WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Copy and backup DVD in 5 minutes. It's easy and fast.

  • Hardware acceleration supported - Backup and rip a DVD in 5 minutes.
  • Backup DVD to MPEG2, clone DVD to ISO image fast and easily.
  • Rip old and new DVDs to MP4, HEVC, H.264, AVI, etc with no quality loss.
  • Support both old and new DVDs, incl. 99-title discs and damaged DVDs.

How Do I Backup My DVD Collection?

You may have a mountain of DVDs, which however, are unmanageable and cumbersome, leaving you hard to find the one you want to watch or take along with you especially when you are on the flight or ride. Except for the easy space occupation in your house, the last thing you want to see is your investment are fingerprinted by your kids or even damaged due to the repeated in and out of your disc tray. The best solution to avoid this is to make a digital backup of your DVD library in advanced. The optimal DVD backup solution is listed here so that you can save your DVD library, including the new DVD Releases on computer hard drive, NAS, etc while keeping the quality the same as original.

How to Backup DVD Collection without Losing Quality
Read the DVD backup guide and learn how to perform 1:1 DVD backup to ISO image, MP4 or other popular formats without quality loss. Thus, you can store DVD movies to hard drive, NAS, mobile, cloud, Plex, etc.

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People also ask

Can I rip DVDs to my Computer?
Absolutely yes, as long as you own the right DVD backup software. You can rip DVD and turn it into digital movie file to be saved on your computer.
Step 1: Install and run WinX DVD Ripper and load the DVD movie.
Step 2: Choose the output format that your computer can recognize such as MP4.
Step 3: Hit Browse to save the output file and click RUN to begin ripping DVD to computer.
More items... July 23, 2019
2 Easy Ways to Rip and Save DVD to Computer
Is it legal to backup DVDs?
Well, the legality of DVD backup is very complicated. Title 1 of DMCA says you violate the law and are illegal to rip the copy protected DVD the moment you crack DRM. Technically, it's illegal to make any backup of DVD for any reason, including for personal use. But you are actually unnoticed at all when you do the job at home for your own personal use. What matters most is whether you are redistributing copies of the copy protected DVDs.
Backup DVD before You Know DVD Digital Copyright Laws in Your Countries

