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Video Processing: Download Best Free Video Cutter and Joiner 2018: Trim and Combine a Video

What Is a Video Cutter and Joiner?

Video Cutter and Joiner

Cutting a video means getting one or more unwanted parts out of a video, trimming or splitting videos by setting the start and end time, defining the favorite video clips, and only retaining the segments of value.

Joining a video, on the contrary, refers to merging several video clips into a whole. The original video files will, generally, be joined in a uniformed format and possibly output in another format MP4, AVI, MOV, AVCHD, MKV, DivX, 3GP or the like.

A video cutter and joiner is the combination of cutting videos sections and joining separate video clips into an entire one. Besides, it is expected to include kinds of video encoders and decoders to support differed video formats in SD, HD and UHD resolutions.

WinX Video Converter – The Best Free Video Cutter and Joiner 2018

WinX Video Converter is a well known and all-rounded video converter freeware with video cutting and joining features. Above all, it will convert in different formats while uniquely supporting 1080p multi-track video MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, HDTV and BDAV. Although free, it optimizes the output image with built-in High Quality Engine and De-interlacing Engine. Videos can be output in SD/HD videos or MP3/AC3/AAC/WMA audios, or for iPad, iPhone, Android, PSP and Windows devices.

It is also the best free video cutter and joiner tool with the following proves:
1. Trim a video and extract/rip video clips while reducing the output file size;
2. Remove commercials, trailers, outtakes, tidbits or theme songs. The split feature allows you to edit out annoying ads to watch your movie without inane interruptions;
3. Combine and merge many videos (clips) together;
4. Work on 370+ video files in different formats; join multiple clips without re-encoding;
5. Support join videos to DVD PAL or NTSC format for further burning;
6. Enable to edit videos by cropping, setting parameters and adding external .srt subtitles.

Guide: How to Cut and Join Videos at One Time?

Let's get down to brass tacks and see how to free cut a video and merge multiple videos within a few clicks using WinX Video Converter.

Free Video Cutter and Clipper

Step 1. Input a video in any format.
Free download and install the free video splitter on PC or Mac. Tap "+Video" button on the top of the UI, browse through your computer and pitch on the video you'd like to cut. Any video formats are supported.

Step 2. Choose an output format.
Due to 300+ built-in video & audio Codes provided by the best free video cutter and joiner, your output options arrange from PC/Mac General Profiles (such as MP4, MKV, AVC, AVI, WMV and MOV), to Device Profile (Apple iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iTunes; Android mobiles and Pads; Microsoft WP8, Xbox, Surface; Sony PSP, PS4, Xperia, etc.), Web Video Profile and Common Video/Music Profile (including DVD profile).

Step 3. Cut and trim the video.
Then we move to the process of video cutting. Start it with the "Edit" option and choose the last tab "Trim". It allows you to set the Start Time and/or End Time once you opt for "Enable Trim". You can set the duration by either dragging the time bar or inputting the specific second, minute and hour. You are allowed to preview the video such that you can define the time more accurately. At last, click "Done".

Free Video Cutter and Joiner

Step 4. Merge and join several video files.
After cutting the video(s), you can get down to video merging. WinX Video Converter then acts as a free video joiner. Simply adding more videos through "+Video", you are on the way of combining the video files. Please remember to check "Merge Output Videos". You can choose any output format for those files.

Step 5. Start both cutting and joining at the same time.
Once you have prepared well for cutting the loaded videos and selected all the files for joining, you can hit "RUN" to make it start.

All of the files you've added can be merged and combined into a single video/audio file, in the format you defined. The output file can be found in the Destination Folder set by you and be played easily.

Video Cutter and Joiner

Best Fast Video Converter, Downloader, Editor, Video Cutter and Joiner for Windows (10) and Mac with Hardware Acceleration

To make your media collection more vivid and interesting, you can opt in an advanced edition of this video clipper: WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe comes to help you:

• Download any 4K UHD/HD/SD videos from YouTube,  Vevo, Dailymotion, IMDb, Facebook, Yahoo, Vimeo, and other 300 online video music sites;
• Convert, edit, cut, crop, merge, process videos at the fastest speed due to Intel QSV CPU and Nvidia NVENC GPU hardware acceleration;
• Support almost all video formats and convert from one to another. Convert 4K to 1080p, convert/compress 4K HEVC, 4K H.264, 4K MKV videos;
• Make beautiful photo slideshow videos out of piles of your pictures and images.

Related F&Q:

Q: If original video is encoded at 60 fps - what is maximum output video encoded at?
A: The best video cutter and joiner, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, can encode and convert a video at an extremely high fps. For example, when converting a 192s 1280x720 video, it can reach 344 fps with hardware acceleration, for i7-4770k/HDGraphics 4600, and 602fps for nVIDIA GeForece GTX 750. It is much more competitive than most other converter programs.

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