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Top 10 Best Anime Sites List for Streaming the Latest Anime Videos

You will read about top 10 BEST anime sites for streaming and watching classic and newly updated (dub/sub/VOA) anime/cartoon/manga of various types.

Anime actually means animation, which was originally produced and boomed in Japan and now has taken US, even the global by storm. The characters in anime often own supernatural power with exaggerated features like big eyes and colorful graphics. And the themes of anime are usually fantastic and inspiring. If you're a newbie and looking for a brilliant anime website that can enable you to watch (or download) all types of anime at leisure time, paid or free, below the top 10 best anime sites would do you a great favor for watching/downloading (dubbed or subbed) anime.

Part 1. The 10 Best Anime Sites Listed by Alexa Ranks

1. KissAnime.com

Global Alexa Rank: 380 (↑, last updated: December, 2018)

It's one of the best anime sites you can watch anime videos online in high quality. Also you can download anime and manga/cartoons in MP4/3GP (from 240p to 1080p at most) once you registered and logged in. What is worth raising is that this anime site are friendly to both PCs and mobile devices to preload anime video with HTML5 player.

Note: The anime itself goes down at times for reasons of server, maintenance or maybe piracy issues just like Pirate Bay torrent down. But it will regularly take 15~30 days to recover by migrating the whole anime videos to a new host so that you have to try its alternatives.

2. MasterAni.me

Global Alexa Rank: 2,588 (↑)

At the first glance, you may be confused about why it only lists the most recent anime. Actually, you can see all of its anime resources by clicking "ANIME" icon on the top left.

3. AnimeNewsNetwork.com

Global Alexa Rank: 5,080 (↓)

As indicated in the domain name, AnimeNewsNetwork is an all-round anime news site. Nevertheless, under the Video category, you can watch some Japanese anime and comics online free of cost.

4. AnimeFreak.TV

Global Alexa Rank: 5,244 (↓)

Animefreak.tv is an anime streaming site to enjoy anime online for totally free, which serves more than 10,000 anime episodes, updating the content on a daily basis. No download function and it will be much better if the dazzled and disorganized web page is improved.

5. Chia-Anime.tv

Global Alexa Rank: 5,126 (↑)

If you don't care about the pop-up ads, Cha-Anime is also a good place to go for high quality anime viewing, fast updates and MP4 full anime episode downloading. It has mobile and anime soundtrack channels especially to meet specific needs of anime fanboys/fangirls.

6. AnimeHaven.org


Animehaven.org is one of the best anime sites supplying HD anime series, cartoons, as well as some anime movies (e.g Big Hero 6, Lion King)/shows. Better still, it has download option to have you free get 480p/720p/1080p anime episode. Mobile available, too!

7. AniLinkz.tv

Global Alexa Rank: 1,122,192 (↓)

AniLinkz enables you to stream tons of anime series and movies/Original Video Animation/Cartoons online for free watching. What may be a little troublesome is that your ad/pop-up blocker on PC may stop the video being loaded, thus you have to click "Watch Mode" button to watch anime video normally.

8. AnimeHere.com

You can stream and watch all the anime (original or subtitled version) without paying the bill on AnimeHere. Its design is clear and cute, no annoying ads at all! Its unique category in the navigation bar is Romance, which showcase the happiness and difficulties of falling in love.

9. GoGoAnime.com

Gogoanime.com, claimed the world's largest free anime site, offers a huge database of anime series (English subbed, dubbed or raw)/movies/cartoons, and the latest Japan/Korea/China/HK/TAIWAN dramas to you for free watching. It also developed an app for Android users for anime viewing on the move.

10. AnimeRelief.com

Animerelief.com mainly provides English subbed anime videos. With a simple index and an A-to-Z anime list page, you can discover and watch any of the hot, latest ongoing, newly added and highest rated anime episodes online in English. It doesn't feature downloading online anime video yet.

Without doubt, besides those concentrated anime sites, Hulu and alike online streaming sites also have anime channel, but with relatively less amine resource.

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