How to Clone DVD to DVD without Any Copy Limitation on Windows 10/8.1/7?

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Clone DVD to DVD for Backup

Get to know how to clone DVD to DVD on Windows PC.

Question MarkIs there any way to avoid being pressed for returning the borrowed DVD, ensure that the precious DVD discs will not be scratched by naughty kid or pet or share the self-made DVD with beloved ones?

The answer is positive if you clone the DVDs to new DVDs!

DVD to DVD Clone Can Be an Easy Task

As is known to all, a large number of DVD to DVD cloning software has difficulty in reading and cloning DVD disc with bad sector which is probably caused carelessly or deliberately. The well known copy protection technologies such as Sony ARccOS and Disney's fake may set back DVD to DVD clone to a great extent.

But is it really so hard to clone DVD to DVD? No! WinX DVD Copy Pro makes it possible and easy to clone DVD to DVD. In the copy-by-sector mode, this DVD Copy software supports both scratched DVD and deliberately created bad sector. WinX DVD Copy Pro is not a single DVD to DVD backup software; it provides a comprehensive solution for DVD copy, such as clone DVD to DVD, backup DVD to ISO, and copy DVD to VIDEO_TS folder. WinX DVD Copy Pro is even provided with specific settings for DVD title backup to satisfy different needs of users.

How to Clone DVD to DVD?

Let's take DVD to DVD clone to show how to copy a DVD, one of the main functions of WinX DVD Copy Pro as an example:

Step 1: Download the DVD to DVD cloner, go to main interface of WinX DVD Copy Pro at first, and choose "Clone DVD to DVD" on the left.

Step 2: import a DVD for backup as "Source DVD" in your hard drive, and then load a blank DVD disc in another drive and choose it as "Target DVD";

Step 3: in case of copy-protected DVD, first select the options in the square above according to the situation (it is suggested to select all), choose the number of sectors to be read and jumped ("32 sectors" is suggested), then browse to save the copied DVD as temp folder for further burning;

Step 4: click "RUN" to clone DVD to DVD for about 12-17 minutes.

Clone DVD to DVD

Step 3 for Cloning DVD to DVD

WinX DVD Copy Pro also supports all the latest DVD encryption technologies, including the Sony ARccOS DVD protection mentioned above, CSS encryption, DVD RCE, UOP, and Disney X-project DRM, etc. You can burn a DVD to another DVD without any barrier.

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DVD to DVD Clone is Widely Required

The increasing need is a good way to weigh out the pros and the cons of DVD to DVD clone. Cloning DVD free to DVD is far and away trend-driven. Firstly, DVD disc, in itself, is a rock-like but fragile object. It can be unreadable due to both inborn bad sector and physical damage or data loss caused by carelessness, overlong or improper storage, etc. Secondly, the content of DVD cannot be copied directly so that you have no way to share the interesting DVD video with your friends, and you have to return the overdue but unfinished DVD for study or entertainment to the owner of the DVD who probably is your boss, teacher or coworker.

Therefore, safe and practical DVD to DVD clone software to copy DVD to DVD on PC is badly needed.

DVD to DVD Clone Should be Legal

You may have tried lots of DVD copy software when the best one appears into your sight. Below is a brief introduction to a DVD copy program that is powerful enough to backup badly scratched, dirty, worn and minor cracked DVDs on Windows - WinX DVD Copy Pro. But we only advocate cloning DVDs for personal use. No commercial and illegal use.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate copying protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so. Still have trouble about cloning DVD to DVD? Please feel free to Email Us >>

WinX DVD Copy Pro Box

WinX DVD Copy Pro is able to mount DVD ISO image file by creating a virtual drive on the computer. Then the cloned ISO image can be applied to further ripping, direct playback and burning.

For PC only. Mobile user Click here.

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