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How to Compress Large Video Files for Email

Any seekers who are eager to compress large (GoPro/Sony/iPhone) video for email without losing quality will be satisfied with the below guide.

I have a trouble in attaching a video to Email. It either times out the attaching process or says the file is too big. How can I compress the video file to send via email?

I have a GoPro video that is too large to email to a friend. How do I compress it that can be emailed?

I take a video with my HD camcorder and I want to send it to my friends via Email. My video is more than 100 MB but Yahoo email only allows to attaching 25MB or less file. Anyone help me compress the video for email?

The failure of video attachment and time-consuming video uploading are common scene during video Emailing. This is because every email provider has a maximum email video file size. It is necessary to reduce video file into smaller size or convert HD/4K video like MKV, M2TS to a format with higher compression efficiency. This post comes for this reason, walking you through simple steps to compress video (4K) from GB to MB for emailing on Windows (10)/Mac, as well as iPhone Android.

Method 1. Compress Video for Email with WinX Video Converter

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - professional video compressor for Windows 10/8/7. Mac version is available, as well.

  • Change the video it's compressed. By courtesy of video codecs and its intraframe & interframe coding algorithms, it compresses any video (4K/8K) to HEVC, H264, MP4, FLV, WMV, etc. with higher compression efficiency, roughly 50% - 80% size off!
  • Trim videos, crop to remove black borders, lower resolution/frame rate/bit rate, etc. to further reduce video size from 1GB to 10MB!
  • Visually NO quality loss by dint of High Quality Engine and de-interlacing engine, 98% quality reserved.
  • Advanced Level-3 GPU HW acceleration tech, alongside with computer powerful hardware configurations, to compress 8K/4K/1080p video at GPU accelerated 5X faster speed, no app freezing/crash or CPU overheating/overuse issues.

How to Compress Large Videos for Email Without Quality Loss?

The best way to compress video for email is to convert videos, especially HD/4K videos (MKV, M2TS, H.265/HEVC) which have large sizes far beyond limitation of email attachment, to best video formats for email with the most appropriate size. The best video compression software is a perfectly useful to compress or convert 4K/HD/SD videos to MP4, AVI, WMV for email reading 47x real-time conversion speed and keeping good quality.

The following guide will lead you to compress a 4K MKV video to MP4 for email on Windows PC. .

Step 1. Import MKV Video

Launch WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and import MKV video file by clicking "+ Video" button.

Step 2. Compress MKV Video to MP4

The output profile dialogue pops up the moment video is added into convert list. Select General Profiles category and tap MP4 Video with codec h264+aac or HEVC+aac. MP4 (H264) has better compatibility than MP4 (HEVC) while the latter one has higher compression ratio than H264.

Convert video to H264/HEVC to compress size
Convert video to H264/HEVC to compress size

Step 3. Adjust Parameters to Get Smallest Possible Video Size for Email

Click setting icon to access the dialogue for parameter adjustment. Besides video format, resolution and frame rate are two primary elements affecting video size. Change resolution from 1280x720 HD to standard definition 640x480 which is the most common resolution of video for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, YouTube, Facebook and more. Then, Cut frame rate to 23.97 or 25 (general 30/29.97 fps). You can also set lower bit rate, sample rate for audio to get a smaller size if it needn't to deliver a pretty good quality.

>> Check how to convert and compress 4K to 1080p with minimal quality loss...

Step 4. Run to Compress Video for Email

Click Browse button to save the compressed video to destination folder and tap RUN button to start compressing video for email.

Reduce large videos for emailing
Reduce large videos for emailing

The resulting file can be reduced from GB to MB (maximumly 90% size off) with zero quality loss, which can Email to your friends more quickly. By the way, the same applies to compress video for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram sharing.

