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9 Fixes Are Ready to Fix YouTube Crashing

YouTube has become a place we visit every day. However, YouTube would suddenly crash on Android, iPhone or other devices after several seconds of playing any video. For example, YouTube is down again with a stampede of errors, such as YouTube video not loading/playing, white screen, error code 77, log-in error and YouTube videos cannot be saved on neither sites and softwares.

Moreover, some people report that their Chrome or Firefox browser always crashes when playing YouTube videos online. YouTube crash is one of the most common YouTube errors. To help you watch YouTube videos online through YouTube app or website smoothly, we have compiled all possible solutions to troubleshoot YouTube crash problem.

9 Fixes to Solve YouTube Crashes on Android, iPhone, Windows (10), Mac, etc.

The first thing we need to do when we come across YouTube crash error is rebooting our app, browser, and device. If restarting doesn't work, try the solutions below.

1. Update YouTube app to the latest version, or reinstall

If YouTube app keeps crashing on iPhone, Android or your other devices, check if this could be fixed after updating the app to the newest version.
• For Android users, go to Google Play, click on Menu and choose My Apps & Games, go to UPDATES tab and locate YouTube, and then tap on the UPDATE button beside it.
• For iPhone users, open App Store, tap on Updates at the bottom right, find YouTube and click UPDATE on the right side.

If YouTube still crashes on the latest version, sometimes you can prevent YouTube app from crashing by uninstalling and reinstalling it.\

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2. Clear Cache and History

We will fill up our browser's cache or YouTube app's cache fast if we often get access to YouTube and watch videos one after another. If we clear it regularly, our browser/app will have enough resources to play videos smoothly.

  • For clearing cache on Android, go to Settings -> Apps -> press YouTube and tap on CLEAR CACHE. Additionally, you can clear data.
  • To delete YouTube app cache on iPhone, you can simply uninstall it and reinstall it later.
  • If you encounter YouTube crash on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or other browser on Windows (10) or Mac computer, just remove cache of your browser.

3. Update Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash player is a significant element to ensure that you can watch online videos properly. If it is corrupted or outdated, your YouTube videos would be loaded slowly, and crash from time to time. What's worse, a corrupted Flash Player is often a major security hole that lets malware into your computer stealthily.

Here let's show you how to update Adobe Flash Player on Chrome as an example.

1). Open Chrome on your computer, and enter chrome://components/ in its address bar.

2). Locate Adobe Flash Player from the components list and click on "Check for update" under it. Then, check its status.

  • Status – Component updated: It means the Flash plugin was successfully updated to the latest version (version number shown corresponding)
  • Status – No update: There is no available update for the Flash plugin.
  • Status – Component not updated: The update failed for some reason or another, or there was no update available and thus the component was not updated.

3). Close and reopen Chrome for the new Adobe Flash Player plugin to load.

4. Fix System Registry

One reason for YouTube crash is file association error. This issue is found in your system registry and will have bad influence on your browser and other applications. Fortunately, you can make use of a registry cleaning tool to fix the error, thus solving YouTube crash problem.

As a matter of fact, keeping system registry healthy can not only fix YouTube crash but also let your computer run more efficiently, because it is an essential part of your computer system.

5. Download Windows Update

If Google Chrome crashes when you play YouTube videos, download Windows Updates and see if it works.

  1. Click Start button.
  2. Type "Windows Update" in the Search Box.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Click "Check for Updates" button.
  5. Download and install all new updates found.

6. Ensure You're Connecting to A Good Internet Connection

Slow network connection is a possible reason for YouTube app crash. If it crashes when you're using Wi-Fi, try the following tricks.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and turn it on later.
  • Disable Airplane Mode and enable it again.
  • Reboot your device and router.
  • Try a different network if there is.

7. Free Up Space of Your Device

YouTube app crash would happen when there's no enough space on your device. For space releasing, you can delete unwanted apps, pictures, videos and other files, or move them to other storage devices.

  • To delete apps on Android, go to Settings, navigate to Apps, tap on Downloaded App, and choose target apps to uninstall.
  • To uninstall undesired apps on iPhone, simply hold on the app icon until it starts shaking and tap the "X" on it to delete.

For more tips to free up iPhone space, please refer to post "How to Clean Up iPhone 8/7/6 Fast".

8. Update the OS of iPhone, Android, etc.

YouTube video crash could result from old-fashioned OS your device uses. After updating, YouTube probably work normally and your device performance will be enhanced.

  • Android OS update guide: open Settings -> search for About Phone -> tap Software Update or System update.
  • iOS update guide: go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, and then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the latest iOS version available for your iPhone. >> Detailed guide on how to update to iOS 11 and fix update errors

9. Reset Your Device to Factory Settings

This operation will remove all the personal data, applications, settings and more, but would fix YouTube app crash issue sometimes. Before process the following steps, make sure you have created a copy of your important data. >> 3 tools and ways to backup iPhone

  • To reset Android, open Settings, navigate to Backup and Reset, choose Factory Data Reset, and then tap on Reset phone.
  • To reset iPhone, go to Settings, scroll down to General, choose Reset, and then tap on Erase All Content and Settings.


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