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How to Get Voice Memos off iPhone to Computer without iTunes

Doubt about the possibility of getting voice memos off iPhone or iPad to computer without iTunes and Wi-Fi? Please read the article below.

On every iPhone, there is an app called "Voice Memos". But sadly and unluckily, unlike for photos and videos, Apple is not designed with the possibility to extract or export the recordings inside of any iPhone or iPad for storage or sharing in non-Apple way. Here are two true stories from some persons around me:

Story 1 from Lisa:
I have a voice recording in my iPhone that is vital as a proof for a dispute that would have a great change to involve in lawsuit. Although it is still not sure if this recording will be used in court, it should have the right for exposure on the web. But how can I get the voice memo recording off iPhone and save it to my USB drive?

Story 2 from Mike:
Several of my close friends and I have a band. Sometimes we play and play and stay up late and suddenly come up with inspirations. I will always record the ensembles via iPhone's Voice Memos feature. Recently, I was very emotional about some audios that I'd recorded in the phone. I wanted to get the voice memos off my iPhone 7 Plus, but ended up with failing to do so, nor could I share them to SNS community, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can get voice memos off iPhone iPad easily

Let's do this with WinX MediaTrans

  • Export one or all voice notes from iPhone fast and saved as m4a; make voice memos into iPhone ringtones, with music edit feature.
  • Transfer mp3, aac, m4a, flac, ape, wav, wma, oga, ogg, etc. any music audio formats between iPhone iPad and Windows/Mac.
  • Sync movies, photos, iBooks, iTunes purchases, audiobooks, podcasts, etc., between iOS and Windows/Mac.

Get Voice Memos Off iPhone using WinX MediaTrans

To share Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad, people seem to have no choice but to send audio recordings via Apple's default app, say iMessage or Mail. This requires the dependency on Wi-Fi and the use of Apple for the target device.

To send Voice Memos from iPhone/iPad to other device, many users seek help from iTunes. But it is restricted to the primary computer and fussy iTunes installation, update, registration and something else.

Other people will give AirDrop a try only if their device is iOS 7 or later installed, or their Mac is a 2012 or later model with OS X Yosemite or later installed, and only if their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available and turned on. Even so, AirDrop gets working errors on Mac and iPhone frequently.

What if the target device you need the voice notes to be downloaded on is not a Mac or iOS device, or has no iTunes and AirDrop?

To make things easier, there is a better way that does not depend on the Apple device or app. WinX MediaTrans is the cure: it allows you to get accesses to your iPhone's Voice Memos app, select part or all of the notes, export and sync them, and save them to any place you like on your Windows Vista/7/8/10 PC or the USB, Thumb drive or external hard drive that is connected to it. Best of all, the voices can be edited and created into ringtones for your iPhone by the same software.

Best way to get voice memos off iPhone with WinX MediaTrans

Step-by-step Guide of Exporting Voice Memos from iPhone to PC

To send voice memo notes from iPhone or iPad to your computer for further use, you need to meet the following requirements:
1. Hardware: a Windows computer, an iPhone, A USB cable.
2. Software: The installation of WinX MediaTrans on Windows PC.
3. App: The installation of iTunes on PC, (only installation is enough; no registration, update or use is required).

Step 1. Launch iTunes and WinX MediaTrans. Connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable. Click "Trust this computer" on your iPhone until the Voice Memo transfer software prompts you to check "Prevent iPods, iPhones, iPads from syncing automatically" option in iTunes.

Step 2. Click on "Voice & Ringtone" on the software's interface and choose "Voice Memos" that will get access to any recordings saved in your iPhone.

Transfer Voice Memos to iPhone

Step 3. Choose one, more or all items from the Voice Memos on the interface and click on "Export" button on the top. You can also delete the items listed and refresh for the new recordings that has just been created (if any).

In the simple three steps, your voice recordings are saved to your computer or hard drive.

Other tips:

  1. After clicking on "Ringtone" button the "Voice & Ringtone", you can add the Voice Memos you've exported or add any music files from your computer and make iPhone ringtones easily.
  2. You can change the default output path for saving the output files via the "Settings" feature on the initial interface;
  3. You can change other options, such as "Auto convert music format to MP3 or AAC" via "Options" features in "Settings";
  4. Remember to clear the cache (via "Options" of "Settings" in the end of the process for protecting your privacy.
Best way to get voice memos off iPhone with WinX MediaTrans

More Tools for iPhone Voice Memos Transfer

1. iTunes

iTunes actually makes iPhone Voice Memos transfer quite easy. Connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes. Select your device and move to Music tab on the left sidebar. Then, check Sync Music option and select Include voice memos under this option. Finally, hit Sync button to transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to iTunes library.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and then fire up your iTunes.

Step 2. Click on your device icon > choose the "Music" option from the sidebar.

Step 3. Tick the "Sync voice memos" box. Skip this step if it's already checked.

Free get voice memos off iPhone with iTunes

Step 4. Opt for "Include Voice Memos" and hit the "Apply" button to confirm. Then iTunes begins syncing iPhone voice memos to your PC.

Once the process is finished, your voice memos in a folder named Voice Memos will show up on your computer, which includes the files formatted by .m4a or MPEG-4 file format. You can open them on iTunes or other media players.

Please notice that: iTunes only enables iPhone users to sync Voice Memos and other contents like music, movies, TV shows, books,tones from a single iTunes library. If want to download Voice Memos from iPhone to a different computer, the files synced from former iTunes libraries will be removed.

2. Email

Voice Memos app features sharing recordings via email. Open Voice Memos and select any one item. Tap share button and you will find Mail option. Select it to send the memo file to your Email address. If you have zero experience in this field, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1. Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone and click the voice memo you want to share.

Step 2. Tap the dots option and choose "Share."

Free get voice memos off iPhone via Email

Step 3. Select "Mail" from the pop-up window. You can choose other apps like message, wechat, etc. if needed.

Step 4. Head to check the voice memos on your Windows PC or other target devices and then download the voice memos. Or hit "Accept" on the target iPhone iPad to start transferring the voice memo from one to another iPhone iPad.

Both iTunes and Email have several disadvantages for iPhone Voice Memos transfer. iTunes transfers all items from iPhone without a selection, while Email can only transfer one item at once. If you want a way to transfer any Voice Memos from iPhone more freely, the following tool is worth your consideration.

3. iCloud

If you only need to sync part of your voice memos from iPhone to computer PC, iCloud Drive fits your bill. You can manually select the voice memos on your iPhone and add the items to iCloud Drive one by one, which of course could be time-consuming if you have a large number of voice memos. Given that, this method is more suitable for you to get voice memos off iPhone with reasonable number, say less than 50 or 100 voice memo items. Check how to use iCloud drive to get voice memos off your iPhone if you're interested in this method:

Step 1. Navigate to "Settings" > [your name] > "iCloud" > enable "Voice Memos" on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go back to your Windows PC or macOS > open a browser > sign in with the Apple ID you use on the iPhone.

Free get voice memos off iPhone with iCloud

Step 3. Tick "Voice Memos" and now you can see the voice memos items from your iPhone.

Step 4. Download the voice memo from your iPhone to your PC. That's all.

Still have some trouble about how to get voice memos off iPhone? Please feel free to Mail Us >>


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