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4 Easy Steps to Copy DVD to Hard Drive Quickly for Backup & Achiving

Saving DVDs to hard drive means two things:

• Backup DVDs and save digital copies to computer's internal hard drive for direct use (playback, edit, share, etc.);
• Copy DVDs to external hard drive for streaming on TV/laptop/PC or for storage purpose.

Rip DVD to Hard Drive with WinX DVD Ripper -

WinX DVD Ripper - Backup entire DVD collection to hard drive for free within clicks. You can make 1:1 DVD copy to ISO/DVD folder/MPEG2 losslessly and convert DVD to MP4 or other formats that are acceptable by your computer hard drive HDD, SSD, or HHD, regardless of CSS, region code, AACS 2.0, or any other protections. Keep 100% original videos/audios/subtitles within 5 minutes only.

Free Download WinX DVD Ripper to Copy Movies from DVDs to Hard Drive Easily and Quickly!

Please DO NOT use WinX DVD Ripper to rip rental DVDs.

Rip DVD to Hard Drive
How to Rip DVD to Hard Drive

Why Can't You Copy DVD to Hard Drive without Ripping

"I have a large collection of commercial DVDs which I wish to copy to a portable hard drive so that I can then dispose of the DVDs. I would like to be able to watch them on my TV with the portable hard drive plugged into my DVD player."

"I have a video DVD that I cannot copy to my hard disk. When I select all files and folders they are about 250 MB. When I check the DVD drive in "My Computer" it is about 4 GB. All the mail VOB files are 0 KB in size. Where on earth are these huge video files?"

For burned and homemade DVDs that come without any copy protection, you can directly copy and paste audio_ts and video_ts from DVD to hard drive for backup purpose. The folder storing all the movie data can be played on Windows Media player, VLC, etc. without any problem. But for commercial DVDs, when you download the video_ts to your laptop/desktop hard drive, the file will seem to end midway with error message as below.

best DVD ripper

Generally, instead of "copy DVD", we say rip DVD to hard drive. Why? Almost all DVD movies and TV shows are armed with one or more copy protection schemes. These copy protection measures are stored in the normally inaccessible lead-in area of the disc, as a move to prevent the files from being copied directly.

Here are some of commonly used DVD encryption technologies, which hold you back from backup DVD smoothly.E.g. Content Scramble System (CSS), it creates scrambled DVD content to protect the DVDs information from piracy and the Region Protectionenforce region-based viewing restrictions.

And as for Sony ARccOS Protection, it is designed as an additional layer to be used in conjunction with CSS. This system deliberately creates corrupted sectors on the DVD disc, which cause majority of regular DVD copying software to produce errors.

You may also hear of Disney DVD Copy Protection equipped at the latest released DVDs. It disordered the DVD content to make users hardly locate the right title which contains the main part of the movie. Even though you trudged out to copy full DVD content, you will get about 50GB output file size and the out-of-order videos that are totally useless.

That's why you end up with failure when trying to copy the encrypted DVD contents. And if you try to play the copied files, typically in .vob format, the decoder will ask for keys from the disc drive and you will get an error such as "Cannot play copy-protected files". That's the whole reason DVD ripper software is required to get DVD copies to hard drive through ripping.

Best Software to Copy DVD to Hard Drive in a Trouble Free Way

You may find some DVD to digital services can do this job. For instance, $2 for digitizing one DVD disc. Then if you have 100 old DVD discs, you will cost $200. So resorting to a ripping software is the cheaper and safer way to put these DVD movies to computer. And WinX DVD Ripper is such a powerful tool for the job, praised for its professional yet easy-to-use features, optimal image quality, and fast conversion speed. The tool is skilled in decrypting commercial DVDs, removing copy protections, and making DVDs region free. It facilitates to extract the content of a DVD to computer hard drive and save it in popular video format such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MPEG, etc which is readable by external hard drive, thumb drive, NAS, USB, MicroSD card, and the like.

• For FAST DVD to Hard Drive Ripping: we suggest choosing MP4/H.264 format as the output format in WinX DVD Ripper which supports Intel QSV and NVIDIA (CUDA) NVENC based hardware acceleration. It reaches the best balance among speed, quality and size, and gives you full access to the movies whether you are going to play them with your media player or sync the DVD copies from your computer hard drive to iPhone iPad Android.

• For 1:1 DVD Copy on Hard Drive: we recommend DVD Backup option in WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. Either Main Tilte Copy, Full Title Copy, DVD to ISO, or clone DVD to Folder is a good choice to copy a DVD without quality loss. Typically, its Full DVD copy enables you to have original sound formats, 5.1 or 7.1 audio channel, all the language/subtitle/song play options and intact menu.

Free Download WinX DVD Ripper to Have A Try!

User Review: I've tried your software on nearly 200 DVDs, old and new, self-made and protected ones,
there's no problem at all! - by Jack (Google IT Specialist)

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Rip DVD to Hard Drive for Free with Clicks?

Preparations: download icon Free download WinX DVD Ripper, install it on computer and insert the DVD to be ripped into your PC's DVD drive.

WinX DVD Ripper is totally free to download and use. If you get the free DVD ripper, you will enjoy it with no watermark, no time limits, no functions reserved. Because of the tiny size, it is very fast to launch. And since many DVDs contain 6-8 GB of files, you must ensure that the hard drive has sufficient free space to store DVD before transfer.