Tutorial to Backup DVD to Cloud/USB/NAS/Hard Drive and More

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This guide shows how to rip/copy/convert DVDs to best media server formats and add/transfer DVD/Blu-ray collection to Plex, NAS, Roku, DLNA Server, etc.
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Best 3 ISO Converters to Convert File/Disc/Folder to/from ISO
Free download a first-class ISO converter to handle all your ISO conversion needs, incl. convert file to ISO, convert CD/DVD to ISO, or convert ISO image to/from video or any other files.
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This post will show you how to fix 'Error 0x80030309: Copy Protection Error' for copying DVD content to computer successfully.
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This is a introductive guide that offer a better solution to shows how to perform 1:1 DVD backup and backup main title only to MP4 or other popular formats without quality loss. Thus, you can store and transfer DVD to hard drive, NAS, mobile, cloud, etc.
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How to rip and copy DVD to 500GB Seagate Wireless Mobile Portable Hard Drive in iPhone, iPad or Apple TV supported file formats for later streaming and transferring? This is a guide for DVD to Seagate backup.
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Top Creative DVD Storage Ideas for Small Spaces (with Images)
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Here're the fixes for IFOProperties 6 error which appears when you do the Rip Video DVD to Harddisk option.
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Fix 'Unable to Identify This Disc' on VUDU Disc to Digital
Here we'll give you fix for 'unable to identify this disc', 'this disc is not eligible for disc to digital conversion', or 'the barcode not recognized' problem on VUDU Mobile/In-Home Disc to Digital.
Donna Peng August 20, 2020 VUDU
How to Copy ISO Files to USB Drive
Here's a guide of how to copy and burn DVD ISO files to USB drive on Windows and Mac so as to play ISO videos on TV, laptop, or tablet or create bootable drive before updating your computer.
Donna Peng Aug 5, 2020 ISO to USB
How to Copy DVD to MPEG2 with Intact Subtitle/Audio Tracks
This tutorial shows how to rip a DVD to multi-track MPEG2 with multiple audios, subtitles, language tracks and intact movie video, how to rip copy protected DVDs on Windows 10/8.1/7 PC.
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Want to copy, clone or backup DVD but don't know which DVD copy mode is more suitable for you? This article provides complete user guide of on three DVD copy modes of WinX DVD Ripper.
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Another Choice for Backing up DVD after Vudu’s Disc to Digital Service Terminated
To introduce a better choice as to backup physical DVD to PC, after Vudu announced the change to their disc to digital service term, which approves to make lossless copy of DVD discs to digital form
Donna Peng July 22, 2020 VUDU
How to Convert IMG to ISO for DVD Burning on Windows/Mac?
How to convert IMG to ISO on Windows 10/8(.1)/7 or Mac OS X? Here you can get it done using No.1 IMG converter.
Kistent Waung July 16, 2020 Copy DVD
How to Upload Homemade/Protected DVD to Dropbox with High Quality
Will you store thousands of DVD movies on Dropbox? The answer is yes. You can upload DVD to cloud service by ripping any DVD to MPEG, MP4, MOV, etc that Dropbox can recognize, with maximum quality reserved and fast speed.
Donna Peng June 23, 2020 DVD to cloud
How to Digitize DVD Collection and Upload to OneDrive Cloud
This post is about how to rip and upload DVD collection to OneDrive, which will help you backup and save digital copies of DVD movies to Microsoft's cloud service for easier storage, streaming or accessing on more mobile devices.
Donna Peng June 23, 2020 DVD to cloud
Why and How to Protect New DVDs for Kids by DVD Protection Software
Ripping DVDs for kids is a necessary action since they always get DVDs scratched or lost. It's also quite connvenient to backup protected DVDs for kids for travel by car or homeschooling.
Donna Peng March 31, 2020 Kids DVD

DVD Backup Errors and Fixes

[2 Ways] How to Copy DVD to Laptop (Windows 10/8/7, Mac Mojave, etc.)
How to copy DVD to laptop incl. Windows 10/8/7, macOS Mojave or lower computer? Here are the best 2 ways to fast copy movie/music DVDs to Windows or Mac laptop in format MP4/MP3, ISO/DVD folder, etc. with original quality.
Donna Peng Sep. 5, 2019 Copy DVD
[Fixed] DVD Backup Freezes at 99% and won't Finish
DVD backup hangs at 99%, 100% or other percentage and never completes? Fix copying DVD freezes and create DVD copies without error.
Donna Peng July 30, 2019 DVD backup
How to Backup DVD Collection with VLC (with Pictures)
Learn more about how to use VLC media player to backup your DVD collection.
Donna Peng July 30, 2019 VLC
HandBrake Tutorial - How to Use HandBrake to Backup DVDs
Follow this guide to learn how to backup your DVD collection using HandBrake.
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How to Rip DVD to USB OTG Compatible Phones, Tablets, Storage Devices, etc.
This guide shows how to rip DVD movies to USB OTG compatible devices. Thus, you can play digital DVD content on USB OTG support phones/tablets, or play DVD on devices via USB OTG without transferring.
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How to Copy Corrupted Files from DVD with Bad Sectors
Can't copy DVD that has bad sectors, freeze at 75% and fail at CRC errors? Learn how to copy corrupted files from DVD easily.
Donna Peng July 19, 2019 DVD bad sector
What is ISO Format
This page gives a clear and easy-to-understand definition of ISO and ISO image, together with usage, advantages and disadvantages of ISO image file.
Kistent Waung July 16, 2019 ISO Image
Copy/Backup Bluray to Hard Dive for More Flixible Playback
How to copy Blu-ray to Hard Drive and Backup Blu-ray disc to computer hard drive for play Blu ray Flexibly. This article will teach you decrypt your own Blu-ray to Hard Drive for playback BD elsewhere.
Kistent WaungJun 27, 2019
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This guide will focus on fixing slow DVD ripping speed with AnyDVD. 7 fixes are listed.
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