2024 Top 5 DVD Decrypter Software for Mac

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DVD distributors always attach strict copy protections on DVD movies, TV shows and more to restrict backup and reproduction for unfair use, which push a lot of DVD owners, who would like to rip DVDs to digital files in order to preserve DVD contents longer or play with portable devices, to dig out helpful DVD decrypter software. If you are a Mac user and demand to rip a copy protected DVD with great output in shortest time but are unwilling to see any DVD decode errors, top 5 best DVD decrypter for Mac introduced here can cater to your needs.

2024 Top 5 DVD Decrypter Software for Mac

Everyone has own standards to pick up a DVD decrypter for Mac but some common points must be fulfilled.

  • Primarily, the strong ability to rip protected DVDs, no matter what encryption is used for the DVD.
  • Secondly, user-friendly tool with concise interface and easy operation will be welcomed.
  • Thirdly, the valuable software can deliver a fast ripping speed. In consideration of above-mentioned requirements, we conclude best 3 DVD decrypter software for Mac below.

No.1 - WinX DVD Ripper for Mac

OS: Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) to macOS Monterey

WinX DVD Ripper for Mac is a powerful DVD ripper specialized in converting any DVDs to mainstram formats and devices, be it MP4, MKV, HEVC, AVI, MOV, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone etc. It is ranked top on the best DVD decrypter for Mac chart since it can remove various copy protections including CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs as well as the latest protected DVDs from Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, etc.. Its Hardware Acceleration, High Quality Engine and advanced Hyper-threading Tech, Multi-core Utility can deliver a high level of resulting video quality at the fastest speed.

Apart from decrypting and ripping DVDs on Mac, it also allows you to copy DVD to ISO image/VIDEO_TS folder or MKV file with all audio/subtitle tracks & chapters, edit DVD videos, crop, trim, add external subtitles, adjust video/audio parameters. Check how to rip a DVD on a Mac >>

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Please DO Not use WinX DVD Ripper for Mac to rip rental DVDs.

DVD decrypting software for macOS

No.2 – RipIt

OS: Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) and higher

RipIt is a Mac DVD ripper pushed out by The Little App Factory. Working well on discs encoded with CSS, Sony ARccOS, Macrovision RipGuar and other protections, it wins the reputation as one of the best DVD decrypter for Mac. It can quickly convert DVDs in two modes. One is to back up all DVD contents, the movie video, subtitles, tracks, extras etc, to Mac computer and the other one is to compress DVD to a digital file for playback in iTunes or on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV. Also, the blindingly simple operation saves new hand, who even has zero knowledge about DVD, lots of energy to decrypt and rip a DVD.

What's a pity that RipIt lacks of an option to bypass region code of DVDs and doesn't allow users to extract particular chapters from a DVD.

Decrypt DVD on Mac

No.3 – Mac DVDRipper Pro (MDRP)

OS: Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and higher

As an effective replacement of famed MacTheRipper, Mac DVDRipper Pro boasts its ability to make playable copy of CSS-encrypted DVD to hard drive, iTunes (M4V), iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV etc, on Mac. It also acts as a DVD burner available to burn the main movie of original DVD with removal of copy-protection to a new blank DVD. During DVD ripping process, you can use this top DVD decrypter software for Mac to cut unwanted parts (trailers, ads etc.) and turn on/off soft subtitles.

Although Mac DVDRipper Pro offers up to 99 ripping actions meeting the demands of numerous users to convert/decrypt DVDs on Mac, it's not a good choice if you want to convert DVD region code because of the partial support.

DVD decrypter for mac

No.4 – MacTheRipper

OS: Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and lower

When it comes to decrypting DVDs on Mac, users often seek reliable software solutions tailored to their needs. One such tool is MacTheRipper, renowned as a leading DVD decrypter for Mac users. With its ability to bypass Content Scramble System (CSS), DVD region codes, and User Operation Prohibition (UOP) protections, MacTheRipper stands out as a preferred choice for individuals aiming to safeguard their DVD collections digitally.

MacTheRipper's functionality extends beyond mere decryption, offering users the capability to extract data from encrypted DVDs into ISO images, conduct Rip & Rebuild (RnR) operations at the Video Title Set (VTS) level for editing, and prioritize the extraction of the Main Feature. Additionally, the software provides a specialized Batch Title Extraction feature, streamlining the DVD decryption process for users handling multiple discs.

However, despite its reputation and efficacy, MacTheRipper faces challenges, particularly in handling the copy protection mechanisms of newer DVDs, such as those from Disney and other advanced schemes. This limitation underscores the need for users to explore alternatives like MacX, which undergoes frequent updates to address evolving encryption technologies and ensures compatibility with the latest DVD releases.

Nevertheless, it's essential to note MacTheRipper's limitations, including its focus on decrypting DVDs to Video Title Set (Video_TS) folders, which may necessitate substantial storage space and pose compatibility issues with newer macOS versions.

DVD decrypter for mac

No.5 – iSuper DVD Ripper

OS: Mac OS 11, 10, 10.7

iSuper DVD Ripper is a DVD decrypter for Mac capable of handling even the most challenging DVDs, which is a significant advantage for users dealing with diverse content and encryption types. Its ability to effectively digitize old family videos is particularly appreciated by users looking to preserve cherished memories in a digital format. The software's intuitive interface makes it accessible to a wide range of users, including those who may not possess advanced technical skills, enhancing its appeal as a solution for DVD conversion tasks.

However, while iSuper DVD Ripper offers notable benefits, it also comes with its share of drawbacks. Users have reported that the software requires a fair amount of setup, and files extracted from DVDs may not always be in the correct sequence, necessitating manual organization. Issues with merged files, including the possibility of inadvertently replacing existing sets, add to the complexity of the process and may lead to user frustration.

Moreover, some users have encountered quality and synchronization issues during the ripping process, particularly evident in specific movie releases like the Pokemon movies from Miramax. These problems, such as black bars appearing on videos and audio-video synchronization glitches, detract from the overall user experience and highlight potential limitations in the software's functionality. Additionally, concerns regarding the video not filling the entire TV screen, thus reducing the viewing experience, have been raised, indicating areas where the software may fall short in meeting user expectations for quality output.

DVD decrypter for mac

Verdict: On basis of the above review of top 5 DVD decrypter for Mac in 2024, we can conclude that WinX DVD Ripper for Mac is the most worthwhile software for DVD decrypting on Mac due to it is compatible with more OS versions, supplies more input/output profiles and supports versatile DVD copy protections.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

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