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How to Fix Stuttering/Lagging MKV Playback in Windows and Mac

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4K/HD MKV Files Stutter when Playing in Windows/Mac? How to Fix?

MKV video suffers from stuttering again? It's fairly irritating. Some of you have probably tried a batch of inbuilt (Windows Media Player, QuickTime) or third-party – (VLC, KMPlayer etc.) programs and still encounter 4K MKV playback issue on Windows or Mac. Why?

We have the information from communities that stutter or lag usually happens when playing 4K or HD MKV videos. On one hand, computers or devices should unlock more powers to handle a high definition video flawlessly. On the other hand, MKV is only a container format storing video, audio and subtitle tracks. The video compression standards vary in different files, for example HEVC MKV, H.264 MKV. So, codec may be the reason of lagging MKV playback.

How to troubleshoot 4K/HD MKV file playback stutter problem? It is highly suggested to convert and compress MKV file compatible with Windows or Mac instead of upgrading the hardware.

The Best Solution to Fix Stuttering MKV Playback – Convert & Compress 4K/HD MKV Files

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe aims to provide the easiest way to convert and compress MKV and other mainstream videos. Not only does it change the video format from (HEVC/H.264) MKV to MP4, AVI, MOV for Windows/Mac, it also enables user to downscale 4K MKV to 1080P/720P, reduce MKV file size by lowering bit rate or shortening the length. It takes full use of graphic cards (supporting Intel, NVIDIA, AMD) to accelerate conversion and compression speed while keeping high quality.

Download and install WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe on your computer. Next, follow the steps to convert and compress MKV for fix stutter when playing.

Step 1. Launch this program and click +Video button to import the MKV file.

Step 2. Output Profile window pops up. Select one format as output format. Click OK.

Tip: MP4 Video (codec: h264+aac) is the best choice because it can be acceptable by virtually all players and editors.

Convert MKV to MP4

Step 3. If you get stutter when playing a 4K MKV video, you'd better compress 4K to 1080P or 720P for a normal playback. Click gear icon to get access to setting window. Change resolution from origin to 1920x1080 or 1280x720 depending on your needs. Click Apply to All.

Compress 4K MKV to 1080P

Step 4. Click Browse button to set a destination folder if necessary. Please check Hardware Accelerator: Intel, nVIDIA to get GPU speedup. You can also enable heck High Quality Engine and Deinterlacing to optimize quality if in need.

Step 5. Click RUN button to start converting and compressing MKV.

After the process is finished, destination folder will automatically pop up. Open the resulting file converted from MKV in any media player and no stuttering issue will happen.

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