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Convert HD MKV to Apple iPad with Best MKV Converter

There will be more video compatibility issue. For example, MKV videos shot by HD cameras are not supported by iPad. You can transfer HD MKV AVCHD video to iPad on PC/Mac by converting MKV to iPad supported formats and changing video resolution/aspect ratio/bitrate to match iPad specs, which needs the help of a HD video converter.

This is a tutorial to get "How to convert MKV to iPad supported formats" on PC/Mac with the best iPad video converter, so that you can play MKV video (.mkv), AVCHD, MTS, FLV files etc. on your iPad/iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini.

Use A Reliable MKV to iPad Video Converter

The reason for choosing WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is its ability to easily convert MKV to iPad MP4/MOV etc. format on PC/Mac or convert and play AVCHD, MTS, FLV etc. video files on your iPad with fast speed and high quality. It offers a preset profile designed for iPad. GPU acceleration makes it the fastest video converter. You can also use this iPad video converter to convert videos between 4K Ultra HD, HD and SD, perform batch conversion and download convert web videos from YouTube to your bigger-screen iPad/iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini, any iPad models. What an ALL-AROUND video converting software for iPad!

How to Convert HD MKV to New iPad Pro/Air/Mini?

To convert MKV to iPad on PC and Mac for MKV videos playback on larger-screen iPad or convert MPEG, AVI, FLV etc. to iPad Pro/Air/Mini for HD MKV movie enjoyment on Apple pad, get equipped with a professional iPad video converter first. Free download WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and install it before you start the MKV video to iPad converting. (iPad Pro converter for Mac)

Convert MKV to iPad

Step 1. Launch WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and click the button "+ Video" to add your source MKV video file. "Drag and drop" works too. Besides, you can choose to batch convert several video files like MKV, AVCHD, MPEG, FLV to iPad for saving time.

Step 2. Select an output profile. Click the wheel-shaped icon and choose "Output Profile". Select "to iPad Video" in "Apple Device" under a long list output options. On the right side of the interface you will see presets for iPad series. Choose one particularly for your iPad.

Step 3. Click "Browse" to choose a destination of your converted video and press button "RUN" to start to convert MKV video to iPad.

Moreover: You can customize the MKV video quality in Profile Settings, changing the video resolution, aspect ratio, audio channel etc. Two types of Bit Rate, Variable Rate (VBR) and Constant Rate (CBR) are available for you to choose too.

FYI: MKV video format

MKV is a open source HD video format which is flexible and open standard. Because of its advanced encoding method, MKV video can store a large number of video/audio data in relative smaller file size. It is wildly used by HD movie spread on the internet due to its befitting size and HD capacity. Mostly importantly, similar to DVD's structure, it is awesome to play MKV movies with all multilingual tracks, subtitles, audio streams reserved. However, MKV is not playable on many mobile devices, and iPad models are among them. Take iPad as an example, if you want to play MKV on iPad, the easiest way comes to convert MKV to iPad Air/iPad mini/iPad Pro with a MKV for iPad Video Converter.


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