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Brent Archer is an experienced editor who loves all things related to social. He has spent more than a decade writing instructional contents related to social media, streaming services and video related topics all over the internet for Digiarty. Outside the social, he is addicted to Google I/O, Apple WWDC and other tech news to keep him informed.

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5 Ways to Create ISO from DVD on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac
We'll show you how to create ISO from DVD with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, PowerISO, CDBurnerXP, Disk Utility, WinX DVD Copy Pro, and BurnAware. You can make an ISO file with intact data and original quality.
Brent ArcherApril 24, 2024
How to Copy DVD to DVD/Computer on Windows 10/11/8/7
This article will show you how to copy a DVD to another DVD on Windows 10/11/8/7, how to copy DVD to computer hard drive, and other FAQs about DVD copy on Windows 10.
Brent ArcherJanuary 29, 2024
HandBrake x265 Settings for Encoding x265/HEVC Videos
This HandBrake HEVC settings guide lets you know how to set HandBrake to get x265/H265/HEVC encoded MKV/MP4 (UHD 4K/HD) video in mini size and max quality.
Brent ArcherJanuary 29, 2024
Top 10 Ways to Resize Video without Losing Quality [No Watermark]
Learn how to resize video on Windows 10 online without watermark. Change aspect ratio to 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, 1.97:1, crop frame size, and customize video dimensions for YouTube, Instagram Story/IGTV, TikTok, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
Brent Archer January 27, 2024
How to Reduce Video File Size without Losing Quality to 90% Smaller
Here you’ll learn how to reduce video size on Windows 11/10 by over 90% without losing quality. Top video size reducer tools are introduced here to help make video size smaller on Windows 11/10, Mac, iPhone, Android, online.
Brent Archer January 26, 2024
Does FFmpeg Support AV1? How to Encode AV1 Files with FFmpeg?
Does FFmpeg support AV1? Have no idea on how to encode and decode AV1 files in FFmpeg? Follow this article to learn how to transcode AV1 with FFmpeg step by step.
Brent Archer January 5, 2024
Top YouTube 4K Converter Reviews
Free download best YouTube 4K converters to convert videos for playback anywhere. Please use YouTube material for fair use.
Brent ArcherJanuary 4, 2024
2023 Best Video Size Dimensions for Uploading to YouTube
This YouTube video upload tutorial will show you the best YouTube size (best resolution size and video size limit) that can work well for YouTube. Only setting best YouTube size can export optimal video result.
Brent Archer January 4, 2024 YouTube Video Size
Repair Corrupt DJI Video – 5 Tips to Fix DJI (Phantom) Drone Video Can't Play
How to repair corrupt/broken/damaged DJI drone videos? Check the 5 tips to possibly fix DJI drone MP4 videos can't play issue, incl. DJI Phantom/Mavic/Inspire corrupted videos. Top 10 DJI drone video repair software/DJI video editor/converter is provided.
Brent Archer January 3, 2024
How to Play MOV Files on Android Phone & Tablet?
Can't play MOV files on Android tablets and phones? Here is the best way to open MOV files on Android, regardless of video audio codec.
Brent Archer January 3, 2024
Fixed - Twitter Video Won't Play/Load on iPhone/Android/Firefox/Chrome
Twitter videos won't play on iPhone/Android? Twitter videos not playing/loading in Firefox/Chrome/Safari? Check the detailed fixes in this post.
Brent ArcherJanuary 3, 2024
AVI Video Resizer - Resize AVI Video to Smaller Size With Best Quality
AVI video resizer: Guide on how to resize AVI video files to smaller size for free with best quality. Best two ways: resize/compress AVI video with Winxvideo AI; resize AVI video online free.
Brent ArcherJanuary 3, 2024
[Solved] Fix Netflix Windows 10 App Not Working Error
Here we have published methods to help you fix Netflix Windows 10 app not working, crash, black screen, won't start or other streaming problems in clicks during COVID-19 lockdown.
Brent ArcherJanuary 3, 2024
Instagram Videos Not Playing? 7 Quick Solutions
All fixs to solve Instagram videos not playing error. Learn how to make Instagram videos play on Android, iPhone, Chrome/Firefox/Safari of your computer.
Brent ArcherJanuary 3, 2024
Fixed: Windows Media Player Encountered A Problem While Playing
Does the Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file error message pop up? How to solve the WMP not playing problem? This article will give you an answer.
Brent ArcherJanuary 3, 2024
How to Rotate Video in Windows Media Player?
Follow the guide to rotate video in Windows Media Player, and get solutions when Windows Media Player video rotation is not working.