Step 1. Run the program.

Run this tool, then click DVD Disc button to load the DVD movie.

best DVD ripper
Best DVD Ripper

Step 2. Choose Output Format Accepted by Your Hard Drive.

The DVD will be loaded with its information, such as title, subtitle, duration, output, etc. shown in the file list. You can copy DVD to hard drive in different formats:

• For computer's hard drive (HDD): (On platinum version) you can scroll down, find "PC General Profiles" and choose video format like MP4 H.264/MPEG4, MPEG, AVI, Chromecast, WMV, MOV, etc. Generally, Windows-based PCs makes good compatibility with MP4, AVI, WMV. Well if you are running on macOS, you can go to "Mac General Video" and choose MP4 or MOV for further use on your Mac's hard drivee.

• For external hard drive: Similar to USB, you can have more choices, ranging from "to MP4", "to MPEG", "to WMV", "to AVI", "to MOV", "to Music" etc., depending on the use of the files, or say the output devices or players that will be connected to.

• For 1:1 DVD copy on hard drive: Since today's 8TB and larger SSD is getting cheaper at a rapid pace, it's not worth converting files to more efficient and space-saving formats in case of storing your movie library for backup purpose, because re-encoding DVD takes time and involves loss of quality inevitably. So you can also use WinXDVD's backup option fits your needs. (On platinum version) you can scroll down, find "DVD Backup" and choose to 1:1 copy DVD to ISO image, DVD folder, and MPEG-2 file (Main or full title copy). This will not degrade any video/audio quality at all. And you can save DVD library to your computer hard drive for further use.

Note: Some external hard drives are formatted in FAT32, which has the restrictive 4GB file size limit, while WinX DVD Ripper Platinum's DVD backup mode neither degrades video quality nor reduces file size (movie size stays almost the same as original 4.7GB or 8.5GB). So it's suggested to rip DVD to MP4 H.264 as a backup on hard drive, for it strikes a perfect balance between file size (around 1-1.4GB) and output quality.

Step 3. Select Destination Folder.

Click "Browse" button in output setting area, select a destination folder in the dialog box that opens on hard drive, and then click OK.

Rip DVD to Hard Drive in MP4 format
Rip DVD to Hard Drive with WinX DVD Ripper

Step 4. Click "RUN" Button.

From above, you may find that it is a piece of cake to rip DVDs to hard drive with this free DVD ripping software.

Afterwards, you can transfer and watch the DVD video on whatever mobile devices, including Android, iOS and Windows based gadgets. But since most iOS users hate syncing video or other files using clunky iTunes, especially on Windows, WinX MediaTrans can provide a smarter way for file managing and transferring files on iOS.

Video Tutorial: Backup DVD Movies to Hard Drive with Original Quality

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

Optional: Copy DVD to Hard Drive Using Automatic Ripping Machine

Manual copying is a nice way to go. The small nit is that you need to manually drop the disc to your DVD drive and then rip video material from physical disc one by one. That's very time-consuming. That's totally a different story with automatic DVD ripper, e.g, Ripstation 7000 Series DVD ripper, Cronus automatic DVD ripping station, etc. Take Ripstation 7000 series DVD ripper for instance.

This ARM, coupled with the solid MediaGrabber software, sports with advanced robotics to automaically pick up DVD discs and insert them into DVD tray. It supports up to 400 discs and can work 24/7 without high heat or half-crash issue. Plus, with embeded PC, this automatic DVD ripper copys DVD to hard drive in Video_TS folder or ISO image format without any external PC for operation. As for the speed, up to 12 discs can be copied per hour in 7602-MG model while 20 discs can be ripped per hour in 7604-MG model. That's really fast and worry-free.

Right now, you must be curious about its price. Sorry to inform you that its price is prohibitive, costing you $4,595.

Certainly, for home users, you don't have to buy one by yourself. Instead, you're suggested to consider a rental company that owns a Ripstation 7000 ARM or similar equipment and offers DVD file transfer as a service. That would save you some money. Well, you'd also be confronted with the shipping fee of a large-sized box of discs. It's conservatively estimated that you might spend roughly $2000 on 400 DVDs to hard drive copy if you insist on this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to rip a DVD that you own to hard drive?

Whether it is legal to rip DVD that you own for personal use depends on where you live. In the US, it is illegal to rip a copy-protected DVD. But some countries may have different laws. Although you are probably not allowed to do that by law, you probably won't get sued/caught as long as you don't distribute the copies.

When ripping a DVD to hard drive, what is the best format?

It depends on how you want to use the digital copy of your DVD. If you want to make an exact copy of a DVD, you can choose to save as an ISO file. If you want to save main movie only and play without format incompatibility issue, MP4 is the best choice, , allowing to stream the copied file on TV, PC or laptop and more. For more advices, you can check Best format to rip DVD.

How to tackle the old scratched DVDs

Some of your collected DVDs may be scratched more or less. Many of the DVD digitizing tools can't recognize and read old scratched DVDs. You need a powerful DVD ripping tool to successfully convert old scratched DVD to digital and keep some of the important data or precious memories you never want to lose.

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