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How to Fix Audio and Video Out of Sync in MKV Files?

Audio Goes Out of Sync in MKV Files? It's Solved Permanently Below!

Since MKV container is able to combine several tracks into a single files, many users prefer to transcode videos to MKV to retain the multiple audio, video, and subtitle tracks. However, users may be depressed to find that audio drops out of sync in transcoded MKV files, for example, Handbrake output video audio out of sync, or the like. In this case, how can you fix MKV audio video out of sync issue?

Many of you may seek help from VLC player simply by pressing the "j" key on your keyboard to make VLC play the audio track a bit ahead of the video, or tapping the "k" key to get the audio a bit delay the video. A single click increases or decreases the value by 50 milliseconds only. Just shift the audio until you get it spot on.

j - reduce delay (50ms)
k - add delay (50ms)

After you've done, you're able to adjust and snyc audio and video in VLC when playing. However, the bad news is that you cannot save the audio delay, as you close VLC and open the file in another media player, the audio goes back out of sync. To save the audio delay, you need make clear how much shift you need to make audio matched with video in VLC and install MKVToolNix to fix the sound sync issue with the sync value you found in VLC. It sounds too complicated, isn't it?

So, try an easier way to fix MKV audio and video out of sync permanently

Convert videos to MKV without audio/video out of sync issue by using Winxvideo AI

Winxvideo AI is an easy-to-use yet professional video converter, specially designed to convert all kinds of videos to mainstream formats and devices as you desire, such as convert videos to MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, game consoles, etc. You don't have to install any 3rd-party software, or manually set frame rate and do other settings, everything is optimized without any audio/video out of sync issue.

Download and install the Winxvideo AI on your computer according to the OS you're running, now follow the tutorial to convert MKV videos for troubleshooting MKV audio video out of sync error.

Step 1. On the main UI, click on Video Converter button to navigate to the video conversion window.

Step 2. Click +Video button to import the MKV files with audio video out of sync.

Step 3. After it's loaded, click the Target Format at the bottom to select an output format, and then click OK button. You can continue with MKV format through PC General Video > Matroska Video (h264+aac) > OK, or convert MKV to MP4 by General Profiles > MP4 Video (h264+aac)> OK.

Convert MKV video to fix audio video out of sync error

Step 4. Click Browse button to set the output destination folder if necessary. Then, tap RUN button to start converting MKV files in a very short time. After then, you can play MKV videos without audio video out of sync issue. If MKV HEVC video and audio are out of sync, refer to troubleshooting tips for fixing video and audio sync issue.

Note: Thanks to the built-in GPU acceleration technology, Winxvideo AI will detect and invoke Intel, Nvidia, or AMD graphic cards (if it supports hardware acceleration) in your computer to speed up video conversion up to 47X real time faster.

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