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iCloud photo backup limits and fixes. How to fix iCloud storage full problem? Ultimate iPhone photo backup solution.

iCloud storage is full? iPhone storage is tight? Don't want to lose the precious photos shot by iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6S/6? Unfortunately, iCloud photo backup can't allow you to backup your iPhone photos to iCloud any more because iCloud storage full problem. This post gathers common iCloud photo backup limits and provides some possible fixes for you. It will also introduce an ultimate solution for iPhone photo backup to free up your iPhone space.

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Part 1: iCloud Photo Backup Limits and Fixes

Limit 1: iCloud free storage is limited to 5GB

Many of you may be tired of your iPhone telling you everyday that the iCloud storage is full and can't backup your iPhone any more. Annoying, right? Apple only provides 5GB free iCloud storage space for users to backup iPhone photos, videos, apps and other data, and 5GB is run out quickly. If you don't pay Apple extra to upgrade iCloud storage, then your iPhone photos cannot be stored to iCloud any more.

Don't want to pay for extra iCloud storage? How to fix iCloud storage full problem? You may try:
1. Transfer iPhone photos to PC hard drive to free up iPhone space to store new photos.
2. Retrieve photos from iCloud to PC/Mac.
3. Regularly delete iPhone photos to reserve free space.

Limit 2: iCloud photo backup is actually a synchronization process

Using iCloud to backup iPhone iPad photos is not a permanent way to store your photos, it just lets you easily access recent photos on all your devices. Need to mention that if you delete some photos from your iPhone to free up some space, those photos are automatically deleted from your iCloud account as well. Besides, you may also lose or delete some precious photos because of an iOS update problem or a jailbreak failure if you backup photos to iCloud.

Therefore, if you want a more stable and safer way to backup your iPhone photos, you can try WinX MediaTrans, fastest iPhone photo transfer software, to help you easily transfer photos from iPhone iPad to computer.

Limit 3: iCloud photo backup only backup the latest 1000 photos

Another drawback of iCloud backup photos is that iCloud Photo Stream only lets users to backup the latest 1000 photos in your iPhone. This means if you have 1200 photos in your iPhone and you don't backup the oldest 200 photos elsewhere, then they will be lost if you lose your iPhone or take more new photos.

1. Disable iCloud photo library and backup new photos to somewhere else like computer hard drive or external portable hard drive.
2. Use WinX MediaTrans to transfer 1000 photos from iPhone to computer only in about 1 minute with no hassle.

Limit 4: iCloud photo backup relys on WiFi connection

Backuping photos to iCloud can only be proceeded under WiFi connection. Without WiFi, the photos shot by iPhone can't be stored to iCloud automatically. Besides, downloading photos from iCloud is a very time-consuming process and sometimes gets stuck in the middle.

Want a more effortless way to copy and backup photos without WiFi? WinX MediaTrans is a top-recommended tool enabling users to transfer photos from iPhone to PC to free up iPhone storage at No.1 fast speed.

Other iCloud backup limits:
1. It's said that photos in iCloud Photo Stream will be automatically deleted after 30 days.
2. iCloud not automatically backuping iPhone recorded videos.

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Part 2: Ultimate Photo Backup Solution – WinX MediaTrans

As you can see, iCloud photo backup is not a long-term way to backup photos. A more reliable way to store iPhone photos is to transfer iPhone photos to PC/Mac.

WinX MediaTrans, world's No.1 fast iPhone photo transfer software, allows users to export photos from iPhone to PC at a lightning speed without WiFi. 100 4K photos can be transferred to computer in 8 seconds. Users can also use it to manage and organize iPhone photos on Windows 10/8/7/Vista computer. This top iPhone transfer software fully supports all iPhone/iPad models, including iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, 6/6 Plus, iPad Pro/Air 3/2, etc. Transferring videos/music between computer and iPhone iPad can also be easily realized with it. It is 100% clean and safe, extremely easy-to-use, stable and fast.

Unique: 1. It can transfer iTunes music, movies, audio books from iPhone/iPad to PC and turn them into DRM-free MP4/MP3.
2. The latest version supports previewing iOS 12/11 HEIC/HEIF photos, exporting and converting iOS 12/11 iPhone/iPad HEIC/HEIF photos to JPG on Windows (10) PC for easy viewing.

WinX MediaTrans - Backup iPhone Photos

How to Backup iPhone Photos to PC/Mac with WinX MediaTrans

As the best iCloud photo backup alternative, WinX MediaTrans enables users to backup photos to computer in 3 simple steps at amazingly fast speed.

Free download and install WinX MediaTrans on your Windows 10/8/7/Vista PC or free download its Mac version, and follow the detailed guide below to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

Step 1: Launch this stellar iPhone photo backup software and connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable.

Step 2: Click "Photo Transfer" button on the main interface to step into the photo transfer window. WinX MediaTrans will auto grab and load all your iPhone photos into the plate. You can view all iPhone Camera Roll photos by day, month or year. Preview and select the photos you want to transfer to computer hard drive.

Step 3: Click "Export" to start transferring and backuping iPhone photos to PC/Mac. 1000 photos can be transferred within 1 minute.

With WinX MediaTrans, you don't need to rely on iCloud photo backup and worry about the iCloud storage full problem any more.

Backup iPhone Photos to Windows (10) PC or Mac

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