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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 [Top 11 Feasible Ways]

"We’re sorry, we cannot play the video requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39)."

Some Disney+ subscribers are reporting that they run into the error code 39 whenever they try to stream content with the app. The Disney+ error code 39 is confirmed to happen on multiple devices incl. PC, TV, Android, IOS and more. What is error code 39 on Disney plus? What does error code 39 mean on Disney plus?

The error code 39 on Disney Plus generally involves in a rights management issue, preventing the servers of Disney+ from streaming the requested video. There is not much to do if Disney cannot stream the content at all or to users in specific region. But if there are something wrong with the your Disney+ app itself, streaming device, HDMI port or cable, or your TV preventing a secure HDMI handshake, here we will walk you through the troubleshooting steps to fix the Disney Plus error code 39.

disney plus error code 39

Part 1. Why Does the Disney Plus Error Code 39 Occur?

There are several cases that are responsible for the Disney Plus error code 39.

1. Failure of copy-protection check.

It is very likely that you run into the error code 39 if Disney Plus is failing a copy-protection check, especially when the app endures a long period of idling. You can restart your streaming device like smart TV to resolve the problem.

2. Corrupted temp data.

There might be a series of corrupted data stored in the temp folder, which stands a chance to produce the error code 39 on Disney Plus. In this circumstance, you can reinstall the Disney+ app to fix the error code.

3. A common glitch with Disney+ app itself.

The Disney Plus error code 39 is prone to happen on an Android TV or Apple TV due to a common glitch with the Disney+ app itself. To fix the error code, you can reset your Smart TV to factory settings and reinstall the Disney+ app under a clean environment.

4. Residual temp data on consoles.

If you are end up with the Disney Plus error code 39 on your PS4 or Xbox One, the root cause of the problem is probably because of a selection of temporary data generated by the frequently used Disney app. To that end, you can power-recycle your console to clear the remnant data, and then check if the error code 39 is fixed.

5. Connected video or in-game recording device.

Another cause that is likely to produce the Disney Plus error code 39 on your streaming device is a video or in-game recording device, which is skilled in capturing video footage or gameplay. As a matter of fact, Disney+ implements sophisticated DRM protection measures in order to stop any attempting at recording content from Disney+ app. You are advised to disable these video capturing tool and check if the error code 39 is fixed when you stream content with Disney+.

6. The content is streamed with an HDMI splitter.

The splitter used to cast Disney+ content to a projector can be the primary reason why you see the Disney Plus error code 39. As is mentioned above, Disney+ intentionally builds a DRM protection code into the HDMI signal that is used to pass from the console to the outputting device. If you want to resolve the error code, please use the streaming app without a splitter.

Part 2. How to Solve Disney Plus Error Code 39 on Xbox or Smart TV?

Follow the troubleshooting steps and wait for Disney Plus working normally and eradicating the error code 39 from Disney Plus.

1. Load the video again.

Sometimes, error code like 39 on Disney Plus can happen by accident. And most often refreshing or reloading the video can be a feasible way to fix any error including the Disney Plus error code 39. If the problem still occurs, try the other solutions.

2. Restart your TV or other Device.

If the Disney+ app has been idled for a long time, the app will end up with a copy protection check failure and therefore lead to error code 39 on Disney +. Some users reported that restart your affected devices in order to clear the temp files from the Disney+ app helps to resolve the issue. Here are the respective instruction for devices to restart.

  • Apple TV: Go to Settings > System > Restart.
  • Android TV: Press the Home button > go to Settings > About and use Restart option from the Power menu.
  • Android: Hold the power button until you see a list of options including Power off, Restart, Emergency mode > choose Restart.
  • iOS: Press and hold the volume button or the side button until you see the power off slider. Drag the slider to the right and wait for the iPhone to turn off.
  • Winodws: Click on the Start button > power > press Restart from the list of power options.

If restarting device doesn’t help, you can follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the error code 39 with Disney +.

3. Uninstall the Disney Plus App.

The error code 39 can be caused by Disney Plus itself that may produce potentially corrupted data. Consequently, you can shut it down, unplug and plug it back again to check if the error is solved. Or you can delete the Disney+ app, reinstall it and clear up all the temporary files to check if the Disney+ error code is solved. It has been proven to be feasible to fix the error code by a lot of users.

