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M4V Converter: Convert iTunes M4V to MP4, Make Purchased Movies/Videos DRM Free

If you are a regular Apple media purchaser, you'll not be strange with M4V format. Yes, it is an Apple video format, or more precisely, an iTunes format. When you buy a video, TV episode or movie from iTunes Store, it will be strictly encrypted using FairPlay DRM copyright protection. The resulting file will be in .m4v. Those purchased or rented M4V iTunes content will not be played back on unauthorized PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, PSP, Xbox and any other devices that are not authorized. That's why an M4V converter is badly needed.

Please note: Any M4V file encoded using HandBrake (e.g. rip DVD to x264) won't be accepted by iTunes and cannot be added to iTunes library.

Want to Play iTunes DRM Videos on Any Device?


Download the Best M4V Converter - WinX MediaTrans

  • - Convert any M4V to MP4 format on Windows.
  • - Convert iTunes movies/TV shows/MVs for iPhone and iPad.
  • - Remove DRM from iTunes purchases (movies, music, audio books).
  • Note: It can remove DRM from part of iTunes Videos only.
WinX MediaTrans

A real M4V converter and iPhone file manager.

Can iTunes itself Convert M4V to MP4, AVI, MOV, etc?

iTunes can be used to convert an uncompressed audio format to a compressed one, e.g., AIFF or WAV to MP3. But iTunes does NOT support converting between compressed and uncompressed video files. That is to say, iTunes is not an M4V converter at all to convert an uncompressed to a compressed video format to save disk space, nor convert M4V to MP4 or other format that has better compatibility or that your iPod/iPhone/iPad/Xbox/PSP/Kindle Fire would recognize.

When playing an M4V movie, I bet you will be painful and frustrated to meet the following situations: - I can't playback M4V files sent by one of my friends.
- VLC Media Player won't play M4V videos in Windows 10 64-bit.
- Just got my new AppleTV today and was excited to use Plex on it. But whenever I try to play an M4V movie, I get the spinning loader for about 30 seconds, then it quits and says "Loading...", and just goes back to the details screen.

Similar things will happen, such as can't play M4V files on iPad, iPhone, Nexus 7, on Mac or Windows, in Firefox, QuickTime, and so on and so forth. In details, 1) If playing an iTunes M4V video on Windows Media Player, you may see a pop-up window saying WMP might not support the file type or codec, like:

Windows Media Player Cannot Play M4V File

2) Even if you want to play the M4V file with your own iTunes, you are required to get authorized. Precisely, to watch this movie or video, you have to authorize this computer to use the movie that is purchased using your Apple ID. If the M4V file was purchased by other people, things will get more complex. Each Apple ID can only authorize up to 5 computers. Besides, deauthorizing computers is an uphill work.

3) If you are trying to playback the purchased M4V[1] videos with some other (third-party) player apps like VLC, it will get no response.

In a word, these files with the .m4v file extension are not allowed to be played randomly using your own players. It could only be played on authorized computers in iTunes. Worse still, you are not allowed to copy and convert any iTunes M4V movies even you've purchased them. Otherwise, you might get an error message like:
"Some of the items in the iTunes library were not copied to the iPad because you are not authorized for them on this computer."

The reasons are:
- All devices you are to play the M4V files should have the same store ID and authorization.

- All items you'd like to sync should have purchased with the same Apple ID. Otherwise, you have to enter both passwords from time to time for each item. During the process, it is possible to lead to painful and invocatable data (file) loss.

How Do I Convert iTunes Video M4V to MP4?
- Is There Any M4V Converter?

There seem boatloads of M4V converters in the market, some are even free. But please note:
M4V Converter ≠ DRM Remover

As a matter of fact, the majority of M4V converters, although they look like capable of converting video formats, realize M4V conversion only by changing the file extension from .m4v to .mp4.

It is OK on the premise that your M4V files are not encrypted with DRM copyright protection (since some unprotected M4V files may be recognized and played by some video players after the file extensions are changed to '.mp4'). Otherwise, even though those files are "successfully" converted (to MP4, for example), they still cannot be played on unauthorized device or iTunes, all because of the annoying DRM copy protection.

It is regret to tell that there are few real M4V converters so far. But few doesn't mean none. There is still some trustworthy iTunes video converter like WinX MediaTrans.

At first sight, WinX MediaTrans is an iPhone iPad file manager running on Windows OS, but deep down inside, it is also an M4V to MP4 video converter for Windows 10:

Convert M4V Videos

Convert Any iTunes M4V

Support any iTunes M4V files as input, including movies, TV shows, music videos and iTunes Extras purchased from iTunes Store.

Convert M4V for iPhone iPad

Fit M4V Files for iPhone iPad

Convert iTunes movies for iPhone and iPad, with adjusted resolution, to fit to device's screen for playback.
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Remove DRM in iTunes M4V Files

Bypass DRM Copy Protection

Remove DRM from iTunes purchases, decode M4V to DRM-free (unprotected) files, helps users play iTunes protected M4V videos without limitations legally.

Convert Any iTunes Purchases

Convert Other iTunes Purchases

Also decode music, songs, and M4B/M4A audio books that are purchased from iTunes Stores; make more iTunes purchases freely playable and shareable. Learn: How to convert and transfer DRM protected media files >>

With respect to converting M4V video files, WinX MediaTrans has at least the following highlights:

No Quality Loss: 5.1 Audio Track Kept
Its M4V conversion is 100% 1:1 duplication in video and audio quality (5.1 surround sound effect kept). After converting M4V to MP4, there will be no quality loss.

No iTunes Account or Apple ID Needed
With this M4V converter, you can transfer iTunes purchases to non-DRM files without the need of signing in your Apple ID or iTunes Account. Better still, no iTunes is ever needed in the whole process.
See: iTunes alternative for Windows 10 >>

No Risk in Data Erasing or File Loss
Unlike iTunes for file syncing, WinX MediaTrans will never put you into trouble of data loss. It is the safest way to transfer media files between iOS device and Windows computer.

Free M4V Converter for Windows (10)
Although not freeware, WinX MediaTrans enables every unregistered user to export 30 photos, 30 music files, 10 videos, 30 books, 30 ringtones, 30 Voice Memos, 30 iTunes U and 30 Podcast every single day from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch for free use. It also opens free door for importing 30 audio files, 10 videos, 30 books, 30 ringtones, 30 iTunes U and 30 Podcast from PC to iPhone or iPad per day.

How to Convert M4V to MP4 and Get Rid of DRM on iTunes Movies >>

Warning: Not all DRM M4V videos are supported by the software. As the protections on M4V get stronger, WinX MediaTrans is not able to remove powerful DRM. But the ability will be enhanced in the near future. BTW, it's still one of the best music DRM remover.

Full Feature List of WinX MediaTrans

iTunes Alternative Windows 10

Convert M4V to MP4, convert AAC/M4B/M4P to MP3; remove DRM from iTunes purchases (movies, TV shows, music videos, songs, audio books).
• Transfer photos, videos, music, e-books, etc, between iPhone iPad iPod and computer.
• Edit music info (title, album, artist, year, composer), create playlist, add songs to playlist, delete single songs or whole playlist, and make ringtones from any audio files for iPhone.
• Delete photo albums synced from computer as well as remove videos, e-books, Voice Memos etc, from iOS devices.
• Turn iOS devices as flash drive to store all types of files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

Related External Source
M4V [1]: M4V is a video container format developed by Apple and is very similar to the MP4 format...

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does NOT advocate removing DRM from iTunes/Apple Music files for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to copyright laws in your countries before doing so. Still have some trouble about how to this best iTunes video converter? Please feel free to Mail Us >>

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