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How to Fix Damaged MKV File with Free MKV Repair Tool – Meteorite?

We all know that Blu-ray and DVD industry is suffering the impact of online movie streaming service greatly. While do you know what is the third most mainstream HD movie viewing approach? Torrent downloading! If you're frequently surfing on the bit torrent site, or emule, you may find that the majority of video is MKV/Matroska format, especially HD video.

Corrupted MKV files mainly comes from incomplete downloads, and it is impossible to repair corrupted or broken MKV files before the release of MKV repair tool – Meteorite. So, this page will tell you how to repair MKV files with Meteorite plus more information about MKV repair.

Repair Corrupted or Unplayable MKV Files with MKV Repair Tool

Try MKV repair software – Winxvideo AI, which you can use to fix slightly damaged MKV files and convert any MKV videos to any format for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, email, cloud, YouTube, etc.

Part 1. What is Meteorite?

Meteorite is the first and only MKV/Matroska Repair program and it's open-sourced. The program is quite simple to use, requiring no installation, and you just need to open it and drag the damaged MKV video into the interface (with no menu or options). Having done so, the software will repair MKV file automatically and then you can play MKV movie without hassle.

Basic Functions of Meteorite

The filter (can be bypassed) section has its own envelope with velocity control, and can go up to 8-poles with gain compensation. Filter Stages(1-4): The results of this setting are the same as you would get if you were to cascade the same number of 2-pole resonant filters in series. Safety Warning- Multiple filter stages with high Q or resonance levels can create extremely-gaining levels!

  • The LFO section consists of three LFOs, each with its own editing page.
  • High Level: Adjusts the high level of the LFO, reducing limits the top half (high point) of the LFO waveform.
  • Low Level: Adjusts the low level of the LFO, reducing limits the bottom half (low point) of the LFO waveform.

Part 2. How to Use Meteorite to Repair MKV File?

Step 1. Simply go to Meteorite Project website, click the Download button to download Meteorite MKV file repair tool.

Step 2. Once the zip file is downloaded, unzip it.

Step 3. In the Meteorite folder, double click on the Meteorite.exe file to activate the tool.

Step 4. Drag and drop the MKV file you want to fix to the interface of Meteorite. Then, Meteorite will start fixing the file for you.

Step 5. After fixing, the fixed MKV file will be in the same folder of the original MKV video with a file name starting with Meteorite.

Repair MKV File with Meteorite

Part 3. How to Make Fixed MKV File for Better Use?

Have you ever thought about what's going on after fixing your corrupted MKV file with Meteorite? As a up to 4K UHD MKV video format, it's absolutely made for better things. You can convert MKV to iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy, Xbox, watch MKV on iPad, playing 4K MKV video on iPhone or other portable devices, rather than simply playing MKV on your desktop.

In view of this, Winxvideo AI is as powerful as damaged MKV file repair tool Meteorite because it can easily convert MKV to whichever video format you want or need including MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, H.264, HEVC, etc. Moreover, it can also burn MKV to DVD disc, upload MKV to YouTube for sharing. Just give it a try.

Step 1. Free download Winxvideo AI, install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Click the + Video button to add a MKV file or simply drag and drop a MKV video to it.

convert video mkv

Step 3. Choose an output format you need like MKV or MP4 when the Output Profile window pops up.

convert video mkv

Step 4. Click Settings button to adjust the video parameters like aspect ratio, resolution, fps and but rate. Click Edit button to cut or crop your MKV file. And click Auto Copy to remux your MKV file without changing codec.

Step 5. When everything is done, simply hit RUN button to start converting and repairing MKV file.

Part 4. MKV Repair FAQs

1. How can I repaired a damaged MKV file?

Actually, there are 4 types of MKV file repair tools for you to fix a corrupted or damaged MKV file. They are MKV repair software like Meteorite, VLC media player, online MKV repair tool like and MOV video converter like Winxvideo AI. Each one of them can fix MKV files completely or slightly, but you are suggested to use the dedicated MKV repair tool like Meteorite.

2. How can I fix MKV files for free?

Meteorite and VLC are the two ways for you to fix MKV file for free. Take Meteorite as an example. Simply download the tool, double-click the .exe file to launch the repair interface and then drag and drop your damaged MKV file to it to start repairing.

3. Why is my MKV file not playing?

The main reasons behind MKV file not playing are diverse, including missing required codecs for the player, corrupted MKV files, MKV file incompatible with the player, MKV file is large in size and high in video resolution, and so on. Based on certain situations, MKV codecs download, repair MKV file, and MKV conversion are three workable solutions.


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