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How to Troubleshoot WebM No Sound Problem

Apple added support for WebM audio codec to Safari with iOS 15, which does not mean WebM audio can work fine on Safari. Many users complained the WebM no sound issues on Android, YouTube, Chrome, Firefox, VLC, Windows Media Player, or on other devices and software.

Audio not working for any webm's. I installed all plugins for my windows 10 system and I installed the x64 version, love how the program works but sadly webms dont play sound in VLC Media Player. I googled and looked briefly through forums for a similar problem but couldnt find any clue. Is it a bug? Thanks for your time and help.

Make sure the source WebM file you are playing has sound. Then check for causes and troubleshooting tips below.

Why does WebM have no audio?

The WebM no sound issue may be caused by any of the reasons below.

1. Compatibility Issue

WebM is a container for VP8, VP9, AVI (video), and Vorbis/Opus (audio). It's possible that AV1, VP9, or Vorbis are not supported on Chrome, Firefox, Android, etc. To fix the codec compatibility issue and play WebM without the sound missing issue, a video converter is needed for transcoding.

2. Wrong settings

Some improper audio settings can lead to WebM no sound issue, for example,

  • Sound is muted on the device, Chrome, Firefox, YouTube, VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.
  • Hardware acceleration is enabled in Chrome or Firefox.
  • The volume settings are changed to zero.

3. Hardware or software glitches

Some hardware or software issues can also cause WebM no sound problems. A simple restarting sometimes can fix the issue quickly.

Fix WebM No Sound Issue Caused by Codec Compatibility Problem

Winxvideo AI can convert WebM VP9/VP8/Vorbis/Opus to WebM, MP4, H.264, MP4, MOV, AVI, AAC, MP3 for playback with sound on VLC, Windows Media Player, Android, and other devices.

More Solutions to WebM Videos Play without Sound

1. Perform a restart

When the WebM sound doesn't work on Chrome, Firefox, YouTube, VLC, Windows Media Player, etc. try restarting your browser, restarting your device, resetting browser settings, clearing cache and cookies, re-installing your browser.

2. Reset audio settings

If the YouTube WebM file plays without sound on Chrome, Firefox, etc. The browser may be deactivated. On Windows,

  1. open the Control Panel - Sound - Speakers - Advanced
  2. uncheck "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device"
  3. open Volume Mixer, Unmute Chrome or Firefox or other browsers you are using.

3. Disable hardware acceleration

The sound is not muted, but the Wemb still has no sound from Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers. It works for some users to turn off hardware acceleration. Go to Settings on the browser you are using, click on Advanced > System, turn off " Use hardware acceleration where available", relaunch it.

4. Reset WebM conversion option in VLC

  • There's no sound after converting MP4 to WebM in VLC Media Player. Try the following ways to fix WebM no sound after video conversion in VLC.
  • Check the option "Keep original audio track" during the video conversion process.
  • Choose the MPEG 4 audio option (AAC) instead of the default MPEG audio and set the sample rate to 48000.

Check more tips for WebM no sound in VLC Media Player.

5. Check audio settings on YouTube

WebM is one of the file formats supported by YouTube. Many users complained that WebM files play without sound on YouTube. Try the following tips to fix WebM no sound issue on YouTube.

  • Check sound settings on your device.
  • Choose Unmute site on YouTube video page when it's available.
  • Troubleshoot the sound card.
  • Try playing YouTube WebM video files using another web browser.

6. Update and reinstall

This way can help fix WebM no sound in VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, Chrome, Firefox, Android, etc. Update or reinstall VLC, or Windows Media Player, or other media player you are using. Update or install Chrome, Firefox, or other web browsers with which you have the issue. There are many other WebM player worth trying.


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