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Best 3 ways to transfer photos pictures from iPhone 7/6S/6 to PC without using iTunes

Q - "Is there a way to transfer photos from iPhone 6S to PC without iTunes? I got my iPhone filled with valuable family photos, videos, and music. I want to sync my iPhone photos to PC for backup without any of them to be deleted. I'm a total noob with this stuff. Should I turn to photo manager software?"

When it comes to iPhone photo transfer to PC/Mac, there are certainly several ways that can be highlighted, but over all what makes transferring photos pictures from iOS (10) devices to computer easy and fast is definitely not iTunes. To help save you the trouble of backing up mobile file data, we are all prepared with best three ways of how to transfer photos from iPhone 6S/7 to PC without iTunes.

Let's start with the simplest way to transfer photos from iPhone to PC

Using best iPhone photo manager WinX MediaTrans

  • - Transfer tons of photos from iPhone 7/6S/6 to PC in a flash
  • - No stuttering, no data losing, flexible photo file selecting
  • - Transfer/convert 4K videos and sync music between iPhone and PC
WinX MediaTrans

To transfer piles of photos from iPhone 7/6S/6 to PC in an incredibly fast way!

Facts You Should Know before Transferring iPhone Photos to PC

1. iTunes actually doesn't allow you to transfer photos from iPhone to computer for protecting privacy. Some people say that mobile data syncing has been on the minute you plug your iPhone into the computer. The truth is, as to noobs of tech things, it is so complicated and time-consuming to find out where the iPhone backup photos are stored on PC. You cannot open the file even if you find it, because there is no file extension. And the worst part is that photos downloaded from PC to iPhone can't be deleted. That's why so many people seek for ways to transfer iPhone photos to PC without iTunes.

2. Using WiFi, you can successfully transfer photos from iPhone 7/6S/6 to iCloud, which is great except for its 5GB backup storage limit. Apparently, 5GB free storage is not enough for most of you to backup all photos, music and especially videos. You do have a plan B - pay to get more storage monthly: $0.99/m for 50G and $2.99/m for 200G. But I wonder how many people are willing to pay for such a slow data transferring backup mode.

So how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC Windows 10/8/7 without iTunes? Here are best 3 paths.

Path 1: Use WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans is the NO.1 fast iPhone photo manafer software so far. Also transfer iPhone video music to PC/Mac.

Download Now

Path 2: Via Windows AutoPlay

Windows has default settings to help you transfer photos from iPhone 7/6S/6 to PC. But things vary on Windows 10/8/7.

Learn More >>

Path 3: Sync iPhone photo to iCloud

Apple iCloud is a good way to backup iPhone photos, videos, songs, etc. At lease, it is easy to use.

Learn More >>

Path 1. Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone 7/6S/6 to PC with WinX MediaTrans

Step 1: Download WinX MediaTrans exe file on your Windows 10/8/7 computer and install this iPhone photo media manager by checking the End User License Agreement box and clicking Install directly. Or you can choose Custom Installation, browse to set the file location and Install Now.

Step 2: Connecting your iPhone to PC, better using an original Apple iPhone USB cable, there pops out an alert box, suggesting you to adjust iTunes settings to prevent data erasing automatically.

Step 3: Click into Photo Transfer on the WinX MediaTrans main interface and you will see all photos on your iPhone grouped by day, month or year (totally up to you). Select photos you want to sync to PC, click Export, and it's done in a wink. >> Also learn: How to Add Photos from PC to iPhone.

Transfer Photos without iTunes Transfer Photos with WinX MediaTrans

NOTE: If you don't have iTunes on your computer, then get one. Be sure that you download the latest-version. No matter how many photos you are transferring from iOS (10) devices to PC, the syncing speed of this iPhone to PC transfer software is blazingly fast. Tests show that transferring 100 4K iPhone pictures takes only 8s. Better still, it supports transferring videos and music from iPhone to PC and vice versa. Video conversion capability embedded in this iPhone photo manager software is really a big surprise and will surely facilitate you a lot.

Path 2. Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC with Windows AutoPlay

Windows 7 - An AutoPlay box will appear the minute you connect your iPhone with PC. There you can choose "Import pictures and videos", adjust the location path or not, and then transfer all photos from iPhone to PC Windows 7. Note that there is no option for selecting photo folders.

Windows 10 - Type "Photos" into the Cortana search bar after plugging your iPhone 6S/6 or maybe iPhone 7 later into the PC. And open the Photos app, click the top right button, select photos on iPhone you want to transfer to PC, and press "Import".

Path 3. Transfer Photos from iPhone iPad to PC Using iCloud

Step 1: Go to the "Settings" on your iPhone, select "iCloud" and then choose "Photo Stream". Do remember to switch "Photo Stream" to the "On" position. Normally your photos will be uploaded to iCloud automatically when connected to WLAN.
Step2: Download and install iCloud on your PC if you do not have one.
Step 3: Sign in the iCloud by entering your Apple ID and Password, select the "Photo Stream" box and press "Apply" button.
Step 4: Open "File Manager" on your PC taskbar, click "Pictures" under "Libraries", select "Photo Stream", then "My Photo Stream" and you can find photos transferred from your iPhone. >> iCloud Photo Backup Limits and Fixes


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