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How to Convert MKV to Xvid on Windows (10) Fast with Excellent Quality

MKV is a versatile HD video container format which has been natively supported by Windows 10. It can hold multiple video/audio/subtitle streams into one single file. And it features movie extra elements adding which allows users to play and watch HD MKV video with chapter points and menus navigation. That is why people would like to rip their DVD movie to MKV format as digital backup.

To our disappointment, many players can't play MKV files directly. However Xvid can run on many different platforms due to the availability of source code for programmers. Now if you have some excellent HD MKV movies and want to play them on your DVD playing software or play these files with Media Player Classic, it's deemed as essetnial to convert MKV to Xvid. Follow the post and learn how to convert video from MKV to Xvid.

Best Software for Converting Video from/to MKV

Winxvideo AI is an one-stop video processing software to help you convert video from or to MKV as you prefer, convert MKV to Divx, MKV to MP4/WMV, MKV to MP3, DVD to MKV, just to name a few.

By fully supporting GPU hardware acceleration, Multi-core CPU (i3, i5, i7), and armed with Hyper Threading Technology (Converting MKV to Xvid by multi threads at the same time, speed up the conversion timely). That is why WinX MKV to Xvid converter program can be the fastest solution in the current market. Moreover, this converter also enables you to convert MKV to Xvid on Windows 10 without any trouble.

If you want to download Winxvideo AI for Mac, please click here. Then follow the steps below and learn how to convert MKV to Xvid.

Step 1. Import your target HD MKV video by clicking "+ Video" button under video control.

Step 2. Move to General Video and then find out the output profile with Xvid video codec, say "3G2 Video (Xvid + AAC)". You are also free to find it out by searching like shown in the screenshot below.

Convert MKV to Xvid

Step 3. Set output destination by clicking Browse button.

Step 4. Click RUN button to begin your MKV to Xvid/3G2 conversion (on Windows 10).

Still have question on converting MKV to Xvid, please feel free to Mail Us >>

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