you, but other programs for entertainment, kids, sports, health and more can be easily gotten. Movies and shows are available to rent or buy while some documentaries and kids series are free to watch.

Best Netflix Alternatives - Crackle

Crackle is a free online video streaming service distributing originals, movies and hit TV show. It features programming a large number of titles in Drama, Comedy, Horror and more released by content partners (Columbia, Universal, Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Paramount & more) and its owner Sony. Compared with Netflix, Crackle gathers fewer titles with lack of latest hit movies and TV shows but enables users to watch featured movies and TV shows for free.

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