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Convert2MP3 is Down, Get Best Convert2MP3 Alternative

Convert2mp3.net was one of the 1000 most visited sites on the web. In 2018, it got 684 million visits globally. This website enables users to download audio files in MP3 or other formats from YouTube URLs and other sites. However, this popular stream-ripping site is no longer working and will not go back. Convert2mp3.net has been shut down following legal action coordinated by global recording industry body IFPI and BVMI. Any other infringing sites owned by convert2mp3 operator are also required to shut down globally. Convert2mp3 domain has been handed over to IFPI. Now, when you go to convert2mp3.net, you will see IFPI logo and a message saying "This site has been shut down following legal action for copyright infringement. Stream-ripping sites, which convert licensed streamed content into unlicensed downloads, are illegal. Willful, commercial scale copyright infringement could lead to criminal conviction. Illegal music services exploit the work of artists and pay nothing to those creating and investing in music."

convert2mp3.net is not working
convert2mp3.net is down

Best Convert2MP3 Alternative

Although Convert2MP3 is dead, you still have alternatives for downloading YouTube to MP3. One of the best choices is WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. Although named as a video converter, it can also download YouTube sources.

This Convert2MP3 replacement can:
1. Free download videos and audios from YouTube, SoundCloud and other streaming sites (1000+ sites are supported).
2. Convert YouTube videos to MP3, AAC, FLAC, iPhone Ringtone, AC3, and more audio formats.
3. Apart from downloading and converting YouTube sources, it can also convert videos among almost all formats like MKV to MP4, edit videos like cut and merge, create photo slideshow, and record video (this feature is available on Mac only).

This desktop-based convert2mp3 alternative is safer and more stable than online alternatives. Online tools are always reported to have intrusive ads, virus, and not working issues.

Now free download WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to replace Convert2MP3.

How to Download YouTube to MP3 with Convert2MP3 Alternative

Step 1. Insert YouTube link.

After you launch WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, you'll see "YouTube URL" button at the top bar. Click it and you will be required to paste YouTube URL. Go to YouTube website, find and open the YouTube source you want to download, copy the URL in the address bar, and now go back to convert2mp3 alternative and hit Paste & Analyze button. Soon later, it will list a dozen of output options with different resolutions, formats and file sizes. Choose a desired output and click "Auto convert" if you need to convert YouTube to MP3 or other format.

download YouTube video with convert2mp3 alternative
download YouTube video with convert2mp3 alternative

Step 2. Select MP3 format.

When you are directed to Output Profile interface, scroll down to "to Music" and choose MP3.

convert YouTube video to mp3 with convert2mp3 alternative
convert YouTube video to mp3 with convert2mp3 alternative

Step 3. Convert YouTube to MP3.

Hit "RUN" and it will start downloading and converting YouTube video to MP3 music format.


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