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Is VLC Safe? Does Malware Have any Chance to Access to VLC?

Yes, VLC media player is 100% Safe to download and install on your laptop or device once you download it from the authorized sites. Afterwards, you're able to enjoy tons of features in VLC player.

  • Play video, music, DVD, Blu-ray disc.
  • Download YouTube videos.
  • Convert video/audio files.
  • Open a file or stream a movie that is physically located somewhere else than on the local computer.
  • Record your desktop screen.
  • Customize video & audio effects.
  • Split and separate the stream into multiple videos.
  • Capture wallpapers from video.
  • ..........

That being said, VLC media player is developed by imperfect human. Hence, how could it possible for VLC to be perfect? Some demerits shows that VLC is not that safe.

Go back to 2 years ago, and there was a report saying that VLC media player allows desktop takeover via malicious video files. The report explains the potential malware scenario using an example: you'll become a victim only when you download a video file named as some hit TV series from some torrent sites and open it using VLC player. Cuz the video source has already been contaminated before attrackers upload it to online sites.

Source from
Source from

Of course, the latter newer version of VLC has fixed these bugs and cleared the potential malware/risk out of VLC. Does this mean the later version 100% safe from any malware/spyware or virus when it comes to play, convert, download or stream video files? Scarcely possible. Think about iOS system. The newer iOS update can fix the high-risk bugs in the previous version, but the newer one also comes with new bugs. That's why each software development team has to constantly update their products. The same applies to VLC, as well.

On top of the above-mentioned VLC potential safe issues in actual use, VLC also brings you much trouble concerning its features:

  • VLC might conflict with certain software on your desktop.
  • VLC keeps crashing or choppy when it plays 4K HEVC video at higher frame rate 60FPS or above.
  • MKV files not playing in VLC.
  • VLC Chromecast not working.
  • Audio video out of sync in VLC.
  • VLC is unable to open the MRL error.
  • ..............

If you're okay with VLC security but concern varied types of VLC errors, the below 100% safe VLC alternative is worth your consideration.

Sick of Fixing VLC Knotty Errors? Try VLC 100% Safe Alternative

5KPlayer - 100% safe, clean and virus-free video player freeware, enables you to free any videos, music and DVD contents without downloading extra codec package. It can smoothly playback MKV of any video codec, as well as 4K HEVC video at 30/60FPS without choppy or crashing issue (thanks to GPU hardware acceleration tech). What's plus, it's also a good performer in downloading media files from 1000+ video/audio sharing sites and streaming video/audio via AirPlay or DLNA with zero quality loss.


author - Kaley Torres

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Kaley Torres is particularly skilled in writing and sharing video-related contents. Her guides cover from deep-seated video/audio parameters, to media entertainment on different platforms. She also enjoys shooting and processing videos by herself for a more reliable basis of informative info with her articles.

Home > Video > Convert Video > Is VLC Safe


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