Welcome to Winxvideo AI Tech FAQ

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Enhance Video/Image

What is the minimum hardware requirement for video enhancement? Concerning these AI-driven functionalities, the computational load incurred during the processing of each video frame is notably substantial. Consequently, the system requirements for the AI video enhancer are more demanding compared to those of other features.
To achieve optimal performance, we highly recommend leveraging Video Enhancer AI with high-end dedicated computer system. We recommend a minimum configuration of Vulkan 1.2.x, OpenCL 1.0, 2GB RAM, and 1GB of hard disk space. For more details about the system requirement for Video Enhancer AI, you can refer to the system requirements page.

How long will it take to enhance a video? Leveraging full GPU acceleration, winXvideo AI empowers its AI models for optimal video enhancement performance, enabling faster processing of video and photo content compared to similar tools on the market. Here is an example, on a PC with 13th Gen Intel® Core i7-13700K, AMD Radeon RX7600, to upscale video from HD to 4K, it takes 2 seconds for each frame. If you upscale a video from SD to HD, it will take about 0.3 seconds for each frame.

Can I use AI features on Mac? Currently, AI features are unavailable for Mac users. But these features on Mac are coming soon. So stay tuned with us.

How does Winxvideo AI increase video or image quality? Winxvideo AI improves video and image quality with four integrated AI models, enabling you to deblur, denoise, remove JPEG artifacts, and upscale without complex settings. Simply select an AI model and choose scaling or resolution presets (2x, 3x, 4x, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K), and Winxvideo AI will enhance your media with clearer details and smoother edges.

Which AI model should I use to enhance my video or image? Winxvideo AI offers four generative AI models for different enhancement needs:
• Gen Detail v2: Ideal for generating authentic details, improving clarity and sharpness, and addressing blur and noise in images or videos. This AI model is effective for enhancing images or videos that require meticulous attention to details like skin, hair, animal fur, architectural textures, etc.
• Real Smooth v2: Perfect for creating smoother, clearer, and brighter images or videos, and restoring originals, especially for content with fewer details like 2D animations, cartoons, glass surfaces, smooth textures, and line drawings.
• Anime: Designed specifically for upscaling and denoising anime and cartoons.
• Zyxt: Best for enhancing and upscaling low-resolution photorealistic photos, producing realistic and visually appealing results with improved detail and sharpness.

What's the maximum resolution can I enhance my video or image to? Winxvideo AI can upscale images to a maximum resolution of 10K on Windows, making them print-ready. For video enhancement, it can upscale to 4K, delivering crisper quality.

Are images and videos for training Winxvideo AI from copyrighted sources? Yes, Winxvideo AI is trained using a wide range of images and videos, including those of individuals, animals, scenery, urban views, and artificially generated content. We ensure all source materials are purchased from authorized sites or owned by us to maintain copyright compliance. Our AI software is designed to enhance existing works rather than create new ones, analyzing and improving content based on specified parameters.

Convert/Compress Video

How to convert if my source video has multiple audio language tracks? winXvideo AI empowers users to convert Multi-track HD video M2TS, MKV, AVCHD, HDTV BDAV and MPEG-TS video movies with simple steps and high quality.
1. Launch the program and import the video.
2. Select your wanted audio track in the file list windows.
3. Choose output formats/devices and output folders.
4. Click "RUN" and go.
You may also follow the detailed user guide.

Is it possible to convert only a segment of my video file? Yes, it is possible. Trim function is available in Edit->Trim. Enable Trim and define the "Start Time" and "End Time" to do so.

Why can't I convert DRM video? It is illegal to convert DRM protected video at the present, so winXvideo AI can't support this.

How to extract background music from video file for playing on portable devices? Import the source video file, and choose the profile "to Music". You will be able to extract the background music as MP3, AAC, iPhone Ringtone, AC3, WMA, AIFF, CAF, DTS, OGG, AU, RA, WAV (Lossless Audio), FLAC (Lossless Audio), and ALAC (Lossless Audio).

How to improve quality of converted files? The output video quality is decided by many factors, say, original video, output format, frame rate, etc. There are some ways to improve output quality.
1. Change the output format to "MP4".
2. Select "Use High Quality Engine" option. But it will increase the conversion process time.
3. Move the quality slider to "High Quality", or raise the resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc in "Video Codec Option" setting area.
4. Choose "Deinterlacing" for converting interlaced scanning movie/video to progressive scanning video.
5. If your converted video is still shaky, noisy, stuttering, or in low quality, you can also take advantages of its AI features such as super resolution, frame interpolation, stabilization, etc to enhance the video quality.

What if the original file's audio is out of sync with video? Please go to Edit > check the box "Recalculate Time Stamp" to force it synchrony. This feature is useful even if your original video's audio failed to sync with movie.

How to speed up video conversion with this software?Factors influencing the duration of conversion include the length and size of the original file,the output file properties such as resolution, video quality, the computer hardware level, etc. There are some tips that may be useful for speeding up conversion:
1. Please tick the "Hardware Acceleration Engine" option to use Intel, Nvidia, or AMD to encode and decode videos.
2. Enable the box "Auto Copy" option if you are just change video format.
3. Close other operations on the computer when converting.

How Can I minimize the output file size in conversion? You can go to Toolbox > Compress and choose the desired compression ratio or size. Alternatively, you can simply navigate to the main interface and utilize the 'Codec Option' button, where you can fine-tune parameters such as bit rate, resolution, frame rate, and more to reduce video file size further.

Record Video

How to improve quality of the recorded video?If you are unsatisfied with the recorded video, you can enhance the video quality below:
1. Add special effects such as Sharpen, Vintage, etc. Adjust the color such as saturation, hue, brightness, contrast and more to enhance the quality.
2. Take advantages of AI features such as super resolution, frame interpolation to further upscale the resolution, boost fps, remove any noise or grain from the video.

Can I record screen with no microphone sound? Yes. You can disable microphone device before starting to record and there will be no microphone sound. To do this, please uncheck the box next to the microphone-shaped icon.

Edit Video

Can I add subtitles in winXvideo AI now?YES! winXvideo AI supports subtitles and extra subtitles like .ass, .ssa, .srt. If you want to add an extra subtitle, go to Edit > Subtitle, and then add subtitle file track here.

How can I make my video fit the full screen of iPhone/iPad/Android without black bar? You can achieve this via Crop and Expand. It is available in Edit > Crop. Enable Crop to adjust the aspect ratio to fit the full screen of iPhone/iPad/Android.