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Netflix Stuck on Loading Screen TV? Here're Reasons and Solutions

Netflix not loading on My Sony Bravia X900f TV. Every time I try to load the Netflix app on the Sony TV, it gets stuck at the loading screen with the N logo and loading spinner. Anyone else having the same issue? How to fix the problem permanently?

Netflix gets stuck at 20, 24, 99, or other percent on loading screen TV while loading. The Netflix frozen issue can occur on TV models from Sony, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Panasonic, and any other Android/non-Android TVs. Netflix gets stuck on loading the TV screen with the Netflix logo and the spinning red circle. If Netflix won't load on your smart TV, use our troubleshooting tips below.

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Why Is Netflix Not Loading on Your Smart TV?

There are several causes of Netflix freezing on TV issues. Figuring out the reasons can help fix the error quickly. Below are common problems that can lead to Netflix not loading on smart TVs.

How to Fix Netflix Stuck on Loading Screen TV Problem

1. Perform A Restart

Restart your Android/non-Android TV: unplug the TV's power cord, plug the cord again after a few minutes. Or you can just press and hold the Power/Off button on the TV remote. This way applies to Sony, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Panasonic, and other TV models that have the Netflix stuck on loading screen issue.

Force stop and restart the Netflix app on your TV: Press and hold the HOME button on your TV remote, go to Setting > Apps, find Netflix, select Netflix and select Info > Force stop > OK. Select Open and press the ENTER button. Many users said this way resolved the Netflix frozen TV screen issue but not permanently.

2. Sign out and Sign in Netflix Again

Sign out of Netflix on your smart TV, press the arrow keys on your TV's remote, Up > Up > Down > Down > Left > Right > Left > Right > Up > Up > Up > Up, select Sign out > Start Over or Deactivate to sign out of Netflix, sign in and try Netflix again on your TV to check if the Netflix stuck at 20/24/99 percent issue is resolved.

3. Check and improve your internet connection

If your internet connection speed is slow, Netflix possibly gets stuck when loading on your TV. The speeds should meet Netflix live streaming recommendations - 3Mbps for standard streaming, 5Mbps for HD, and 25Mbps for Ultra HD. Run a speed test and compare the results with the recommendations.

There are several ways to improve your internet connection speed. Shut down other devices, apps, and programs using the same network. Connect your TV directly to the router with an ethernet cable. Try to move the modem and router closer to your TV.

4. Other More Troublesome Tips for Netflix Stuck on TV Screen

If Netflix still gets stuck while loading on the smart TV screen after trying all the above easy methods, use the following tips. It takes more time and patience. Contact Netflix support for official help please when you don't want to take further steps or the Netflix not loading issue still exists on your TV.

  • Clear Netflix streaming cache and data on your TV's settings menu.
  • Check for Netflix app updates and your smart TV system updates.
  • Deactivate and reactivate your TV and then try Netflix again.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app on your TV to get rid of any streaming issue including not loading problems.

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