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How to Burn/Convert MP4 to DVD in A Few Clicks

Learn easy steps to burn MP4 video files to DVD with high quality in a few clicks with clean freeware on Windows 10, 8, 7.

Q1: I have many MP4 videos. How can I make DVDs with those MP4 videos? Is there any simple and fast way? I want excellent quality DVDs. Of course freeware is the best.

Q2: Hey all, Windows 7 had a built in DVD maker that was very helpful in burning video (.mp4) files to DVD, but the program is not supported in Windows 10. DVD burned from the media player app cannot be played on normal DVD players. So do I need software that can properly burn video files to disk? If so, any recommendation here?

Either shooting or collecting interesting videos is a great joy. Then how do you deal with those videos that take up lots of space on your hard disk? Uploading to cloud service or compressing video file size? Burning video to DVD is another choice of better safety and quality.

From Vista to Windows 7, all Windows users are able to create DVDs from MP4, AVI or other video formats with Windows DVD Maker. While this utility was unavailable since Windows 8. This means you have to turn to a third-party DVD burner to convert an MP4 to DVD. Now let's check how to convert MP4 to blank DVD disc on Windows 10/8/7 step by step.

DVD Burner
DVD Burner


Part 1: Best DVD Burner Freeware to Convert MP4 to DVD

To fast and easily convert MP4 to blank DVD+/-R or DVD+/-RW, you need to download an excellent DVD burning software. WinX DVD Author is one of the best free burning software for Windows that is able to convert and burn almost all popular video files to DVD with high quality on Windows 10/8/7 (32 or 64 bit). You can also personalize DVDs with chapter menu & subtitle, add music/picture as the background.

Part 2: How to Convert MP4 to DVD on Windows 10/8/7?

Step 1: Run WinX DVD Author

Get WinX DVD Author download and installation on your computer. Insert a blank DVD and run this best MP4 to DVD creator. On the main interface, please click "Video DVD Author" button to enter second step. Several other options are also given here to meet more of your needs.

Run MP4 to DVD converter
Run MP4 to DVD converter

Step 2: Set up source MP4 video files

1). Click the Add Files (+) button or simply drag and drop to add MP4 videos into the source list. You can add more than one MP4 video at one time if you need.
2). Right click the source clip and you can find the options to move up/down, delete source video, add subtitle file, etc in the list.
3). Then click next step button to enter the next step.

Load MP4 video and adjust settings
Load MP4 video and adjust settings

Step 3: Create DVD menu and chapter menu to personalize your DVD

1. You can choose background picture in the list or use your own picture to personalize your DVD background by clickingadd background picture button.
2. Create title menu: Double click "Title Menu" then you can change the picture of title menu. Click add text button to add text for the title menu then double click to edit.
3. Create chapter menu: Click "Chapter Menu" to create chapter menu for selected clip in preview area. Click add text button to add text for chapter menu then double click text to edit it.
4. Add background music by clicking add background music button.

Create DVD menu
Create DVD menu

Step 4: Build the DVD

Choose the output folder -> Select writable DVD Driver -> Select the output DVD format -> Click "Start" button to begin the MP4 to DVD conversion and burning task.

Convert MP4 to DVD Now
Burn mp4 to DVD Now

With only several simple steps, WinX DVD Author could help you burn and convert video to DVD fast and easily.

Video Tutorial on How to Use WinX DVD Author

Part 3: FAQs about Creating DVD from MP4

Q1: Can I convert MP4 to DVD with Windows Media Player?

A1: Yes and no. Windows Media Player allows you to burn MP4 to a data DVD disc. If you want to burn MP4 to video DVD discs, you need a professional DVD burner as well.

Q2: Can MP4 files be played on DVD player?

A2: Higher-end DVD players are able to handle WMA and MPEG-4 video discs, and JPEG photo discs. But ordinary DVD players usually only recognize DVD+R and DVD-R.

Q3: Can Windows 10 convert MP4 to DVD?

Windows DVD Maker isn’t supported on Windows 10. Thus you cannot create MP4 from DVD natively. Instead, you have to search for a 3rd party app to create DVD-Video discs compatible with home-theater components.


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