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Disney Plus Keeps Buffering/Freezing/Lagging Issue Fixed!

It's reported that Marvel action-packed spy thriller movie Black Widow will debut on Disney Plus and theatre at the same time. What to do when your Disney Plus keeps buffering, freezing or lagging during the movie playback? Google on Chrome, search reddit or forums? Don't be! Cuz these conducts will consume you a large amount of time. Instead, you're suggested to learn the below solutions in advance before your beloved Black Widow is released on Disney Plus. By then, even if the buffering or lagging issue occurs, you can easily get it fixed as soon as possible without ruining your mood in movie viewing.

Quick Fixes to Disney Plus Buffering/Freezing/Lagging Error

Disney Plus problems are flourishing. Firstly, you might have trouble in logging in. When it's solved, you would encounter Disney Plus stuck on loading screen issue, followed by Disney Plus black screen error. These issues have already exhausted you totally. If, unfortunately, you still have to face the next issue - Disney Plus buffering error, face it! No worries, this post is with you, offering you the most effective solutions to solve your annoyance at least trouble.

1. Refresh, Close or Restart Disney Plus App

Refresh your Disney Plus application. If it doesn't work, exit and restart app. Re-open your movies or TV shows on Disney Plus to try again.

2. Exit other Applications on your Device

Shut down other applications on your Roku TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, Chromecast or PS4. Some applications might be in conflict with Disney Plus app. Plus, they would weaken the network speed for online movie streaming for Disney Plus. Exit them.

3. Improve Network Speed

Use which device to stream and watch Disney Plus movies, mobile device or smart TV, you ought to use stable network connection Wi-Fi, rather than 4G or 5G network. Furthermore, your network speed shoud be at least 5Mbps for online movie or TV show streaming on Disney Plus app at SD or high definition like 480p, 720p. As for 4K 2160p streaming on Disney Plus, the entry-level should be over 25Mbps.

Slow network speed for Disney Plus
Slow network speed for Disney Plus

4. Clear Cookies and Cached Data on Disney Plus App

Any application will store cookies and cached data after you use it. Generally, it won't cause big trouble. Yet, it will affect online movie streaming smoothness on Disney Plus. Hence, to tackle Disney Plus buffering issue, you'd better clear cookies and cached data from Disney Plus app.

  • Fire up Disney Plus app and open Settings.
  • Find and choose History and Privacy.
  • Locate to clearing caches and cookies option > authorize it to clear all cache files and temporary files on Disney Plus app.
  • Go back to Disney Plus app home screen and play back your movie or TV shows to test if this buffering/lagging issue is fixed.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Disney Plus App

Uninstall Disney Plus application from your mobile device or smart TV. Afterwards, re-install Disney Plus app and restart it to test again.

How to Activate disneyplus.com Login/Begin URL 8-Digit Code

6. Get Disney Plus App Updated

Keeping software updated to the latest version is usually the effective way to solve a program not working issue. It's of no exception for Disney Plus app. You can try updating Disney Plus app if the latest version is available.

7. Check Hardware

Majority of users would ignore hardware configurations for online movie streaming on Disney Plus app. Generally, it's not high-demanding on hardware configurations for SD/HD movie/TV show streaming on Disney Plus app. But when it comes to 4K movie (esp. HEVC/AV1 60FPS) streaming, it demands high on your hardware configurations, both for computer and smart TV.

In short, your computer should be armed with HEVC/AV1 hardware decoding tech, HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort cable, 8GB or more RAM. As for smart TV, Fire TV, or any other device, you're required to use HDCP 2.2 cables. Cuz these cables provide the highest quality of speed in streaming. Upgrade your hardware configurations if possible or stream movies in 720p/1080p on Disney Plus app.

HDCP 2.2 cable

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Hope this article has helped you to get Disney Plus buffering/freezing/lagging problem fixed. And if you have some other tips for Disney Plus app streaming & playback issue, feel free to tell @WinXDVD on Twitter and Facebook.


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