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Top 3 Free AVCHD Players to Play AVCHD/MTS Video on PC and Mac

Free Play AVCHD/MTS video on PC/Mac with Top Free AVCHD Players

AVCHD Video is a brand new high definition (HD) digital video of camcorder recorder file format that uses 720p, 1080i and 1080p signals onto certain media using highly efficient codec technologies. AVCHD videos are saved with .mts file extension, and cannot be directly played on Windows or Mac OS X for incompatibilty problem with video players attatched by system. So if you try to watch AVCHD/MTS files, a powerful yet easy to use AVCHD Player is in demand, which will help you Play AVCHD Video smoothly on your Windows PC and Mac.

Despite that very few AVCHD owners are allowed to play AVCHD video with specially designed assistance programs, for instance, the AVCHD camcorders ship with software designed to playback the files on computers (Sony's HDR-SR1 and the newer HDR-SR5 both record video in the AVCHD format and ship with the Picture Motion Browser, or Sony PMB for short), majority of AVCHD viewers do not have well-packed AVCHD playback software's support. Therefore, as mentioned above, to get an AVCHD video player is quite necessary for our regular users.

Top 3 AVCHD Players

No.1 5KPlayer - Truly Masterful Piece of AVCHD Player


5KPlayer is a great free AVCHD player on the way of delivering a better solution to play AVCHD/MTS video for free. As for AVCHD video with 1080i signal, the picture you see from computer is not as clear as 1080p. But thanks to 5KPlayer's Advanced De-interlacing Engine (transfer and interpret 1080i AVCHD video from interlacing to progressive scanning), you are ensured with significantly more clear and sharper images and enhanced visual quality.

Note: Apart from playing AVCHD, 5KPlayer can also play other videos audios, DVD sources, radio, free download videos and audios from 1000+ video sites, and turn your PC/Mac to AirPlay receiver and AirPlay sender for video audio streaming.

No. 2 VLC Media Player - The Cross Platform and Free AVCHD Player

VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player

VLC media player is an open-source and royalty free AVCHD player. It is one of the most Platform-independent AVCHD/MTS video players. Apart from playing AVCHD on Window PC/Mac, VLC is also available for GNU, Linux, BeOS, and BSD. Since VLC has a very modular design which makes it easier to include modules/plugins for new file formats (including newly-emerged AVCHD/MTS video, we hold faith in VLC to play AVCHD video and vote is as one of the best free AVCHD video players.

No.3 BS.Player - Best Multi-functional and Free AVCHD Player


BS.Player is used by more than 70 million multi media users throughout the world and it has been translated into over 90 languages. Because of low-cost of CPU Processing Resources for AVCHD video playback, it is suitable for you who want to watch AVCHD/MTS video but use slightly less capable computers. In addition, BS.Player, this top free AVCHD/MTS player, is quiet masterful at automatically searching and downloading missing subtitles during playing AVCHD video, if available.

Further Reading: Requirements of Playing AVCHD Videos on Computer

Thought all above AVCHD players are powerful enough, we should overlook the requirements of playing AVCHD video upon your computer.

  • First of all, AVCHD requires large processing power (2-4x compared to HDV), for real-time playback.
  • Secondly, if you do not have high-end computer for example a screen with a resolution of lower than 1920x1080 pixels, the AVCHD player may not play 1080p video normally.
  • Last but not least, AVCHD camcorders are usually used to record 1080 interlaced video probably result in unclear images through playing with AVCHD video player.

Despite of the strict requirements for playing AVCHD videos on computers, 5KPlayer, one of the best free AVCHD players, can easily cope with. 5KPlayer is a lightweight AVCHD player which plays high definition AVCHD videos without occupying massive system resources. And coming with "Deinterlace" feature, it enables users to convert 1080i AVCHD videos to 1080p AVCHD videos for clear image quality with one click only.

If you are seeking for an all-in-one powerful free AVCHD video player for Windows and Mac OS, please turn to 5KPlayer. As mentioned, 5KPlayer plays AVCHD videos smoothly with less system resources. Besides, it is also an all-around video music player, Mac/Windows DVD player, radio player, free video music downloader, and AirPlay receiver/sender.


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