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MOV File is Corrupted and Unplayable? Repair MOV Now!

MOV is a multimedia container file format that contains multiple tracks. And those tracks save different sorts of media data. Partly because of this trait, MOV is widely used by most action cameras and drones like Nikon, Canon, JVC, DJI, etc. to store different types of file data. Yet, every bean has its black. MOV doesn't always do its job well. Many a DJI user complains that MOV file is corrupted and unplayable in player.

I'm trying to fix a corrupted .mov file. The Video is split into a DJI_0001.MOV and DJI_0002.MOV. It is the first one that is corrupt. VLC can't play DJI_0001.MOV, but it will play DJI_0002.MOV just fine. I've tried the trick of starting up my Mavic, and creating a new video... didn't work. Any other ideas? -from Zoyx on forum.dji

Did you have such experience before? If so, the most direct and effective solution is to repair MOV files. How to get damaged MOV files repaired? Continue reading...

Most Simple Way - Repair Broken MOV Files with MOV Repair Software

Give a shot on video repair software - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, which is well-designed to help you convert any videos in whatever resolution (1080p/4K UHD), and more importantly easily repair corrupted MOV files without any 3rd party involvement.

* For the partly damaged MOV files like the one with a broken clip in middle or certain footage with fuzzy image, it can cut off the damaged parts and then re-merge MOV clips into an intact file.
* As for the broken MOV files with "missing codec" error message while playing back, this application enables you to re-encode MOV video with the complete codecs like H264, MPEG-4, HEVC, etc.
* If your MOV file failed to play resulted by improper parameters, it lets you manually adjust parameters, including resolution, frame rate, bit rate, aspect ratio, audio sample rate, channel, etc.

Tutorial: How to Use MOV Repair Software to Free Recover Damaged MOV Files

Step 1: Free download this video repair program on your Windows or macOS. Afterwards, launch it and tap "Video" at the top bar of the interface to import your MOV video source.

Step 2: Choose output format as MOV (H264) under "General Profiles". Or select "MOV (MPEG-4)" under "Mac General Video" > "Common Video Profile".

Repair MOV
Repair MOV

This tool contains almost all the modern formats you need for playing, editing, streaming and uploading, e.g., MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, SWF, MTS, AVCHD, H264, HEVC, MPEG-4, VP8, iPhone, Android, Microsoft devices, game consoles. Freely opt for them grounded on your needs.

Step 3: Opt for the destination folder to save output MOV file via "Browse" button. Then give the last hit to "RUN" button. That's it! When the procedure is over, you can load it to your media player to test if it's playable now.

Warm Prompt:
1. This MOV repair software can handle slightly damaged MOV files. As for severely corrupted MOV videos, please consider to re-shoot a MOV video or re-download MOV video source, for the majority of the video repair software is powerless to cope with badly broken videos.

2. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe empowers you to free download (MOV) video from 1000+ sites if your MOV comes from online site.

3. You get DJI corrupted mov file unplayable because you didn't stop recording before shutting down your DJI drone? In such case, try:
* Format your SD card on your PC or in DJI app.
* Retrive the lost data from SD card via professional data recovery software.
* Re-shoot MOV video using your DJI drone if your damaged MOV is dead.

Watch the YouTube video guide to repair MOV by converting MOV to MP4 format!

Great Option: Recover Unplayable MOV with VLC Media Player

VLC works like a charm. It's your top choice for video playback and video conversion. That's not the whole story. It also amazes you with its video repair function. One thing to be noted is that it sports with the feature of "Fix Damaged or Incomplete AVI File". That's to say, you're required to convert corrupted MOV to AVI first and then do the MOV repair task. Follow the below tutorial to get broken MOV files repaired.

Tutorial: How to Use VLC to Free Repair Corrupted MOV Video

Step 1: Run your VLC media player after downloading and installation.

Step 2: Click "Media" at the top banner of the home screen > "Convert/Save..." > tap "Add" button to import your MOV video > select "Convert" at the bottom of the interface.

repair MOV in VLC
repair MOV using VLC

Step 3: Choose "Video for DivX compatible player" in Profile.

Step 4: Click "Browse" button to opt for the destination folder for output file storage.

Step 5: Hit "Start" button to begin changing MOV to AVI format.

Step 6: After the video conversion is done, tap "Tools" > select "Preferences" > "Input & Codecs" > change the default setting "Ask for Action" to "Always Fix" in "Damaged or incomplete AVI file" > Click "Save" to begin repairing your video file, no extra plug-in needed. Afterwards, load the converted AVI file to VLC for playback and check if it can smoothly played back on your laptop.

fix unplayable video
fix unplayable video

Bonus tip: on top of the above-mentioned methods to recover damaged MOV files, you can also give the online video repair site a whirl. One of the sites (highly recommended by Google rank) is fix.video, supporting unplayable MOV, MP4, 3GP files repair. Give it a shot if necessary.

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