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Why We Need an ClipChamp Alternative?

There are many browser video converter/ editor online for chosen. One of the most popular is the Clipchamp. One which doing a good job in the online converter industry. But here are some critical, deadly reasons which releasing a strong signal not to use Clipchamp. A safe, stable, smart standalone clipchamp alternative is what we probably needed .

Clipchamp alternative

Let me explain why we should not use browser video editor any longer:

1. Limited quality & editing functions: most of browser video editor will limit your option. Take Clipchamp as an example: it supports very limited function, trim & crops; Resize the video but not able to change aspect ratio; Add simple plain text & filter and that’s all about it. Also, the video uploaded through Clipchamp are always compressed your video with quality loss, which is critical for content creator who use Clipchamp as their productivity tool.

2. Potential Security Issue: Browser video editors like the Clipchamp, all their functionalities are based on internet connection & running on your browser with JavaScript. It will need to read your cookies & even caches to make the thing work. Which means you’ve approved their accessibility to your private zone.

3. Restricted free account priority: Only 480p resolution videos could be exported without upgrading to the premium account. Also, there will be no storage stock or cloud media back up to handle more than one current editing procedure; the exported video after edit will have the Clipchamp watermark on it. For activating all their provided functions you need to pay a $9 subscription fee per month.

Clipchamp interface

A Better ClipChamp Replacement & Best Video Editor + Format Converter

As we stated above, there are plenty of reasons & concerns about the accessibility & safety while we using an online video converter, it could bring us a great amount of uncertainty, meanwhile, their limited functionalities are somehow broken to use.

For almost all aspects, both accessibility, quality & your security, we are ought to seek a better Clipchamp, or says the general online video converter substitute. Better replacement of online video converter is urgently wanted.

Consider from almost all aspects, a standalone video converter; which stable & safe to use, without threats from the internet, has better converts/ editor capability, and good at quality will be the ultimate purpose for content generators & artists as they want. According to our experience, we would like to introduce three different video converter/editor as the summary, all these products are greatly supporting video creation task. Different software has its point to focus, let us check which would be your most favored online converter replacement.

HandBrake: one of the most famous open sourced video editor


Mainly focus on transcoding, less supportive to video edit.

Complex & boorish operation panel, sharp learning curve.

Competence of almost all kind of convert tasks.

Handbrake is the one and might be the most famous one for video editing. It is strong & capable of almost all video editor jobs. The framerate adjustment is surely supported. The problem is handbrake in lack of a user-friendly interface. The invisible cost + learning curve could be much sharper in that case hence we are trying to find an easy-to-use Clipchamp substitution to compare with.

Convert video in handbrake : External reading for more detail & skill of Handbrake.

VLC: A powerful video player which more than a player

VLC player


A strong player that plays all kinds of different format videos.

Allows you to edit video while playing video.

Not able to accomplish transcoding & bitrate shifting.

Shabby video editing function as an appetizer.

A bit hard to find (hide in "Advanced Control")

VLC is a perfect, expandable video player that can almost get everything handled. Unfortunately, VLC has a very limited control of video after work procedure; the absence of a clear, accessible video editor is the biggest matter for users who want to modify the video framerates and other editor tasks.

WinX HD Video-Converter Delxue: One of the best choice that compatible for all video jobs

Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe


A powerful editor allows you to edit & transcoding.

Allows you to download online sourced videos.

Commercial software.

Rigid interface.

The WinX HD Video-Converter Deluxe could be the most easy-access & controllable software that you could use to replace the Clipchamp. It can do a full converting plus editing to your video files for approaching the best effort and usage as your wishes. Extra functions are also provided like downloading internet video resources, convert photos/ images to slide show… the problem for this one is the UI looks a bit bland.




WinX HD VideoConverter Deluxe





Video Editor


Video Converter


Since there has no difficulties finding a better stand-alone solution for your video creation. As we discussed above, keep the risk away from you and maintain a better suite of your cyber working place. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe could be your great helper this time!


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