The Evolution of Home Movie Entertainment

Over the past century, home entertainment landscape has been progressed tremendously. People can watch movies right at home in various manners, from the nostalgic DVD to the latest subscription streaming. If you are wondering how people first started viewing films at home, here we will take you through the history of home movie.

Evolution of home movieEvolution of physical media, DVD to BlurayEvolution of streaming

What Makes You Buy DVDs Instead of Relying on Streaming

The war among Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, etc is getting worse. Despite the streaming service is gaining momentum, one thing always stayed the same: movie lovers with nostalgic feel, as always, build up home disc library. Here is why they are in defense of physical DVD. See more: why streaming is hard to topple DVD for the moment >>

Why you still own DVD rather than streaming
28% Some movies are unavailable on streaming service.
3% Self-made DVD to preserve my memories.
2% Streaming doesn't grant any ownership over the movie but DVD does it.
26% Disc can be viewed freely without network.
41% I'd like collecting my favorite DVD movies.

Genre-wise, Which Types of Movies Do You Prefer?

From action to sci-fi, there is a massive number of movie genres. According to the latest report from the-numbers, a total of 5,360 dramas were released in North America, adventure films grossed over $63 billion between 1995 and 2020. It's hard to pin down which genre is the best for you. But if you are simply a movie aficionado looking for the most searched title, you'll find them here.

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What Are the Most Classic DVD Movies over the Past Few Decades

The film industry has been rife with over 15 thousands titles to date. You may wonder which is the best DVD movie that can stand the test of time and keep your kids glued to the sofa? Given that, here we list the top rated DVD films of all time.

It is an Oscar winner and the best-selling DVD of all time.


It revolutionizes filmmaking and promotes 3D development.

Despicable me
Despicable Me

The animated hit generated $202m domestic DVD sales.


It's praised for visual effects, screenplay, direction, etc.

Iron Man
Iron Man

It's regarded as best summer movies, followed by 2 sequels.

The Hunger Games

The trilogy is regarded as the top seller on Amazon.

How Many Movie Studios Are There in Hollywood?

There are 5 big Hollywood movie production studios so far and each has its own characteristic. For example, Walt Disney Picture's animation studios are famous for producing animated film for kids, such as Frozen, Zootopia, The Lions King, Inside Out, etc. Here're the majors, and the smaller distributors, with a few firms in between.
You have to bear in mind the movie studio can control how, where, and when a film is available around the world, phasing in audience access to, and maximizing awareness of, a film. They own the copyright and exploitation rights to a film directly. When it comes to a commercial DVD, the movie studio will encode copy protection mechanism such as CSS, region code on the discs, meant to prevent them from pirates.

Are You Familiar with the Problems when Storing and Playing DVDs

It's pretty easy to get a physical DVD and witnessing your shelf bulging with beloved DVD movie collection can be gratifying. But as a DVD collector, you must have been through combating DVD clutter, fragility and inconvenience. Here we take a look at the biggest challenges when it comes to store and play DVDs.

DVD takes up too much space.


It's hard to find a movie from the shelf.


Old DVD is aging phsically, scratched or fingerprinted unintentionally.

Tips for Proper DVD Storage

Keep the discs away from heat and out of direct sunlight, store them in a cool dark place, avoid bending or scratching each time you use them. For the most cherished DVD collection, it's highly advised to backup DVD to computer hard drive in such a way to avoid DVD rot/scratch and archive them easily.


Too much trouble when travelling.


The lack of DVD player or disc drive makes it hard to play on computer or mobile.


Playing DVD can be troublesome due to its built-in copy protection and regional lockout.


Nonstandard, burned & damaged DVDs are unreadable.

Solutions to DVD Playing Issues

Change region setting of the disc drive to be identical with the DVD. If you reach max. number of 5 changes, your device is lack of disc drive, or you encounter some other errors, it would be better to digitize DVD to digital MP4 or the like, so that you can play them flawlessly without even carrying discs.

Do You Know You can Sell the Dusty DVD discs for Cash

If your DVD library is full of dust and clutters your room, selling the dusty discs to make some money is a wise option. Here are the 10 best places to sell your used DVDs, no matter they are timeless classics or a collection of new releases. Detailed guide to sell old DVDs.