Brent ArcherJanuary 3, 2024
Top 4 MXF Players to Play MXF Files on Mac/Windows
Can’t open MXF files? You need the best MXF player here to help play MXF files on Mac or Windows computer.
Brent ArcherJanuary 3, 2024
Top 18 MKV Players for Mac/Windows 10/iOS/Android
Top 18 free MKV file players are listed here. Download a desired MKV player to play 1080p HD/4K MKV video files smoothly on Mac/Windows PC.
Brent ArcherJanuary 3, 2024
[2023] Best 10 Handbrake Alternatives to Convert DVD and Video
Here're the 10 best HandBrake alternatives for Windows/Mac, incl. WinX DVD Ripper, Freemake, DVDFab, Any Video converter... Read reviews to find which is the best alternative software.
Brent ArcherJanuary 2, 2024
2024 Best Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix [Free Download]
Free download 2024 Best Thanksgiving movies on Netflix in 1080p/720p HD MP4 for offline watching with families and kids on Thanksgiving Day.
Brent ArcherJanuary 2, 2024
How to Open and Play MKV Files on Windows PC, Mac and Mobile?
How do you open MKV files on different devices? This article reviews various guides to open MKV fies on Windows PC, Mac, and mobile phones, namely download MKV player, install MKV codec and convert MKV to MP4 or other formats.
Brent ArcherJanuary 2, 2024
How to Open and Play WebM Files on PC, Mac, and iPhone?
This post reviews various guides to open WebM files on Windows PC, Mac and iPhone. Also learn how to convert WebM to MP4 and other formats and then play WebM files without a hassle.
Brent ArcherJanuary 02, 2024
How to Convert and Play MOV Videos on Surface Neo/Duo
Cannot play MOV videos on Microsoft Surface dual-screen Neo, Duo, Pro X? This tutorial will help you download the best MOV to Surface MPEG/AVI/WMV video converter for MOV to Surface conversion.
Brent Archer December 28, 2023
Best SWF Player to Open SWF Files on Windows 10/11
This article will introduce 5 best SWF players to help you open SWF files on Windows (11/10), iOS, Android, and Chromebook.
Brent ArcherDecember 28, 2023
How to Convert Facebook Videos to MP4?
How to convert Facebook video to MP4? To realize that goal, you can use Facebook to MP4 converter software, online tools, or extensions.
Brent Archer December 28, 2023 Facebook
How to Use Handbrake to Convert MKV to MP4 for Free without Quality Loss
How to use Handbrake to convert MKV to MP4 for free without losing quality? Can Handbrake convert MKV to MP4 without transcoding or re-encoding? Check how to convert MKV to MP4 with Handbrake by keeping the original quality.
Brent ArcherDecember 25, 2023
Does Plex Support AV1? How to Play AV1 Videos in Plex?
Encountering Plex not transcoding AV1 errors? This Plex AV1 support guide will help you play AV1 videos in Plex without issues.
Brent Archer December 21, 2023
4K Video Size | What Is the Size of 4K Video 60fps/30fps
What is the size of a 4K video per hour or minute? Normally a 1 min 4K video at 30fps takes up 350 MB in size. But 4K file size also varies for factors like higher 60fps, H.264/H.265 (HEVC) codec, etc. Fast resize/compress 4K video in 3 ways with QSV, CUDA/NVENC hardware acceleration.
Brent ArcherDecember 21, 2023
How to Install HandBrake libdvdcss Mac/Windows 10/11 (with Pictures)
What is libdvdcss? How to install Handbrake libdvdcss.pkg on Mac or download libdvdcss.dll on Windows 10/11 to decrypt protected DVD? Here is the detailed guide.
Brent ArcherDecember 12, 2023
How to Copy DVD to SD Card and Put Movies on Microsd Card
Want to copy DVD to SD card? This article will show you the best way to convert DVD to MicroSD card for later playing back on Android and other devices.
Brent ArcherOctober 30, 2023
WinX DVD Ripper vs HandBrake: Best Free DVD Ripper Review and Test
HandBrake Vs WinX DVD Ripper - which one is better to rip a DVD? Let's do software review and comparison to see the differences and judge which is the best free DVD ripper.
Brent ArcherOctober 10, 2023
7 Proven Ways to Compress or Convert 4K Video to 1080p
How to compress and convert 4K to 1080p easily and fast on Windows (10) PC or Mac for easier playback? 7 ways are here with the best 4K to 1080p converters. Check the detailed 4K UHD video to 1080p HD compression guide.
Brent ArcherSep 6, 2023
Download libdvdcss-2.dll on Windows (11/10/8/7) 64/32bit
How do I download VLC libdvdcss.dll or libdvdcss2 on Windows 11, 10, 7, and other operating systems for working with HandBrake or other programs. Here's the guide.
