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How to Convert MKV and Play High Definition MKV Movies on iPhone

The only issue comes that MKV cannot play on iPhone. How to fix it? Thanks to WinX WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe program, you are gifted to play and watch MKV video on your iPhone and keep whichever video/audio/subtitle tracks you preferred. At times, you may download MKV video from internet but they are corrupted somehow. Don't worry, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe will automatically fix the impaired data during MKV to iPhone conversion. You can even download YouTube video directly and convert them onto your iPhone with easy and fast.

Free Download the Best iPhone Video Converter - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

Download top-rated iPhone video converter, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to transcode MKV (4K HEVC incl.) to iPhone accepted formats such as MOV, MP4 H.264 etc. Hardware accelerated No.1 fast processing speed. Original output quality.

For Windows and Mac only. If you are a mobile user, please click here.

Part 1: Why Choose WinX as your MKV to iPhone Converter?

Convert MKV to Mac Apple iPhone Friendly format - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe helps you convert MKV to MPEG-4 H.264 video with m4v mp4 mov format. After transcoding MKV to MP4 format or MOV, you can not only watch HD MKV TV series and movie on iPhone 960 x 640 display, but also play MKV on iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, as well as your Mac media players like QuickTime.

Advanced VBR Coding ensures you amazing High-def enjoyment - you need not worry about degradation after converting your HD MKV video to iPhone in MP4/M4V format. Thanks to VBR (Vibrate Bit rate) encoding method, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can choose the desired quality level and/or a range of allowable bitrates. The major advantage of using VBR coding for converting MKV to iPhone is that, you can specify the output iPhone MP4/M4V quality level and conserve as much space as possible for your iPhone.

Play MKV iPhone on the go like Play DVD at home - Convert MKV to iPhone MP4/M4V video, you can still keep HD H.264 video with surround sound AAC audio and can also select one of advanced cinematic extras such as multiple audio tracks (e.g. director's commentary), multilingual subtitles, chapter points (great feature, especial on your iPhone, since it enables you to start the movie wherever you want), bonus content and more. Not only so, to reduce output MP4/M4V file size for making your iPhone contain more MKV movies, you simply need to get rid some part of videos that useless to you, like unwanted language, subtitle tracks.

15 minutes to Convert a 2hrs MKV Movie to iPhone - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe supports Multi-core CPU (i3, i5, i7, maximally 8 core CPU) and also armed with Hyper Threading Technology (Converting MKV to iPhone MP4/M4V by multi threads at the same time, speed up the conversion timely). For instance, to convert a 720 x 480 MKV video to MP4 format, you can get up to 5x FASTER converting speed than general converter tools. Say after set MKV to iPhone Conversion started, you can get away for a coffee, when you get back, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe may have finished the job and let you watch HD TV plays, HD movie on iPhone whenever wherever possible.

Specific Preset setting for your iPhone - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe prepare exhaustive presets for all models of iPhone, including iPhone 12, 11, X, 8, 7 and older. It will save your great time to search and consult for the complicated parameter settings when you trying to convert MKV to iPhone. As for senior users, you may need to make iPhone preset your own. Then WinX will provide you one option to make it.

Part 2: How to Convert MKV to iPhone with WinX MKV to iPhone Converter

Firstly you can free download WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe here then install it on your PC.

Step 1: Load your target MKV file by clicking "+ Video".

Step 2: Under "to iPhone Video" of "Apple Device" category, select your output iPhone.

Step 3: Set the destination of output file by clicking "Browse" button.

Step 4: Right click "RUN" button to begin your MKV to iPhone conversion.

Convert MKV to iPhone

List of iPhone Supported Video Audio Playback Formats

Video playback format supported: HEVC, H.264, MPEG‑4 Part 2, and Motion JPEG. The support for HEVC requires iPhone running iOS 11 or later. It is also affected by the HEVC video resolution and frame rate (fps).

Audio playback format supported: AAC‑LC, HE‑AAC, HE‑AAC v2, Protected AAC, MP3, Linear PCM, Apple Lossless, FLAC, Dolby Digital (AC‑3), Dolby Digital Plus (E‑AC‑3), Dolby Atmos, and Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+).

Read more: iPhone supported video audio playback/recording formats.


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