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How to Use mkvtoolnix to Burn and Remux MKV

MKV video, also called Matroska, is one video container format which is built future in mind. The fundamental of MKV aims at creating an ideal standard container to replace Microsoft-based AVI. Then MKV is designed with better cross-platform support and capacity of streaming from diverse sources equally decent. Though by far MKV does not like AVI which is supported by Divx / Xvid DVD Player, for HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer), and even some portable devices, MKV is fashioning a new HD Entertaining trend.

On this page, we mux MKV, not transcoding it!

Before setting off the journey of creating MKV video file of your own, do make sure all your videos have been transcoded to MKV preferred video and audio codec, say AVC (MPEG-4/H.264) for video and Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio.

Demux and Remux MKV without Transcoding Quickly

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What's the Point to Merge an MKV File?

In other word, why not AVI, MP4 or 3GP and other container format but MKV? Unlike the gray-headed AVI, MKV is made to handle features in modern encoders like B frames, as well as being portable across most operating systems. Unlike the MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS, and MP4 containers standardized for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, MKV treats all types of audio equally instead of classifying some as standard streams and others as private.

Support for audio streams in MPEG containers may be limited to those mandated by the associated MPEG container. That is why AC-3 audio can't generally be used in the MP4 container. In an MKV container, all streams supported by your MKV video Player or other video related software are copied with equally.

Compared to MPEG-2 TS (Transport Streams), the Matroska container is more widely supported in media players, or as a source for editing and encoding programs. Then it is so popular to Convert M2TS to MKV format to make AVCHD camcorder shootings or Blu-ray BDAV movie playable on regular HD media player.

What's MKV Originally Used for?

MKV files are most commonly used for DTV captures, which is generally captured as MPEG-TS stream, containing original MPEG-2 video and AC-3 audio from the source broadcast. HD MPEG-2 content at 1920 x 1080 traditionally runs at 12-20 Mbps, while H.264 can deliver 1920 x 1080 content at 7-8 Mbps at the same or better quality. Say AVC H.264 saves around half bandwidth than MPEG-2.

H.264 provides DVD quality at about half the data rate of MPEG-2. Because of this efficiency, H.264, an ISO standard, stands to be the likely successor to MPEG-2 in the professional media industry, which is where the real importance of MKV comes in.

Since AVC's native container, MP4, regards the AC-3 audio used for standard DTV boradcasts as a private stream, AC-3 saved in MP4 is not well supported in either software or hardware. Most of the time AAC audio is expected in this container. Because AAC hasn't really caught on as an audio standard for video applications many people prefer to keep the AC-3 format, which means using a different container like MKV.

Conclusion of What does MKV MADE for in Daily Life

With a combination of the Haali Media Splitter (formerly Matroska Media Splitter) and ffdshow, most video and audio streams contained in MKV file are supported by any software that uses Microsoft's DirectShow architecture. In some cases it's even useful to mux video and audio streams to MKV simply so they can be loaded in other programs.

Note: mkvmerge is the component of MKVToolNix, just get to know the detailed guide of how to Mux MKV video with mkvmerge GUI. After seeing this tutorial, if you still have question on how to create/mux MKV with MKVToolNix, just feel free to Mail Us >>


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