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iPhone 14 NEWS: With the September 2022 Apple Event announced worldwide on Sep 7, 2022, all iFans see the new iPhones, the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It seems the iPhone 14 Pro is strong enough to triumph over its predecessor iPhone 13 Pro or its rivals like Samsung Galaxy S22? Let's first take an overall look at the iPhone 14's advantages & disadvantages firstly.

iPhone 14 REVIEW: The new iPhone 14 Pro models come with new colors like deep Purple, new features like an Always-On Display, higher-res rear camera, revamped camera cut-out, get rid of notch, and more. This page includes all iPhone 14 information you should know: iPhone 14 features, iPhone 14 video/music playback issues, iPhone 14 jailbreak solutions, and above all, comparisons among iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 and mobiles with Android, Windows OS, etc.

iPhone 13 Specs

iPhone 14 Features

Apple's 2022 smartphone lineup features 4 models, but no "Mini" version this time. The new iPhone 14 comes in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch versions. As for the chip, iPhone 14 and Plus are powered by A15 Bionic processor, and the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are powered by Apple's A16 processor. We are happy to find that the iPhone 14 Pro models finally remove the notch and replaces it with the new Dynamic Island. In addition, new purple color options are provided to make iPhone 14 quite cool. iPhone 14 also get enhanced on software, such as iOS 16.

Download and Transfer Media Files between iPhone (14) and Windows (10/11)

Best DVD Ripper for iPhone 13

WinX MediaTrans

- Your ultimate iPhone (14) File Manager

  • • Two-way transfer photos, hot movie videos, music files, e-books between iPhone (14) and computer.
  • • Free make iPhone ringtone, mount iPhone as USB.
  • • Also supports any iPad/iPod iOS based devices.

iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max VS iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22 and More

Apple packs more features into iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Max/14 Pro Max this year. Compared with previous iPhone models, what are the specific improvements of iPhone 14? Due to the decline of iPhone's sale and Apple's mobile market share, to the iPhone 14, hot Samsung Android phones and forthcoming Windows 10 mobiles are big rivals. Facing the battle of iPhone 14/Pro Max vs. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S22, Surface Phone, etc, which one do you think will win? We here will do detailed iPhone 14 comparisons.

Galaxy S22, the latest Samsung mobile phone which was released on Feb.25, 2022, earlier than the Apple Special Event. That makes Galaxy S22 the biggest rival of iPhone 14.

Play Movie/Music on iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max

Watch Movies on iPhone 13

How to Play Movies on iPhone 14

Method 1. Play DVD Movies on iPhone 14 DVD empowers us to enjoy any favorite movie via a DVD player even though we missed in theater. But the inconvenience emerges that a DVD cannot be played on portable devices due to format issue and the lack of hard drive. If you would like to watch DVD movie on iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max, it is suggested to make use of DVD ripping software to convert DVD to iPhone 14 supported formats for a flexible movie enjoyment.

Lern More >>

Method 2. Play Digital Movie Files on iPhone 14 Movies in digital gradually dominate the market. A large number of movie files with high qualities (1080P HD, 2160P 4K) are exhibited on video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, while free movie downloads from torrent sites and free movie sites become ease to get. The digital movie files are varied in formats (MP4, MKV, AVI etc.) and some fail to play on iPhone 14 because of incompatibility problem. How to make any movie digital file on iPhone 14? Check out iPhone 14 video formats, how to play 4K video on iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max, save YouTube to iPhone.

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Method 3. Play Movies on iPhone 14 via iPhone Movie Apps Thousands of movie apps for iPhone are built granting a handy way to watch movies on iPhone. Every iPhone owner can directly play, stream or download movies on iPhone 14 via the app when network works. Movie apps are loved for they indeed helps us quick access to desired movie on iPhone 14 but we should face possible errors (such as a sudden down, not working/loading and so on) which may happen to the apps.

Listen to the Music on iPhone 13

How to Play Music Files on iPhone 14

Apple new iPhone 14 has stereo speakers, which is bound to provide a more superb music listening experience. 3 methods are introduced here to easily handle playing music on iPhone 14/Pro/Max/Pro Max.

Solution 1: Extract audio from DVD/video as MP3 for iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max. >> DVD Audio Extractor, Video to Audio

Solution 2: Transfer music from computer to iPhone 14/14 Pro/Pro Max. WinX MediaTrans helps you easily transfer any file (incl. music, photos, videos, e-books etc.) from PC to iPhone (14/14 Pro/Pro Max) at fastest speed. It could transfer 300 songs in about 2 minutes.

iPhone 14 Jailbreak & Security Issues [Solved]

Step-by-step Guide on How to Jailbreak iPhone 14 with iOS 16

Download a jailbreak tool and install it on your computer. Then, just turn off Find My iPhone, Touch ID, and Passcode to set off the jailbreak task (Do backup the iPhone 14 data before the jailbreak):

  1. Step 1: Connect iPhone 14 to computer, and run the jailbreak tool.
  2. Step 2: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the jailbreak process, during which you are required to occasionally unlock your iPhone 13, swipe up from the bottom of iPhone 14's screen and toggle the Airplane Mode.
  3. Step 3: When words like "Jailbreak completed" appears on the software, your iPhone 14 should reboot and present Cydia on your iPhone's homescreen. Cydia is an "App Store" for your jailbroken iPhone 14.
  4. Step 4: Launch Cydia on your iPhone 14's homescreen and configure it. Once finished, you can download and install the diverse apps and tweaks that Cydia and the jailbreak community offer.

For most recommended iPhone 14 jailbreak tools and how to solve the problems when encountering a runtime error, just check >>[Start-to-Finish Tutorial] Jailbreak iPhone

iPhone 13 Security Issues

iPhone 14 Security | How to Make Your iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max Secure

The minute you get new iPhone 14, you should take note of these privacy and security settings to increase your iPhone 14 security: Enable passcode and Touch ID, Turn on Find My iPhone, Enable Erase Data, Use Privacy & Security of Safari, etc. >> Check Top 10 Tips for iPhone Security

What's more, Apple new iPhone 13 is running new iOS 16, which uses cross-site tracking technology. One of hottest rumored new iOS 16 features is Apple will build 'Rootless' security system in it, making it's harder to jailbreak the new operating system. If it's true, then it will give users a safer and securer iOS using experience.

More Tips and Tricks about Apple iPhone iPad

Depending on its distinctive advantages, Apple devices have been accepted and prevailed. This part is especially for Apple fans to get the new release and trend of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, iTunes, Mac, or other related materials, such as games, music, applications, iTunes gift card, etc. Furthermore, share the latest Apple news, Apple related opinions and guides.

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