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Windows 10 vs Windows XP: New Features and Huge Improvements

Can someone tell me the new features of Windows 10 and its improvements on Windows XP?

I have been a Windows XP user for over ten years. I still stuck to Windows XP even after MS stopped its official supports for XP. It is now confirmed that users of Windows 7/8 are able to free upgrade to Windows 10 within the first year of Windows 10's release. I am curious if Windows XP users enjoy the same privilege and what the new features of Windows 10 and its improvements on Windows XP are.

Best Answer:

Windows 10 vs Windows XP: New Features of Windows 10 and its Improvements on Windows XP
Though being one of the oldest operating system on the market, Windows XP still ranks the second place in terms of market share, only lagging behind Windows 7. There are rumors flying around the internet that Microsoft is thinking about the viability of free upgrading Windows XP to Windows 10. Therefore, it is necessary to join the Windows 10 vs Windows XP discussion, listing the new features of Windows 10 and its improvements on Windows XP to let Windows XP users consider for themselves whether upgrading to Windows 10 is worthwhile.

New features of Windows 10: Start Menu
Windows 10 brings back the old start menu, but it owns some features from the Windows 8.1 Start Screen, such as live tiles, which can be resized.

New features of Windows 10: MKV
The newly supported video format-MKV-makes the 4K video playback on Windows 10 a possibility. If you want to convert the video that is not originally MKV to the 4K format, check this best 4K video converter for Windows 10.

New features of Windows 10: Snap Assist
A new Snap Assist feature also helps users work out which way is best to snap apps to.

New features of Windows 10: Continuum
Continuum is an on-the-fly mode for 2 in 1 devices that can automatically change mode if it detects there is suddenly no keyboard attached. So, for example, a back button appears to help you navigate the Desktop with touch if the keyboard is removed.

Improvements on Windows XP: The Command Prompt
Compared with the traditional way of opening Command Prompt in the Start Menu, the command prompt in Windows 10 is now getting keyboard shortcuts.

Improvements on Windows XP: DirectX
Windows XP is limited to DirextX 9 while Windows 10 supports DirectX 12, which is the latest version.

Improvements on Windows XP: Browser
Microsoft has developed a brand new browser, codenamed Spartan, for Windows 10, which includes a host of new features not found in rival browsers.

As you can see from all the above, Windows 10 seems to win hands down in the duel of Windows 10 vs Windows XP. I strongly suggest you upgrade to Windows 10, whether it is free or not.

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