Disc to Digital: How to Convert Your DVD to Digital Copy Fast
(with Hardware Acceleration)

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Use WinX DVD Ripper Powered by Level-3 Hardware Acceleration to Fast Convert DVD Disc to Digital Copy

Author: Abigail & Elena     Updated on August 28, 2019
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As you search for the solution of "how to rip disc to digital copy", you may find VUDU--a digital movie service for mobile and desktop. However, considering the Vudu Disc to Digital service is not supported within the iOS app recently, requires $2-$5 each conversion, requires internet connection, can be linked to 8 devices to share the converted digital movies, 100 titles per year for mobile app, etc. (learn other Vudu disc to digital limits before you try it), it is time to go to another easier way to rip your DVDs.

WinX DVD Ripper is such a leading digital converter with over 12 ages' converting experience, especially fit for those with a huge amount of DVD collections. Powered by the unique level-3 hardware acceleration, it offers the fastest ripping speed (5x faster than others), which can save your time at large.

Instead of snapping the barcodes one at a time and upload them for VUDU to recognize (Vudu supports DVDs from several studios only, e.g., it won't let you convert Disney or homemade discs), WinX DVD Ripper can immediately read any DVD disc you throw at it and then convert it to various video formats, like MOV, MP4, AVI…which will be playable on all your portable devices.

Besides, regarding the charge of per DVD's scan converting is pretty high in the perspective of a total year, this one-for-lifetime DVD ripper must be a wise option:

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Above all, WinX DVD Ripper is the unique desktop DVD ripping software that achieves level-3 hardware acceleration, with which it can attain the maximum speed to complete the disc to digital conversion.

The tool you need to convert disc to digital

  • WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Digitize & rip any DVD to any digital file fast with high quality. Give full play to your DVD content, anywhere!

What is the level-3 hardware acceleration?

Specifically, in DVD ripping, the tech speeds up the process: "source DVD - Hardware Decoding - Processing (GPU) - Hardware Encoding -target video", thus at least 50% ripping time can be saved.

Furthermore, you can freely proceed with other tasks during its converting process because it costs low consumption of CPU. That means zero harm to your computer hardware and more protection to prolong the life of your drive.

How Fast Can You Rip Discs into Digital Copies?

Having a rough idea of the Level-3 hardware acceleration in disc digital copy, let's see how fast it is.

According to internal tests, it can convert discs into digital copies ~5x faster than others. For example, on a computer i7-4790K Processor and 16GB RAM, it runs at a speed of 260fps converting DVD to digital H.264. The speed boosts to 300-500fps on a higher configuration, being able to turn a full disc to mp4 h.264 within 5 minutes only. The speed depends heavily on your hardware, the higher the faster. But the overall speed is about 3x to 5x faster than many DVD rippers under the same testing condition.

Free Download Free Download 5x faster speed | 100% clean and safe

Only 3 Steps to Rip DVD Disc to Digital File:

1. Load your source DVD disc.

Select your DVD source as DVD disc, ISO image or DVD video folders from your computer. 

The DVD movie info will be automatically read itself and the right DVD main title (with full content) will be clicked directly for you.

2. Select the digital video formats

The output profile window will pop up in front of you with various output categories lying on the left.

To rip your DVD to a digital file (here MP4 for example), click under the directory: General Profiles- MP4 Video. Press "OK".

Convert DVD to digital copy fast


Before copying this DVD to digital file, you may press the setting icon on the main interface to adjust various media-related parameters as you like, such as resolution, ratio aspect, frame rate and so on. 

Also, you can simply add subtitles, crop& expand the video size, trim the start and ending time and adjust the volume by clicking the "Edit" button.

3. Start ripping DVD disc to digital files 

Please remember to check the default destination folders on the bottom to store the Digital files in your own pack, click "Browse"; then tap "Run" to begin ripping DVD disc to digital copy fast in only 5 minutes!

Warm tips :

The hardware encoder( Intel/nVIDIA) will be auto-clicked if your PC supports it;

It's a good way to select the CPU Core as high as possible to accelerate this converting;

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