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Posted by Kaley Torres - Contact Author

[Fixed] Reddit App Not Loading Videos, GIFs, Posts on Android & iOS

  • “Reddit mobile videos not loading when clicking on the expand/collapse icon? Every single link from fails to load. Same goes for GIFs. App crashes from time to time. Fails to load the content very often and it fails to connect.”
  • “The Reddit app stopped loading my front page and subreddits. I can't load the subreddit to see any new posts. On iOS.”
  • "The Reddit app crashes a lot and doesn't load when wifi is fine. Sometimes when I go into Reddit, the screen starts 'blinking', it goes blacks then shows my feed again repeatedly. My page does load, but I can't see anything because of the 'blinking'."

Reddit app won't load on Android/iOS is nothing new to Reddit users. The problem happens from time to time. The Reddit app randomly gets stuck loading videos, comments, posts, GIFs, NSFW, other content for reasons nobody knows. Sometimes, the Reddit app stops loading and says "Sorry, please try again later" or "Sorry, can't reach Reddit" without further clue. And recently, some users failed to load into the Reddit app or website again. If you're one of the crowd users asking "why is my Reddit app not loading or takes forever to load things and how to fix", find an answer here.  

[Updated] A few days ago, the Search function wasn't working on Reddit mobile and website. For users whose Search on Reddit is currently unavailable, download the latest version which contains a fix.

Reddit app loading slow/stuck
Reddit App won't Load

Solution 1: Clear the Reddit App's Cache

Resource-hungry apps like Reddit mobile have a hard time on older devices. The outdated hardware can't provide enough processing power for Reddit app to load content like videos. Then Reddit app just hands on the loading icon forever and you can never read the post or watch the video you want. Clear the app cache and it may help fix videos & gifs not loading on Reddit app.    

  1. Tap on Apps and go to the Settings.
  2. Find Application Manager under the Settings > select Application Manager.
  3. Go to the Reddit App > swipe down and find the Clear Cache button. Tap on it. This will immediately clear the cache and free up the space for faster loading.

Solution 2: Adjust Reddit Permission

Wrong settings can easily result in Reddit mobile home/videos/pictures not loading errors. A user on Reddit community reminded to throw permissions to the Reddit app. Here are the steps to fix Reddit app won't load videos or gifs on Android phones. The troubleshooting may be different but similiar on iOS.

  1. Go to Setting > Advance setting > Security & privacy > Permissions > Apps.
  2. Find the Reddit app and under the security and privacy, allow the Reddit app to read and write external storage.
  3. Try again and the videos, Gifs, posts, etc. should load on the Reddit app now.

Solution 3: Change the DNS Settings

If your network is too slow, the Reddit app takes forever to load videos, GIFs, front pages, NSFW, and other content. There are users fix the Reddit app loading forever by changing the DNS settings on the router. Check what you usually use for DNS and try the Google DNS, Cloudflare, or OpenDNS services. For example, to fix Reddit app stuck loading on Android via DNS settings:

  1. Go to Settings > WiFi > Press and hold your WiFi network and tap on Modify Network.
  2. Select Show advanced options > find IP Settings. By default this should be on DHCP, tap that, and select Static.
  3. Now scroll down and find the DNS settings option. Then enter the DNS address: Google DNS (;, Cloudflare DNS (, OpenDNS (,
  4. Save and try again.

Solution 4: Use a VPN

Reddit app is not working loading content if your ISP blocks a resource used by the Reddit app. First of all, check if your router DNS is at fault and change the DNS settings as per the guide above. If nothing goes wrong with the router, use a VPN app. Here are some of the most popular VPN apps: Nord, ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, DroidVPN, Betternet VPN, ThunderVPN, TurboVPN, Hola VPN… Switch on the VPN on your phone and connect to a server in other countries and try again.

Solution 5: Disable Autoplay in Reddit App

While videos start playing automatically when you scroll near them is quite convenient, playing every video takes quite large amount of bandwidth. Therefore, the Reddit app can hang/get stuck loading videos/GIFs or the loading becomes really slow. You can disable the autoplay feature manually.

  1. Open the Reddit app and click on the Profile Icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Open the Settings Menu > then find the Autoplay option.
  3. From the dropdown menu, set the Autoplay to Never. Then reopen the app and try again.

Other Quick Tips

  • Force close the Reddit app in the Applications/Application Manager and restart your phone.
  • Tap the screen repeatedly to refresh for several times.
  • Get into the settings and turn off all the personalized ads.
  • Update the app to the latest version, or delete the app and re-install.  
  • Log in via Chrome app or Safari to load videos/gifs/comments on Reddit.
  • Log out the current account and log into a new account.
  • Quit any other apps when using the Reddit app.
  • Access the Redit app using other services like Apollo and Narwhal.
  • Reinstall the Reddit app if necessary.


author - Kaley Torres

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