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Is WinX DVD Video Software Safe to Download and Use?

What is WinX DVD video software? Who is the manufacturer?

I am a DVD collector and I need professional DVD ripping software to get a digital copy of my discs. A friend of mine recommended WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to me. However, I don’t know much about WinX DVD video software. So, what on earth is WinX DVD video software and is WinX DVD Video Software Safe to Download and Use? Please let me know.

Best Answer:

In fact, WinX DVD video software is a collective name of all the multimedia applications manufactured by Digiarty Software, which is a great multimedia software provider focusing on DVD/Video converting and backup solution since the foundation in 2006. WinX DVD video software is mainly about HD/regular video conversion, DVD ripping and backup, DVD copy/burning, and also mobile file transferring.

All the software you can find on Digiarty Software's official website can be divided into two categories: retailed software and freeware. Outside of the aforementioned WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, you have to pay for WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, WinX MediaTrans, WinX DVD Copy Pro, WinX Mobile Video Converter et al if you want to enjoy the services offered by them. On the flipside, Digiarty Software also provides a plethora of freeware programs for your sake, such as WinX DVD Ripper, WinX Video Converter and WinX YouTube Downloader.

As for the security issue, what I can say right now is this: hand on heart, all the WinX DVD video software is safe to download and use on your computer, whether it is rechargeable or free, as long as you get it through legal and normal ways.

By "legal" and "normal" I mean downloading WinX DVD Ripper Platinum or WinX Video Converter from their official sites or courtesy of special giveaway & sale activities held by Digiarty Software. Don't download and use a cracked version of WinX DVD video software which is not protected by Digiarty Software and possesses potential threats to your hardware and other software.