Brent ArcherFeb 22, 2023
How to Copy DVD to VIDEO_TS Folder
Copying DVD to VIDEO_TS folder is a good choice for DVD backup. Because VOB file contained in VIDEO_TS folder can both be played by many mainstream players and burned into DVD.
Brent ArcherDec.22, 2022
MOV Video Converter – Convert MOV to MP4 MP3 AVI WMV WebM etc.
Free download best free 4K MOV video converter to convert MOV to MP4, WMV, H.264, MP4G, AVI, MKV, etc. fast without quality loss. Easily convert QuickTime MOV, DSLR, DJI, iDevices' 4K MOV recordings.
Brent Archer Nov 29, 2022
Does Discord Support AV1? How to Play AV1 Videos on Discord?
Discord AV1 support is a future thing though, you can still play AV1 videos on Discord with the help of this guide.
Brent Archer November 14, 2022
Best Free DVD Converter and Burner 2023 for Windows (10)
Best free DVD converter and burner 2023 for Windows 10/8/7 to help you convert (protected) DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. and burn MP4, AVI, MKV, M2TS, VOB and more video files to DVD on Windows (10).
Brent ArcherNov.14, 2022
[Review] Best DJI 4K Video Editors for Windows/Mac 2020
Need a free DJI video editor to start your first drone video editing or want to know the best DJI video editing software for Windows/Mac used by most people? Here is the new full list for 2020.
Brent Archer Nov 4, 2022
Top Free Online Video Compressors [No Watermark]
Top 7 free online video compressors are revealed here, including Zamzar, VEED.IO, Freeconvert, Clipchamp, etc. Plus, we'll tell the disadvantages of and the best alternative to online video compression software.
Brent Archer October 20, 2022
Top 10 Hollywood Movies of All Time that You Must See
What're the best Hollywood movies of all time? This article lists top 10 must-watch Hollywood movies in your life and gives brief introduction of every movie, including release date, box office, awards, plot summary and more.
Brent ArcherMay 19, 2022
vlc --reset-config | How to Reset VLC to Default to Fix VLC Errors
How to fix various VLC errors? Type 'vlc --reset-config' command lines in cmd or terminal to reset VLC to default and solve VLC video/audio/subtitle errors.
Brent ArcherMarch 24, 2022
How to Split MOV Files on PC, Mac, Online?
How to split a MOV file? The MOV file splitter is the easiest way to help split a MOV video into two equal files, separate it to several segments, or cut out the middle of a MOV video.
Brent Archer March 22, 2022
Top 5 Ways to Convert MPEG to MOV (QuickTime)
Check top MPEG to MOV video converters to convert MPEG to MOV QuickTime format for iMovie, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, etc. with best quality.
Brent Archer March 11, 2022
Popcorn Time for Windows 11/10: Apps like Popcorn Time & Alternatives
Should I download Popcorn Time Corona version 4.0 on Windows 10/11 or try the best alternatives? Any updates on Popcorn Time 4.0? Reach your conclusion after you know more about popcorn time and its replacements.
Brent ArcherOctober 19, 2021
[Solved] How to Free Rip DVD with Same Quality on Windows (10)?
Rip DVD with same quality. Is it possible to rip DVD without losing quality? How to rip DVD with original quality on Windows (10)? Find answers in this tutorial.
Brent ArcherSep.23, 2021
Top Free Ways to Convert WMV to AVI High Quality
Check top free WMV to AVI converters to free decode wmv to avi high quality codec for playback on Windows 10/8/7 or editing.
Brent Archer Aug.19, 2021
[Fixed] Handbrake Only Rips Half of the DVD
How to solve 'Handbrake only finishes DVD ripping at about half'/'Handbrake won't rip entire DVD'? This page will help you use Handbrake to get the whole DVD ripping.
Brent ArcherAugust 12, 2021
Top 10 MKV Players for Windows PC/Mac [2021 Update]
Top 10 free MKV players of 2021 are listed here. Read our reviews and download a desired player to play HD/4K MKV (Matroska) video files smoothly.
Brent ArcherAugust 3, 2021
Can't Install libdvdcss on Mac OS X El Capitan or Later? [Solved]
Can't download and install libdvdcss on Mac OS X El Capitan or later for ripping copy-protected DVDs with HandBrak? This post lists the most helpful solutions for fixing libdvdcss error on El Capitan, Sierra, and advanced versions.