Now It's Time to Digitize DVD Collection to Revive Them

It's unreasonable to repurchase the movie which you already have, finding the film from nearly half a wall in your living room can take too much effort, let alone the cumbersome discs messing up your house. Don't be upset. Here is the solution - turn your dusty DVDs into digital copies to breathe new life into your old physical-media movie library. Therefore, you can enjoy movies far beyond the living room shelf and take the favorite films anywhere anytime.

Disc to digital service

  1. 1. No disc drive required.
  2. 2. Digitize DVD on iPhone and Android Directly.
  3. 3. HDX is available. ($5 for each disc conversion)
  1. 1. Disney, home-made, workout DVDs are not onboard with VUDU.
  2. 2. $2-$5 for each DVD. For movie lovers with mass discs, it is not cost-effective.
  3. 3. Number limit: You are limited to convert 100 discs maximally per year.
  4. 4. GPS is required.
  5. 5. Download speed is limited by internet connection.

DVD Ripper Software
- WinX DVD Ripper

  1. 1. Support 1:1 DVD backup, no quality loss.
  2. 2. support any DVD, ISO, folder from any DVD distributor
  3. 3. Support old/damaged, new, 99-title, workout dvd, non-standard DVD, etc.
  4. 4. Convert DVDs as many as you like once you purchase it.
  5. 5. Convert DVD to all mainstream formats, incl. MP4, MKV, AVI, HEVC, etc.
  1. 1. DVD drive is required.
  2. 2. Software installation is required.
  3. 3. Blu-ray disc is not supported.

More Frequently Asked Questions about DVD

How to play DVD on computer without disc drive

Modern laptops and PCs are ditching physical disc drives. If you want to play DVD on your computer, here are the suggestions.

Way 1: Get an external drive and plug in via USB. Price of the disc drive ranges from $12 to $25.

Way 2: If using disc drive is the old-fashioned way, you can rip the content of DVD with free DVD ripper software such as WinX DVD Ripper and Handbrake. The files can be as big as 07-1.5GB in size, but transferred freely between computers.

How do I compress my DVD collection

Generally, the size of a DVD ranges from 4.7GB to 7.5GB. But with a DVD ripper, you can convert the physical media to a digital MP4 H.264 at around 0.7-1GB without any quality loss visually. Therefore, you can dust off the discs and store all your movie library to your external hard drive.

What if my DVD is scratched or damaged

There are altogether 5 remedies that help to fix scratched DVD.

  • ● Use a soft cloth to clean your disc starting at the center and outward in a straight line.
  • ● Use slot-loading drive instead of tray-loading drive which is likely to scratch disc.
  • ● Fill the scratches with toothpaste, banana, Vaseline, or wax-based product.
  • ● If the problem isn't solved, rely on data recovery software such as IsoBuster or a DVD ripper, which can read the damaged DVD and rip the content off disc.
How to copy DVDs on computer

Storing DVD discs to computer is a good way to declutter discs and keep DVDs out of danger of scratches and damages. But commercial DVDs are protected with copy protection schemes, purposely built to stop common DVD software from backing up the content. Therefore, you have to rely on a powerful DVD ripper with professional decrypting ability first. MakeMKV, WinX DVD Ripper, and DVD Decrypter are up for the job.

Best DVD cabinets for storing DVDs

A heap of DVD discs can create a lot of mess if stored improperly. But DVD cabinets help to organize your chaotic DVDs. A good DVD cabinet features ease of use, durable high-quality material, and proper size to fit your house. General DVD cabinets from Homfa, Tangkula, Atlantic Venus can hold around 100-500 DVDs. You can go to Amazon to see more DVD racks.

What is the best DVD player to buy

A good DVD player should feature upscaling feature, better connection option, etc. This makes your whole DVD playing experience enjoyable. It preferably supports both Pal and NTSC DVDs, regardless of the region code, and even plays videos whether it is formatted in AVI, MP4, or WMA. Current, Sony DVPSR210P, Panasonic DVD-S700, LG DP132H, Pioneer DV-3052, etc are included in our top DVD players list.

More Useful Tutorial, Tips, Tricks about DVD

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