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Not Enough iCloud Storage iCloud Backup Posted by Estrella H.| Last Updated: Sep. 13, 2017

What to Do When Not Enough iCloud Storage Is Available on Your iPhone/iPad?

Once your iCloud says there is not enough storage for iPhone or iPad, you are in a loop because it will repeat the alert like "iPhone backup failed" and "You do not have enough space in iCloud to back up this iPhone. Add iCloud storage to continue backing up" every day and never go away unless you take effective measures.

It is awful that Apple has enlarged the storage of iPhone 7, iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X to up to 256 GB but leaves 5GB limit for iCloud backup, with the aim to still make money, undoubtedly. But without paying to add the iCloud storage, how can such pitifully small space hold the jumbo files and data, in addition to bits and pieces. Worse still, this 5GB storage is shared across all iOS devices you are using provided that you only have one Apple ID.

The following text will provide several solutions to fix the "Not Enough iCloud Storage" issue.

Solution 1: Delete photos and videos stored in iCloud to free up space (Not Recommended)

The official Apple countermeasure against "not enough storage on iCloud iPhone" will always be managing iCloud settings. To edit or manage iCloud storage means to delete unnecessary things. The steps will be taken as:

Delete Photos to Free up iCloud Storage

Step 1. Go to Settings on iPhone/iPad > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > See the "Used" storage and "Available" storage.

Step 2. Tap on Manage Storage, and see what items are the main culprits that are taking up too much space.

Step 3. Delete photos, videos, music or other media files, or delete the documents and data that are not useful and necessary at the moment.

This method is a first try, but not a highest recommendation, because it needs to be repeated as many as possible until there are sufficient iCloud storage. What's more awful, even if you have removed all the files and things that seem to be valueless, you might still have not enough space for all your iPhone/iPad backup and will still receive the "Not Enough Storage" error message. Other than turning off the items that you don't need to backup by toggling the switch next to the App to Off (under "iCloud" > "Manage Storage" > "CHOOSE DATA TO BACKUP"), what else can you do? What to do then if you do not want to delete files, data or apps in iPhone or iPad? Please go to the second solution:

Solution 2: Backup photos, video and audio files to PC (Your Go-to Solution )

There are causes for iCloud storage full issue. According to most iOS users, the biggest data hogs at the top are "photos" and videos (probably music as well, for others). iCloud may say something like, "You have xxx photos and x videos stored in iCloud. Your photos and videos are using x GB." By "Disable and delete" photo library and videos in iCloud, the content will be deleted and iCloud Photo Library will be turned off on all your devices.

Indeed, you don't have to worry about the loss of any photo, video or audio files at all, ONCE you have made the backup onto your computer or external hard drive. Therefore, the most recommended solving method for not enough iCloud storage problem is to get some or all photos, videos, music or other files off your iOS device.

Need to Export or backup your media files from iPhone/iPad?

Try the best iCloud storage saver - WinX MediaTrans

  • The fastest tool to move bulky photos from iOS to Windows OS.
  • The smartest one to transfer and manage videos and music files.
  • Also designed for e-books, ringtones, voice memos and so on.
WinX MediaTrans

Feel free to download the easiest iPhone/iPad manager and iTunes alternative!

How Can I Backup Files from iPhone/iPad to PC?

By copying or moving the most space-taking files (such as photos and videos) to PC or external hard drive, you can set your heard at rest by disabling and deleting them in iCloud to release more space, thus to avoid the not enough iCloud storage problem radically. Here is how we can transfer photos from iPhone 7 to a Windows 10 PC.

1. Download the exe file of WinX MediaTrans on your computer, install and open it.

2. Connect your iPhone to the computer through an Apple USB cable, and click to trust the computer on the screen of your iPhone.

3. Click on Photo Transfer on WinX MediaTrans and let all photos be loaded (grouped by day, month or year).

4. Select all or part of photos you want to export from iPhone, and hit "Export". The whole process will cost about 10 seconds.

It is an unrivalled fix if your iCloud backup is not working, like iCloud photos not syncing, due to iCloud storage full. In this way can you make backup of piles of iPhone photos without iTunes (and its account) and Apple ID. After exporting the photos, you can delete them from your Photo Library on iPhone, or disable iCloud Photo Library from auto backup to release space.

Solution 3: Change iCloud storage plan, upgrade iCloud

The two methods above are actually passive: they avoid and solve the "not enough iCloud storage" by reducing the size of your iCloud backup. How to increase the iCloud storage then?

The way out cannot be simpler. But to add iCloud storage means to,
Change iCloud storage plan, namely, to upgrade iCloud. The prices go like:
50GB $0.99 a month
200GB $2.99 a month
1TB $9.99 a month
2TB $19.99 a month
AVT included

If you insist on using iCloud and do not mind paying every month for extra iCloud storage, it is a choice to go.

WinX MediaTrans

What Makes WinX MediaTrans Able to Relieve the Pain if No enough iCloud Storage Is Available?

* Two-way transfer any media files you want without data loss.
* Support 4K videos, iTunes purchased movies, music and audio books.
* Two-way transfer any media files you want without data loss.
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You May Need Other Tools

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

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