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2018 Best Video Resizer | How to Resize MP4/AVI Movie File Free

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Guide on how to resize MP4 movie video for uploading to YouTube/Instagram with MP4 video resizer

"How can you resize instagram videos? I've seen how people can now resize instagram videos but I don't know how they do it? Is there a video resizer for it?"

Here is a question for you all before we move on to the (MP4) video resizer topic: why do you have to resize videos? This is not a gossip. On the contrary, it is crucially important to decide which way you should choose to reduce your MP4 videos size. Even though you have got a best video resizer, you still lack specific right ways for different situations. For example, if what you want is the balance between saving space and keeping good visual quality on 4K UHD TV, then resizing MP4 files by lowering resolution shouldn't be your first choice. If you use MP4 video resizer to compress video for YouTube uploading, fitting Instagram or watching on mobile phones, it would be OK to convert MP4 video from 4K to 1080p for the smaller screen and short viewing distance.

Best MP4 Video Resizer for Win (10)/MacFree

● A best video resizer that can resize MP4, AVI, H.265, MKV, WMV, etc.
● Resize video by changing bit rate, resolution, frame rate, trimming, etc.
● Also support changing video format to compress and reduce file size.
● Online video downloader & photo slideshow maker.

Main Factors Affecting Video File Size

How to tell if a video resizer can really help resize MP4 files? You should first know what main factors can affect video file size. Let's see a simple formula:

Video size = time x bit rate (frame rate x resolution)
1GB (1024 x 1024 kb) = 100 min (6000s) x 174 kbps

Here is what we got from the above formula:
• The full video size is decided by the film duration and overall bit rate.
• Bit rate is decided by frame rate and resolution in a narrow sense, without considering the existence and difference of I-B-P frames. Black and white image is a case in point.
• As you can see, to resize a MP4 video you can trim video clips, change bit rate directly, lower video resolution, adjust frame rate and remove black border, all of which make the standard of a good MP4 video resizer.

Best Video Resizer to Resize MP4 Video without Reducing Video Quality

There are three ways to resize a MP4 video while keeping original quality. But before all that, free get the best MP4 video resizer first to get ready for following guides – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

How to Resize MP4 Video without Reducing Video Quality

1. The first way that we recommend to resize MP4 video is to cut unnecessary video clips of the beginning and the end, such as the notice information, some ads, titbits, etc and just keep the feature, because this should be the easiest one for handling. And there is no compression and quality loss at all.

Video resizer guide | How to resize MP4 by trimming video clips?
Step 1: Open the WinX video resizer, click "+Video" to load your MP4 file. If there pops up the Output Profile window, click "OK" to move on.
Step 2: Click into "Edit" and switch to "Trim".
Step 3: Check the "Enable Trim" box, set the start and end time, and then "Done". RUN to begin the video resizing.
• Detailed guide on how to trim (YouTube) videos free >>

Resize Video by Trimming Video Clips

2. If you are resizing a MP4 video with letterbox, removing black borders could reduce the file size, which however won't help you reach full screen. If you want, please refer to how to change aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 >>

Video resizer guide | How to resize MP4 video by removing black borders?
Step 1: Launch the MP4 video resizer and repeat the step 1 and 2 of the previous part (click "+Video" -> load video -> OK -> click "Edit")
Step 2: Click "Crop & Expand" and then "Enable Crop".
Step 3: Freely custom the image by adjust the top and left Position or change the width and height. Press "Done" and RUN to remove letterbox.

Resize Video by Removing Letterbox

3. One more tip to use MP4 video resizer is to change video frame rate. It is not sure that human eyes can only see 24 fps, which actually is taken as the minimum for moving pictures to be seen as motion. Of course there is difference between 30 fps and 60 fps. But 60 fps or higher might be more necessary for earth-shattering action movies and it is less likely to cause image blocks by resizing a slow-paced MP4 video.

Video resizer guide | How to resize MP4 video by changing frame rate?
Step 1: Click "+Video" and then "OK" to get back to the main interface.
Step 2: This time find the gear icon next to the trash can button and click in.
Step 3: Go to "Video Options" -> then "Frame Rate" -> select the number you need from the dropdown list (from 23.97fps to 30fps) and RUN.

Resize Video by Changing Frame Rate

Best MP4 Video Resizer

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

User rating: ★★★★☆
Supported OS: Windows 10/macOS Sierra and before
For Windows:
For Mac:
Supported video formats: MP4, H.264, H.265 (HEVC), MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, etc.
MP4 video resizer: Resize video by trimming, cutting, adjusting bit rate, framerate, resolution, etc
YouTube downloader: Download online videos free from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc (300+ sites)

Video resizer | How to Resize MP4 Video with Some Loss of Video Quality

Another three ways that can largely reduce video file size may cause some loss of image quality inevitably. If you don't mind that your video becomes a little bit fuzzier, check the next steps.

1. Bit rate is one of the two main factors that affect video file size, so changing bit rate would be an effective way to resize videos. If you open WinX MP4 video resizer, you would see two options VBR and CBR. Normally, when you set H.264 as the output video codec, the bit rate will be set as VBR as default and is unadjustable.

Video resizer guide | How to resize MP4 by adjusting bit rate?
Step 1: Open the WinX MP4 video resizer -> click "+Video" -> "OK" to get back to the main interface.
Step 2: Click the gear icon to go into the video parameter center.
Step 3: Go to "Video Options" -> then "Bit Rate" -> choose VBR or CBR -> select from the dropdown menu and RUN.

Resize Video by Changing Video Bit Rate

2. Resolution is presented as width x height. Clearly, the more pixels the video has, the more vivid the video is, and of course the larger the file size will be. Although the compression algorithms are improved, 8K video seems to be always bigger than 1080p.

Video resizer guide | How to resize MP4 by lowering video resolution?
Step 1: Launch the software, load your MP4 file by clicking "+Video".
Step 2: Also get into the video audio parameter window by clicking the gear icon.
Step 3: Go to "Video Options" -> then "Resolution" -> select from the dropdown list (from 320x240 to 1920x1080) and RUN.

Resize Video by Lowering Video Resolution

3. The final method to compress and resize your video by using a best video resizer is simply to change the video format. There actually is a hint in the bit rate part when I mentioned that WinX set VBR as default for H.264. MP4 (H.264) is nearly half the size of MP4 (MPEG4) because of its higher compression ratio, which made H.264 well-known and widely accepted. So if you are resizing a video in AVI, MKV, etc, try to convert video to MP4 (H.264). (Reveal: How to Resize a 4K H.264 Video at Highest Quality >>)

Video resizer guide | How to resize MP4 by converting video format?
Step 1: Launch the software, load your video file by clicking "+Video".
Step 2: On the pop up "Output Profile" window -> General Profile -> MP4 Video (Recommended | codec: h264+aac).
Step 3: Click OK, specify a destination folder and RUN to begin the video format conversion.

Resize Video by Converting to MP4 H.264

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - All-in-One Video Resizer and Converter

Resize MP4 video, remove black borders, change aspect ratio, adjust bit rate, etc.
Convert videos among MP4, MKV, HEVC, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, etc safely.
Convert videos to any formats playable on iPhone, Android, Windows (10), Mac, Xbox, etc.
No.1 fast video converter supporting hardware acceleration (Intel QSV & Nvidia CUDA/NVENC).

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