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How to Convert WMV to MOV No Quality Loss/Size Limit

WMV is natively developed by Microsoft for Windows OS while MOV is created by Apple for Mac/macOS. They are born for serving different operating system and are doomed to stack up against each other. Until today, both of them are still alive. No one is killed. Meanwhile, in more and more cases, users like you are intended to convert WMV to MOV for playback from Windows to macOS, iPhone, iMovie....Apple products.

To get WMV transformed to MOV, there are a huge library of options available. Yet, your time and energy are limited. It's not so much to spend hours on sifting through top WMV converter on your own as to stay here for 2 mins trying the below recommendations!

[Five-star Recommendation] WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

Pros: No file size limit, virtually no quality loss (98% quality kept).
Cons: need to install the program

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, as it name shows, is born for video conversion. So converting WMV to MOV is its bread and butter and it does it in a manner that is simple, lossless and limitless. You can load no matter how big size of your WMV into it and it can ingest instantly. Afterwards, it yeilds your desired MOV output with visually identical video image to original video, all thanks to the constantly optimized conversion algorithm and High Quality Engine. And whatever skill level you're in, you don't have to discern how to use it. The self-explanatory interface has explained everything for you, only 3 simple mouse clicks required.

convert WMV to MOV with 3 steps
convert WMV to MOV with 3 steps

That's not the whole story. With 370+ input codecs and 420+ preset profiles supported, this WMV converter can convert any video to MOV, MP4, H264, H265, M4V, MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, SWF, MP3, iPhone iPad, Android, Xbox, PS5/4, etc. no limit on file size. To crown it all, you can get video customized via edit (trim, crop, merge, subtitle...), parameters adjustment and video downloaded from 1K sites!

Free Download WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to change WMV to MOV on PC/Mac for playback on macOS, iPhone iPad, QuickTime...

Check YouTube video tutorial to get the hang of WinX Video Converter.

[Online Convert Recommendations] Free Online Transcode WMV to MOV

Online video conversion tools are countless. Here we collect top online WMV to MOV converter sites for your reference. Considering the detailed converting process is simple as taking candy from a kid, we just skip the tutorial guide. Instead, we focus on the specific highlights of each online service.

Zamzar: what makes free online service Zamzar outweighs Windows/macOS desktop software is that it enables you to convert WMV to MOV on iPhone iPad without computer to iOS transfer step. Directly navigate to this site, load files, choose MOV, click "Convert Now" and done. It also enables you to directly convert WMV to iPhone iPad, MP4, H264, as well as image formats, compressed formats and document formats.

Limitation: the max file size is up to 50MB. Create a Zamzar account if your file is beyond that size.

online change WMV to MOV
online change WMV to MOV

Cloudconvert: cloudconvert is visited by thousands of users each day. On top of the common pros online tools have, one of the popularity reasons lies in the complete video parameter adjustment. After you load WMV file and choose MOV output format, move cursor to the below zone to opt for video codec, FPS, CRF, profile & level for x264/x265 codec, video resolution, aspect ratio, audio codec, Trim start and Trim end.

Limitation: its converting speed is still in its infancy. Worse still, it falls flat on its face when it comes to convert video up to 4K 2160p resolution.

Cloudconvert failed
Cloudconvert failed

Other online WMV to MOV convert tools are also accessible, like onlineconverter.com. It allows you to upload WMV file from local device or a URL and gives you the detailed word guide. Yet, its free convert door is only open to WMV file less than 200MB. Hence, there is no perfect program for you to handle video converter with all demands satisfied. Instead, you have to face trade-offs. For small-sized WMV file with a high-speed network connection, online video converter is recommended. In terms of WMV footage larger than 50MB, 200MB or 1GB, professional video transcoder like WinX is the best way to go!


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