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2023 Top 14 Sites to Download Free eBooks PDF/EPUB/TXT/Mobi

We have many ways to learn more about the world, from study and work, a talk with friends, a course of lectures, a trip and of course a book. It is extremely relaxing to read a favorite book with a cup of coffee at free time for every book lover. And, the flourish of portable electronics facilitates an evolution of books from paper to digital driving us to read on the move. Over the internet, we can explore millions of eBooks in any genre. But where is the best place for free eBooks downloads? Check the best 14 free eBooks download sites in 2023.

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Top 14 Sites to Download Free eBooks in 2023

1. Internet Archive

Taking the mission of "Universal Access to All Knowledge", Internet Archive, this non-profit digital library, has collected 11 million books and texts as well as other published works like audio books, images, videos, software in digital format. From this top free eBooks download site, you can access books from libraries of universities/countries, journals, magazines and other websites. Visitors can download any wanted book in PDF, EPUB, TXT, Mobi for Kindle or torrent file. eBooks uploading is also allowed if registering a free account.

Top Free eBooks Download Site - Internet Archive

2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital library founded in 1971 by Michael Hart with the statement to "encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks". Gathering 54,000 works, this free eBooks download site offers a lot of excellent literature (especially discontinued books) around the world. There are multiple ways to browse books, by categories (fiction, science, technology, arts, children etc.), author/title (A to Z), languages (60+), top/popular/latest books or manual search. After getting one book, click its cover and now you can choose to download it to EPUB, TXT, ZIP or for Kindle.

Top Free eBooks Download Sites - Project Gutenberg

3. Open Library

As a project of Internet Archive, Open Library enables readers get access to in-print and out-print books available at bookstores and libraries. You can browse books by subject including Art, Sci-Fi, Romance, History, Religion etc, or search with a title, author or advanced info like ISBN, publisher. Some books can be read online or downloaded to PDF, EPUB, TXT, Mobi, ZIP directly while some others ask you to borrow for reading or downloading with an account. If the book you want to read has been borrowed, you can join waiting list or check other editions.

Free eBooks Download Site - Open Library

4. Free-Ebooks.Net

From the category list on Free-Ebooks.net home page, you will soon get how abundant books collected in this free eBooks download site. Like its announcement says, Free-Ebooks.net is the best place to discover innovative and characteristic works from new-rising authors. Either popular fictions or academic studies can be founded here. Select one book and click DOWNLOAD button and then choose one format (PDF, EPUB, Kindle) as output. But, it seems that only PDF books are free to download while EPUB and Kindle books are only for VIPs.

free eBooks Download Site - Free-Ebooks.Net

5. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is another eBook library assembling a lot of free books even early classic works on the internet. It gives a site navigation helping you explore books by genre, title, author, language and also lists popular and recommended items. When trying to download one book, tens of formats are provided, not only including popular PDF, EPUB, TXT, Mobi but some special formats for reading programs. This free eBook download site also gathers deals on Amazon, Kobo and other online book stores every day leading you to get wanted books for free.

Free eBooks Download Site - ManyBooks

6. Library Genesis

Not as a site hosting tons of eBooks, Library Genesis is a search engine for online article or books of fiction, literature, comic, magazines and more. Input title, author or other information of a book into search box and then you can get matched results varying from size, languages, formats (PDF, EPUB, Mobi etc.). eBooks will be downloaded in different ways if searching in different categories. Some will lead you to a mirror for torrent file download and some will directly link to a download page to get a PDF, EPUB or Mobi book.

best Free eBooks Download Sites - Library Genesis

7. Bookboon

Bookboon always concentrates on providing education materials in engineering, IT, economics, languages etc, for students. It displays most popular eBooks, new titles, editor's picks and highest rated with a download button on home page for quick downloads. Otherwise, you can search or browse categories to get what you want. To download an eBook, you should give some personal information, like email, studying or working and more. Unlike other free eBooks download sites which give several output formats, Bookboon only enables you to download PDF eBooks.

Top Free eBooks Download Sites - Bookboon

8. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is a Wiki-based project with the supply of free educational textbooks in computing, engineering, language, science etc, as well as children's books and cookbooks. You can discover a book by browsing subjects or searching in featured books. Some books are available in PDF version for free download and/or printable version while some others can be only read online. And, everyone can edit open-content textbooks in this free eBooks download site and create a collection containing wiki pages.

Free eBooks Download Sites - WikiBooks

9. Google Play Books

Google claimed that Google Play Books is the largest eBooks collection in the world embracing over 5 million titles. It clarifies all books into different genres and lists subgenres for comics and children's books. You can also check top charts and new arrivals to browse books. Don't be disappointed when you find paid books are full of the home page. Google Play Books offers free books as well. Input "free" into search box and all free eBooks ranging from fiction to comics will be listed. Pick out what you want and free download it now.

Free eBooks Download Sites - Google Play Books

10. Amazon Kindle eBooks

Compared to free eBooks download sites, Amazon Kindle eBooks works more as an online store offering paid and free eBooks for Kindle. It provides several ways to browse eBooks in the store, by new releases, genres, author, series, Kindle books in foreign languages and more. Yes, it is a bit hard to get a free eBook from the large library. So get access to advanced search and sort results by price: low to high. Now, you can catch free eBooks (Kindle edition). Log in your account and click Buy now button to get wanted free eBooks for your Kindle.

Top Free eBooks Download Sites - Amazon Kindle eBooks

11. Centsless Books

Unlike the other free eBooks sites on this list, Centsless Books is a powerhouse of free Kindle books available on Amazon. Its top aim is to make it damn easy for you to stay on top of all the free ebooks available from the online retailer.

Top Free eBooks Download Sites - Centsless Books

Note that some of the "free" ebooks listed on Centsless Books are only free if you're part of Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately, Kindle Unlimited might be low in cost performence. However, if you just happen to have it, it could be a great gift in free eBooks downloading.

12. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is a wide library of downloadable ebooks: fiction, fantasy, thriller, drama, public domain and copyrighted, free and paid. Many of the books on Feedbooks are charged. Fortunately, there are still a large number of free ebooks well organized in the public domain category.


The common seen iBooks formats are EPUB, MOBI, and PDF on this free eBooks site. Therefore, it can be transferred to most of your eBook reader devices or well accepted by most eBooks apps. After you download free iBooks, those eBooks even come with word counts and reading time estimates so that you can choose which one to read based on your reading time.

13. LibriVox

LibriVox is a platform that offers free downloads of audiobooks all over the world. LibriVox audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to, on their computers, iPods or other mobile device, or to burn onto a CD. You can seek high and low on this free audiobook website to find your desired audiobooks via author, genre, title or language. And if you need any audiobook suggestion or troubleshooting tips, you can go to its forum where most audiobooks fans discuss with each other and post their thoughts on what they've listened.


Meanwhile, if you have a nice voice and spare time, you're also welcomed to join its volunteers group to read books.

14. FreeComputerBooks

FreeComputerBooks, as its name implies, is focusing on computer related categories, such as Computer, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, Software Design and Patterns, Lecture Notes, Mathematics, Tutorials, Programming, Bitcoin, etc. technical books over 16 categories. Specifically, this free eBook site is apt to professional orientation, suitable for those who need professional eBooks for improving computer hardware, software and programming techniques.

Top free eBook download site freecomputerbooks


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