• To reinstall Disney+ on Apple TV, highlight the Disney+ app on the home screen of your Apple TV > press and hold the Touch surface until the icon starts to jiggle > press Play / Pause > select Delete from the context menu. When you’ve uninstalled the app, go to App Store on your Apple TV, search for Disney+ and redownload it again. Then you can restart your Apple TV and check if the Disney Plus error code 39 is fixed.

uninstall disney+ on apple tv

• To reinstall Disney+ on Android TV, bring up the main dashboard by pressing the home button on your remote control > select Google Play Store in the Apps category from the list of available options or expand the Apps menu to see every entry > select My Apps from the left-hand side menu > navigate to the entry associated with the Disney+ > select it and click Uninstall to remove the app. Restart your Android TV > access the Google Play Store from the Home menu > search for Disney+ and reinstall it.

uninstall disney+ on android tv

• To reinstall Disney+ on Android, access the Google Play Store on your Android device, select My apps & games > Library > Installed > scroll down and find the Disney+ app > click Uninstall to begin the uninstallation > return to the Google Play Store and reinstall the app again. Now you can check if the error code 39 is fixed.

uninstall disney+ on android

• To reinstall Disney+ on iOS, tap and hold the Disney+ icon on the home screen of your iDevice until it starts jiggling > press the small X button to remove it. Then open up the App Store again, search for Disney+, reinstall it. Then you can open the app and check if the problem is resolved.

uninstall disney+ on ios

4. Remove any video capture device.

Some video capture tools used to record videos or games on Xbox One or PS4 can trigger the Disney+ error code 39 and prevent the app from connecting normally. This is because Disney + and many other online streaming services include DRM protection code into the HDRM signal to prevent the contents from being pirated. So if you are using a video or game capture device, please disconnect it from the console and restart your gaming system.

5. Factory reset your Xbox One, Apple TV or Android TV.

If you have trouble streaming from Xbox One, you can perform a factory reset on your gaming system. Please choose Reset and keep my games & apps option to avoid losing data. After the reset finishes, you must delete and reinstall Disney plus app. Please make sure the Disney Plus app is working with the same TV and HDMI cable when connected to another streaming device like a Roku or Fire TV.

If the Disney plus error code 39 happens on an Apple TV or Android TV, and reinstalling the Disney+ app doesn’t help to fix the error, you can try to reset your smart TV to factory settings. Here are the detailed steps.

• To reset Apple TV to factory settings, navigate to Settings from the main menu of your Apple TV > System > scroll down to the Maintenance screen and press Reset > press Reset and Update button to confirm the operation, then you can reinstall firmware updates, install Disney+ again, and see if the error code disappears.

factory reset Apple tv

• To reset Android TV to factory settings, press Settings from the Home menu of Android TV > go to Device settings and press Storage & Reset menu > press Factory data & reset from the next menu and initiate the process > select Erasing everything at the confirmation screen to enforce the factory state. Reinstall Disney+ app and check if the error 39 is fixed.

factory reset android tv

6. Power-cycle your console.

Because of some temporary files that is positively generated by the Disney+ app itself, you may end up errors such as Disney Plus error code 39, buffering issue, and even storage full problem if you are working with an Xbox One or PS4. To resolve the issue, you can remove any temp files by switching off your gaming system, wait for a half minute and restart it again. Here are the guides.

• To power-recycle PS4: Ensure the PS4 is turned on rather than in hibernation mode, Press and hold the power button until the device switches completely off and make sure the fan shuts off thoroughly. Plug out the power cord from the outlet and wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in to ensure the power capacitors are drained completely. Start your console gain and wait for the startup to complete. Then you can launch the Disney+ app and check if the error code 39 is fixed.

power recycle ps4

• To power-recycle Xbox One: Press and hold the Xbox power button for 10 seconds or more until the front LEG is flashing intermittently, remove the power cord from the connected outlet after the console is shut down, wait for a few minutes to ensure the power capacitors are drained. Start the console again, open the Disney+ app again and check if the error code is resolved.

power recycle xbox one

7. Shut down your PC Xbox streaming app.

If you are using the Xbox app to stream your Xbox One to your PC computer and unfortunately run into the Disney Plus error code 39 on Xbox One, you can close the Xbox streaming app, restart the Disney Plus and Xbox One. Check if the error code 39 is fixed.

8. Try another streaming device.

The Disney Plus error code 39 problem generally occurs if you are streaming Disney Plus from Xbox One or directly from a smart TV and with some other devices. If so, try another streaming devices and check if the error code 39 is fixed.

9. Try a different HDMI Port.

If your Disney Plus generates error code 39, you can try a different HDMI port on your smart television. Try each port until the error code disappears.

10. Try another standard HDMI cable.

If the HDMI cable is damaged or doesn’t support HDMI 2.1 or higher, it may give result to the Disney Plus error code 39 issue. In the circumstance, you can try using a high-quality cable that supports HDMI 2.1 or above. In the meantime, please avoid using an HDMI converter cable, such as an HDMI to VGA cable, which may be the root cause of the Disney Plus error code 39. Make sure to use a standard HDMI cable that has HDMI connectors on both ends and plug it into an HDMI port on your TV, monitor, projector or so.

11. Try another TV.

Some older TVs don’t support a newer HDMI for secure connection and therefore lead to the error code 39. In this circumstance, you can try another TV and check if the same error code 39 is resolved.

Final words

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is majorly associated with Xbox one or other gaming consoles. You can also ensure the same error when streaming Disney Plus on your Smart TV or even a projector. But all the possible errors can be fixed through our in-depth fixes mentioned above. If you still have any questions, please try these solutions and feel free to let us know.


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