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Download Best WMV Player for macOS/Windows 10/Android..

In the digital format world, MP4 has always been the dominator. After that, the runner-up is supposed to be MKV and the 3rd winner might be AVI or MOV. How could you still hunt high and low for a WMV player to play WMV video?

WMV has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, compared to the champion format MP4, WMV is overshadowed by MP4 in video quality and format compatibility while WMV trounces MP4 in video size (much smaller than MP4). That's the reason why there are still a large volume of WMV files. Now that you need a WMV player, no more nonsense, check the below practical video player for your platform & device.

Download Best WMV Players for macOS & Windows 10/8/7

WMV video players for macOS and Windows 10/8/7 are umpteen while your time and energy are finite. You can spend a great deal of time and energy to test WMV media player one by one on your own. Or instead, have a look on the below crème de la crème of WMV players sorted by us to save worry and effort.

Download best WMV video players: 5KPlayer, VLC player, MPlayerX, Elmedia Player

All of them, of course, have no problem in WMV video playback. And there is no necessity to further explain the WMV playback, for WMV video playback is simple as ABC. On top of this, they have something in common and meanwhile differ from each other in certain aspects. We get them compared in the following points.

Play WMV on macOS/Windows
Play WMV on macOS/Windows

Price: they're all free of charge except Elmedia player. Elmedia player is priced at $9.99.
Operating system: 5KPlayer and VLC player are compatible with both macOS and Windows OS. MPlayerX and Elmedia Player are only designed for Mac users to playback WMV files, no Windows version.

Quality & Stability: they go to deuce.
GPU hardware decoding: Only 5KPlayer and VLC player sport with faster GPU hardware decoding; 5KPlayer upholds Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD HW decoding and VLC has Intel QSV decoding supported.

Wireless stream video/audio via AirPlay & DLNA: to utilize this video streaming feature, count on 5KPlayer or Elmedia Player.
Free download video: this is the trump card of 5KPlayer, letting you free download any (4K) video from 1000+ sites.
Free convert video: unique feature of VLC player among these 4 candidates.

The above top 4 WMV video players are placed at the same ranking, no so-called champion, runner-up or third winner. That's because each of them has their own merits and demerits. The judge should be you to decide which one is the best WMV media player for you grounded on your personal needs. Of course, share with us your favorite WMV player software for macOS/Windows if it doesn't show up in the above part.

How to Play WMV on iPhone iPad Android Device

To make WMV video accessible on iPhone iPad Android gadgets, download free WMV player for iPhone iPad Android. But it's troublesome since you need to download one player software for each device, alongside with space consumption and commercial ads. Instead, a more simple way is to use WMV converter like WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to convert WMV to iPhone iPad Android device, as well as MP4, MOV, M4V, H264, HEVC, MKV....with 98% quality kept. Thus, only one convert step and you can make WMV video playable on all your devices and platforms without repeated WMV player downloads & installation.

Another welcome addition is that it also helps you free download any video movie from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, crackle, etc. 1000+ sites for playback anywhere anytime.

How to Convert WMV to iPhone iPad Android Device

Step 1. Download and install WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe on your desktop. Click "Video" button to load WMV videos.

Step 2. Choose mobile device from the pop-up Window. Move the cursor to "Apple Device" under "Device Profile" to opt for iPhone 11 Pro/Max, iPhone Xs older device. Or move mouse to "Android Pad" or "Android Mobile", which covers almost all the popular Android brands, be it Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Google mobile, Acer, Amazon, etc.

Convert WMV to iPhone
Convert WMV to iPhone

Optional: if your WMV video length is unsuitable for your device, tap "Edit" icon on the main panel. You'll be re-directed to the editing window, where you're able to cut/trim WMV video, crop WMV image size, add subtitle to WMV, merge WMV clips into one, etc. Beyond that, manually tick "High Quality Engine" if you concern quality most.

Step 3. Click "Browse" button to choose the destination folder for resulting file storage. Afterwards, hit "RUN" button to begin transcoding WMV to iPhone iPad or Android with best video format and parameter settings.

Video Tutorial: How to Decode WMV to iPhone iPad Android


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