Method 2. Reduce Video Files or Video Folder Size for Email via Zipping

On windows or macOS, you can compress videos to much smaller size for faster emailing by zipping. It's easy, fast and your videos quality remains the same. When emailing, select Attach File, identify the video you'd like to attach, right click the video or video folder and click Send to - zipped folder. Send the zipped attached file. Done. To unzip the video file or video folder, open the compressed video for folder, then drag the video file or folder from the compressed folder to a new location. Alternatively, you can zip videos or video folders before emailing. To do so,

On Windows
Right click the video file or folder, select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. Put all the video files you'd like to compress into one folder if you have multiple files to compress.

On Mac
Control click the video you want to compress for email, choose Compress from the shortcut menu. If you compress a single video, the compressed video file has the .zip file extension.

Method 3. Cut Down Video Size for Email with iMovie on Mac

iMovie editing features can be used to compress videos to smaller file size for emailing. It enables users to split long videos to separate clips and cut out unwanted clips from your video. This way won't decrease your video quality. It's a good way to go to use iMovie to lower down video resolution/quality, adjust video and audio parameter settings before exporting. You can downscale 4K to 1080p/720p to get smaller video size for faster emailing. Medium option is recommended to keep a good balance between video file size and quality. Use steps below to compress video for email with iMovie.

  • Open iMovie on your computer, click My Movie and choose the video file you want to compress to import.
  • Select the portion or the clip you want to save and click the"+".
  • Start compressing the video size for email by selecting "File > Share > Email >Small".

Check more. how to use iMovie to compress video for emailing on macOS.

compress video for email iMovie

Method 4. Compress video for Email on iPhone Android

The specific operating steps of reducing video size are much of muchness, no matter your operating system is Windows, macOS or mobile iOS Android. The difference between PC and mobile is the compression tool. Therefore, here we skip the repeated tutorial steps and focus on the tools instead.

Needless to hunt high and low for iPhone video compressor applications, we recommend the most simple online compressors for your iPhone recordings size reduction without extra installation to consume your 64GB space. Check guide on compressing video on Android to see the best apps for Android to resize 8K/4K videos from GB to MB for smooth yet fast Emailing thereon.

compress video for email on Android

Method 5. Email Large Videos using Cloud Services

If you want to send large video files, cloud services are also good choices. Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, and other similar cloud services make it easy to share large video files. First, upload the video file to one of the cloud service that you have an account, then, share the generated link by email with your friend or families.

Method 6. Compress Video for Email Free Online

There are many free but limited online video compressor to choose, such as YouCompress, ClipChamp, Clideo, to name a few top-rated online video compressor for email. Refer to top free online video compressor review to get more detailed information. It's quite easy to compress video for email online. Note that most online video compressor only accepts video files smaller than 200MB for free members.

compress video for email free online

[Extended Knowledge of Compressing Videos for Email]

1. The best video format for emailing

Email servers are not captious to limit video formats you upload, but strict on file size requiring you to pick out the best video formats for email to make process of attachment and transmission more efficiently.

MP4 (MPEG4/H.264) is the most compatible video format supported by almost all players and portable devices with compact file size and lower data rates but retaining a level of quality becoming the perfect format for uploading to email which limits size of attachment. And, H.264 is a preferred choice for it is more efficient and delivers crisper images than MPEG4.

AVI (DivX) and WMV, Microsoft native formats, are the better choice for Windows users in email. AVI (Divx) offers faster compression speed, support for multiple languages and high image quality, while WMV video has smaller size and can be made in a simpler way.

2. Video size limits for Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.

Gmail: 25MB. Outlook: 20MB. Hotmail: 10MB. Yahoo Mail: 25MB. AOL: 25MB, Zoho Mail: 2MB.

3. How can I send a large video file via email

You have several ways to send large video files via email: via zipping, Cloud services, video compressor programs, iMovie, etc. Quality won't be decreased by zipping, cloud services way, and professional video compressor programs like WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can also guarantee good quality. Online video compressor is the worst way to go due to safety and performace issue, and 200MB file size limit.


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