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How to Fix VLC Subtitles Not Working/not Showing

Many users posted VLC subtitles not working on the VideoLAN Forums, such as VLC subtitles not showing/displaying. Below is one of the real cases. VLC not displaying subtitles. VLC used to show subtitles but not anymore on my Windows 10 computer, went through settings and nothing seems amiss subtitles show enabled and can be selected from a drop-down in a video in the menu. Movies play fine with subtitles on other players, but not VLC??

This post will tell you the reasons why the VLC subtitle stops working and how to resolve the issue easily.

Possible Causes of VLC Subtitles Not Working Properly

Few things can cause VLC subtitles not to work correctly. For example, the subtitle file of the video is empty or corrupted. The subtitle file's name is different from the video's name, or the subtitle file is in a different folder. VLC Media Player subtitle is not turned on on the settings. The subtitles are not using UTF-8 text encoding. All of these problems can make VLC unable to load the subtitle file. Use the troubleshooting tips below to fix the VLC subtitles not working problem.

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Troubleshooting Tips for VLC Media Player Subtitles Not Working

1. Check VLC Subtitles & On Screen Display Settings

Launch VLC Media Player, go to Tools > Preferences > Subtitles/OSD tab and check if the Enable subtitles checkbox is marked. Make sure the font size is set to Auto, position to 0px. Close VLC and restart the player and check if you see the subtitles now.

2. Check the Subtitle File

VLC Media Player supports various subtitles formats including SRT, SSA, SUB, ASS. Check the subtitle file extension. The subtitle file should have the same file name and stored in the same folder as the video file. If the subtitle file is separate, change the name to the video's name and copy it to the same folder as the video. Also, open the subtitle file using Notepad or other tools to make sure it's not an empty subtitle file. VLC won't display an empty subtitle file.

3. Load Subtitle File to VLC Video

If you have a separate subtitle file to play in VLC with video, try importing subtitles to the VLC media player. To do so, click the Subtitle menu on the top left menu bar, select Add Subtitle File..., an Open Subtitle window appears, choose the subtitle you want to play.

4. Play Another Video in VLC

If the VLC subtitles not working problem exists after trying all the above troubleshooting tips, load other videos to VLC. The problem may be caused VLC media player or the source video subtitle file issue. If other videos' subtitles play fine in VLC, it means there's an issue with the source subtitle file.

5. Play the Video in Other Player

Play the video using another video player on your device to figure out if it's the VLC player to blame. If the videos play fine on other video players, it means the video has no issue, it's the VLC issue.


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