WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

Download, Convert, Resize and Play Videos without any Error

  • Compress any 4K/HD MP4, MOV, MKV video by changing codec from H.264 to HEVC.
  • Downscale 4K to HD, lower bitrate, frame rate, etc to resize video.
  • Cut, crop GoPro, DJI, iPhone, camcorder videos to remove unwanted parts or black bars.
  • Reduce video size by up to 90% with no loss in quality.

Video Troubleshootings and Solutions

Videos are bogged down with different parameters, from resolution, codec, bitrate, frame rate, to sample rate. All these lead to diversified playing, storing and uploading issues. Find the troubleshooting steps here to solve all video related issues.

Can't Play HEVC on PC? 2 Tips to Fix HEVC Playback Issue in Windows 10/8/7 etc.
If you can't play HEVC video files on Windows (10) PC, the following 2 ways can help you fix HEVC playback issue with ease.

Hot Video Errors and Solutions

[Fixed] VLC Subtitles Not Working/not Showing
VLC not displaying subtitles. VLC used to show subtitles but not anymore on my Windows 10 computer, went through settings and nothing seems amiss subtitles show enabled and can be selected from a drop-down in a video in the menu. What to do?
Jack Watt Jan 20, 2021 VLC
Why and How to Solve VLC No Sound Error on Windows (10/8/7) and Mac
If you experience VLC no sound problem when playing MKV, MP4, WMV or other videos with VLC media player, here is what you are looking for. Reasons such as improper audio settings, outdated VLC or incompatible codec and solutions are included in the post.
Jack Watt Dec 25, 2019 VLC
Why MKV File Is Heavily Pixelated/Blocky & How to Fix It
MKV file looks pixelated when playing it on VLC, WMP, Kodi and more players? Let's get the root of the matter and go easy solutions to fix pixelated MKV playback.
Kaley Torres May 23, 2019 MKV
[Solved] MKV Files No Sound in Movies & TV App on Windows 10
No sound when playing MKV files in Movies & TV app on Windows 10? Try the following troubleshooting tips to fix MKV no sound issue with ease.
Kaley Torres Sep 6, 2019 MKV
[Fixed] MKV Videos Won't Play in Windows Media Player
Why can't play MKV in Windows Media Player? How to fix MKV files not working properly with this media player on Windows 10/7/8 etc.? Questions can be answered here
Jack Watt May 20, 2019 MKV
How to Fix Stuttering/Lagging MKV Playback in Windows and Mac
Are you bothered with 4K/HD MKV stutter/lags when playing in VLC or other media players on Windows/Mac? Here's the best solution.
Jack Watt May 24, 2019 MKV
[Solved] Can't Import MKV Videos to Adobe Media Encoder
Your MKV files cannot be opened/read in Adobe Media Encoder for further encoding? Now your issue will be fixed here with the easiest solution.
Kaley Torres May 27, 2019 MKV
Why & How to Fix MKV File Plays Audio but No Video Error
MKV plays audio but no video in VLC, Media Player Classic, KMplayer or Windows Media Player? No worry. This article will fix MKV no video error in a fairly simple way.
Kaley Torres June 4, 2019 MKV

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