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Windows DVD Player Free Download – Play DVDs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

This is a roundup of top Widows DVD players. Just find out your favorite to download on Windows PC for DVD playback.

If you want to play DVD on Windows PC, a DVD player is indispensible. Windows 7 users are lucky, because they can play a DVD directly using Windows Media Player without installing third-party Windows DVD player software. But this is not the case for Windows 8/8.1 customers. Because of the removal of DVD playback functionality from Windows 8, they need to pay for Windows Media Center to enable DVD playback, or turn to a 3rd-party DVD player app. Worse, if they perform a clean installation of Windows 10, they will miss the DVD playback option again. And then what they are required to activate DVD playback is to buy Windows DVD Player with $14.99 from Windows Store.

Fed up with such kind of games? Windows DVD Player won't work? Want to collect some Windows compatible DVD players that are more powerful than the native option? Actually, many free and paid DVD players are out there, And here we single out top Windows DVD player software that can help watch DVD on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and others.

Free Windows DVD Player - 5KPlayer

#1 Windows DVD Player – 100% clean WinX DVD Player (new name: 5KPlayer)
License: Freeware | Ratings: ★★★★★

Recommended reasons:
1. Good compatibility: this Windows DVD player is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and even the new Windows 10. So, no matter which operating system you are working on, it is a good option. Meanwhile, it also comes with a Mac version to help DVD playback on Mac.
2. Play all kinds of DVDs: homemade DVDs, commercial DVDs with 1/2/3/4/5/6 region code, commercial movie DVDs protected by all copy protection schemes, such as, CSS, RCE, UOPs, APS, Sony ArccOS, Disney DRM, etc.
3. Play DVD-like Sources: apart from playing DVD discs, it can also play ISO image files and DVD VIDEO_TS folders.
4. Fast launch speed and high video audio quality.
5. All-in-one best media player: besides acting as a DVD player for Windows (10), it is also a (3D/4K/8K) video player, music video player, radio player, online video downloader, and an AirPlay Sender and Receiver.

DVD Player for Windows - PowerDVD

#2 Windows DVD Player – CyberLink PowerDVD
License: Proprietary commercial software | Ratings: ★★★★
Recommended reasons:
1. Fully compatible with Windows OS. PowerDVD is a media player for Microsoft Windows, and just like 5KPlayer, it has been updated to support for Windows 10.
2. Powerful media playback capability. As powerful as the first recommended Windows DVD player, PowerDVD Ultra version ($99.95) can play HD videos, 3D video movies and music. What's more, it provides Blu-ray playback option.
3. New features added: TrueTheater® Color, TrueTheater® Sound and Video Scene Selector.

PowerDVD 15 version comparison

Version Price Input support
PowerDVD Live $14.99/3 mo. ; $44.99/12 mo. Blu-ray, DVD, Video, Audio
PowerDVD 15 Ultra $99.95 Blu-ray, DVD, Video, Audio
PowerDVD 15 Pro $79.95 Limited Blu-ray/DVD/Video/Audio
PowerDVD 15 Standard $59.95 DVD Movie (DVD, DVD-VR, DVD+VR) CPRM Protected Disc & limited video/audio
Open Source Free Windows DVD Player -VLC

#3 Windows DVD Player – VLC Media Player
License: Freeware | Ratings: ★★★★
Recommended reasons:
1. Free clean open source media player. When it comes to a Windows DVD player, VLC is the must-recommend one. And it is also a top DVD player for Windows 10. Unlike KMPlayer supporting ads, it is clean and safe.
2. It can play DVD folder and ISO files.
3. Multiple functions. Playing DVD is just one of the functions. Besides that, it can also play VCD, SVCD, CD, container formats like VOB, video audio formats, etc.

Note: While using VLC, "VLC won't play DVD" error may happen sometimes. And the reasons are various, such as:
VLC is not associated with .vob files.
VLC lacks some codecs for DVD playback.
VLC can't play DVD because there's difference between the burning speed of the DVD disc and the speed in which your computer can play some media.

If you want to download a free DVD player for your Windows OS, be it Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, WinX DVD Player (renamed to 5KPlayer) is your best choice. With this tool, you can play any DVD files in high quality without errors.

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