Brent ArcherAugust 03, 2021
How to Install Libdvdcss on Windows (10) or Mac (Big Sur) to Rip Protected DVD
Guide on how to install libdvdcss on Windows (10) or Mac (macOS Big Sur). How to rip/play any copy-protected DVD without installing libdvdcss, but with a free DVD ripper/DVD player.
Brent ArcherFeb 5, 2021
3 Steps to Convert x265 (HEVC/H.265) to MP4 on PC/Mac
3 steps to easily convert x265 (HEVC/H.265) 4K/HD MKV video to MP4 (H.264/MPEG) (more compatible) with best HEVC/H.265 to MP4 converter, Winxvideo AI, by keeping original quality.
Brent ArcherFeb 4, 2021
2023 Best Video Size Dimensions for Uploading to YouTube
This YouTube video upload tutorial will show you the best YouTube size (best resolution size and video size limit) that can work well for YouTube. Only setting best YouTube size can export optimal video result.
Brent Archer Jan 25, 2021 YouTube
2023 Top 6 Best DVD to DVD Burner Software
Here's a list of 2023 Top 6 DVD to DVD burner software with key features, pros and cons to help you choose the best DVD burner to make a duplicate of the original DVD on Windows 10/8/8.1/7.
Brent ArcherOct.9, 2020
How to Rip Backup Twentieth/20th Century Fox Movie Amination DVDs?
Here's a guide on how to rip/copy/backup 20th Century Fox movie DVDs like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Taken 3, X-Men serious to hard drive, phones, tablets and PSP on PC/Mac.
Brent ArcherAugust 24, 2020
VLC DVD Ripper Review, User Guide and Alternative - How-to
This is a review and user guide of VLC DVD ripper for DVD conversion, incl. how to rip a copy-protected DVD with VLC on PC/Mac (or with the alternative), how to choose the right format and make quality settings.
Brent ArcherMay 25, 2020
Best Hollywood Action Movies on DVD List
What are the best Hollywood action movies of all time? What are the most expected upcoming top 10 Hollywood action movies on DVD? Here are the answers.
Brent ArcherMay 13, 2020
How to Download and Save Facebook FB Videos Free to Computer iPhone Android?
This tutorial shows how to free save a video from Facebook to computer (Windows 10), or save Facebook FB videos to iPhone, Android Phone, MP4, etc.
Brent Archer April 17, 2020 YouTube
Full List of Facebook Video Formats for Uploading
Upon Facebook video format and size upload limits, what are Facebook supported video file formats (quality) and sizes (resolutions) to upload videos on Chrome, Firefox, IE?
Brent ArcherApril 17, 2020
Rip and Convert DVD to Mobiles for Full Mobile Movies Playback
How to rip and convert DVD movies to any mobiles, like Android Samsung, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, etc. Watch DVDs on any mobile displays perfectly with high quality.
Brent ArcherOctober 15, 2019
How to Remove DVD Burning Obstacles 2021
DVD protections makes it so hard to clone DVD to DVD and burn a DVD to another blank DVD. But WinX DVD Copy Pro can remove protections and clone DVD to DVD easily.
Brent ArcherSep. 24, 2019
Best Free DVD Creator for Windows 10/8/7 – Create DVD from Various Videos
Best free DVD creator for Windows 10/8/7 enables you to create DVD from various videos like MP4, AVI, MPEG, MKV, VOB, etc. on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.
Brent ArcherSep. 24, 2019
Free Convert FLV to DVD with Best Free FLV to DVD Converter
How to free convert FLV files to DVD? Free WinX DVD Author helps you to burn DVD from all popular video formats like FLV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc. and to convert FLV to DVD easily and quickly.
Brent ArcherSep. 24, 2019
Rip DVD to Smartphone with Specialized Profiles - Watch DVD Videos on SmartPhone
Watching DVD on smartphone helps enjoy video on smartphone while making good use of your existing expensive DVD resources. This article will you tell you how to rip DVD to HTC/Samsung smartphone on PC/Mac.
Brent ArcherSep. 3, 2019
How to Open and Play DAV Files in VLC Media Player
Does VLC player support DAV format? Yes, but it's not as simple as you think. In this article, you can find how to open and play DAV file in VLC Media Player easily.
Brent Archer
How to Open and Play DAV Files in iPhone
Want to open the DVR365 or CCTV DAV files in iPhone but failed? Follow this article to find out how to open and play DAV files in iPhone and other portable devices.
Brent Archer
[Solved] MKV No Sound in Movies & TV App on Windows 11/10
No sound when playing MKV files in Movies & TV app, Windows Media Player, VLC on Windows 11/10/8/7? Try the following troubleshooting tips to fix MKV no sound issue with ease.
Brent Archer